Your pictures: Knit and Crochet for Boys!

1. IMG_2301, 2. Headphone Hat 3, 3. Knit Tiny Baby Football Hat, 4. Untitled, 5. Striped Hat and Mittens, 6. Crochet cap, 7. Wileys hat, 8. Texas Beanies, 9. Rib wrapped hat-Kid sized, 10. 02.04.2011, 11. Eli the Elf, 12. J’s hat, 13. octopus mittens (Note from Rae: my seester designed these mittens!!) 14. modern chain maille, 15. Skully Umbilical Cord Hat, 16. TSJ

All photos can be seen in our Celebrate the Boy photo pool. Thanks again to Carolyn of Sycamore Corner, who has been helping me by assembling these mosaics.

4 thoughts on “Your pictures: Knit and Crochet for Boys!

  1. I was making my usual blog rounds and I find one of my own things on Made By Rae! Hooray for the striped hat and mittens! #5

  2. thanks so much for featuring my knit modern chain maille & my knit octopus mittens, your sister designed the octopus mitten !?! (so your sister is Elli Stubenrauch of Elliphantom Knits?) so do you knit, too??

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