Your pictures: More fun Ideas for Boys

1. Bunk Bed Fort, 2. big blocker and small ply, 3. Alphabet Tile Set, 4. Preschool Song Book Printable, 5. finished pirates and ninjas, 6. tool belt, 7. tic tac toe 006, 8. playhouse, 9. Monte’s headboard cover, 10. Monogram Yarn Wall Hanging, 11. Liam bright, 12. Fabric Car and Train Bookends, 13. blocks, 14. Garbage Truck Birthday Cake, 15. Marble run, 16.

More lovely stuff from our Celebrate the Boy photo pool! Thanks to Carolyn of Sycamore Corner who has been helping me by assembling these mosaics!

5 thoughts on “Your pictures: More fun Ideas for Boys

  1. woohoo! Hi, Liam! Such fun things to make for our little guys. Thanks for posting all the neat ideas. And, thanks for posting my painting!

  2. Wow – another feature! Thanks. So many more great boy ideas here. Looks like my project list just keeps growing!

  3. Thanks for including the fort! I love these round-ups to get lots of great ideas! This month has been so fun! Thank you for all your hard work!!!

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