Goodbye old house.

This move, at least this first phase, is finally over. The hauling stuff up and down stairs, the frustration of trying to arrange oddly shaped objects (which it turns out, all of our objects are) into boxes that don’t really fit. There were a few days where I was so exhausted physically that when I would get out of the car my legs would buckle under me. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten that kind of a workout. And now, the unpacking. The whole time I’m thinking, I have to do this again in three months (we’re staying in my parents’ place in West Michigan temporarily while we wait for the house we will rent later this summer). Here’s a few shots of our empty house, which has served as the backdrop for this blog since its inception. I thought you might like to see it one last time.

This is the wall I’ll miss most. You can see it in its full glory here and here

Living room, seen (at least the mantle) previously in this Valentine’s garland post. It’s weird to see our furniture shrink-wrapped. That blue door is where I took almost all of the shots of my kids wearing clothes I made (here and here are two examples).
Little Miss C’s room. In retrospect this was perhaps not the best color combination (I love both of these colors, but maybe not so much together); you can see a little more of this room in that popular felt name banner post here.

E’s room, seen previously here
Sewing room, seen a little bit here and here and at the very bottom of Shannon’s interview here.

Our bedroom; I don’t think it ever made it onto the blog, but it completes our “crayon box” of wall colors as a friend once put it. I’m so glad I won’t have to repaint over that orange. I was getting a little tired of it.

I thought I’d be a basket case, bawling like a baby when I drove away for the last time. And that would have been fine. But it didn’t really happen, I pretty much held it together, which totally surprised me because I’ve been known to get pretty weepy and nostalgic about places and memories. Maybe I’ve just been in moving-mode and I haven’t had time to think about it. Maybe my heart has finally turned completely to stone (my sisters are nodding).

I don’t know… it’s sad to leave and moving sucks, but we have a new phase of life (and a new house) ahead of us. Time to unpack my fabric! Onward ho!

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  1. what brand of blinds are those in your living room? where did you find them? we're looking for some news blinds & those look great !

  2. Awww…. the house you had your babies in…. and so many wonderful memories…. I know this wasn't an easy move, on many levels.
    Knowing that HOME is where the love is, your new house will be a home in no time…. Best wishes!

  3. I had a break down when we left our old house. It was small and I never really loved it, but there were so many memories. Still, it's exciting to move on to different things. Starting a new adventure is always fun.

  4. It would be hard not to get attached. Good to keep looking forward. Change can be great.

  5. I'm about to move too….and while the new house is nice, it just doesn't have the memories of bringing babies home from the hospital, or of signing the closing papers on our first house as a newly married couple! Its so sad….and exciting at the same time!

  6. Awwww … I know it's still gotta be hard, even if you didn't cry … yet. Especially since it's where your kids first spent their days.

    Blessings for the Rae family's future!

  7. goodbye, lovely house! rae, i do not think i can articulate how impressed and inspired i was, in deepest-darkest grad school, by what a warm and charming home you had on ahas nite. i am sure you will make your new digs every bit as lovely.

  8. It's hard leaving a house behind. I loved our little house in Dallas. I can relate. To packing it up moving in temporarily with my parents and then moving back into a house in Houston. It's a lot of work and even more difficult with little ones running around.

  9. Aww! Moving is HARD, no matter what "bigger and better" things you're moving on to! Best of luck with the unpacking and arranging, etc.

    One suggestion: After you set up the beds, set up your sewing machine!! First things first! :o)

  10. It's so hard to say goodbye! I hope the unpacking half of the move goes well for you and that you and the family are happy at your new place. Best wishes!

  11. I agree–moving is really hard. The memories of the little ones especially, but you'll always have those. Good luck with everything! We're building this year, so we'll be in the same boat. I'm sad to leave because of all the memories in this house!

  12. It was such a great house! We're visiting MI again this summer (probably June-ish) and it will be so weird not to have you guys right down the street. Best of luck with the move though. πŸ™‚

  13. Moving is so bittersweet. The other day I came across a stack of flyers from when we sold our last house (the house our oldest lived his first 18months and the first home we owned). There was SO much about that house I disliked, but all that remains in my memory are the good memories of it. Homes are such landmarks in our personal histories. Good luck with the rest of the move.

  14. Moving is a pain in the tush and an ache in the heart. I HATE moving… my heart goes out to you! We will be moving as well this summer. πŸ™ Although I'm sad, I'm also excited of what's to come.

  15. Moving is the worst, I feel your pain! I can't wait to read about your new adventures πŸ™‚

  16. And now (ta da)… Back to causing trouble in the hometown together!!!! See how much you have to look forward to?

  17. Good luck girl with all the moving! We just did it twice our selves. Sold our house, rented to reevaluate on what we wanted, and 2 months after adopted baby girl found our dream house by accident and at an amazing price! It's been tough however with wee one's so we will keep your family in our prayers!

  18. This made me so sad to read and it's not even my house!!! Good luck and best wishes! Definitely onward and upward! Fresh starts are always fun too! x

  19. When we moved, it didn't hit me until two nights later when my husband and I were driving home from a well-deserved date night. I looked at him, asked, "Oh, my god. What have we done?" and burst into tears. Of course, I was newly pregnant at the time. lol. Best of luck to you and yours! I'm excited to see snippets of your new home!

  20. And I was sad to leave our condo in A2! It was our first place together…and I still miss A2 a lot, even though I wasn't there long enough to make a lot of friends…but this is a better house for kid(s?!), and I bet your new house will hold some great memories soon, too!

  21. ugh, moving is rough! We moved last year from St. Louis, MO to Grand Rapids, MI (yay to the west side!) and I basically bawled the entire last day. Ugly cry. not good. Hope all goes well with the moves and the stay with the parents!

    PS I think I feel more creative knowing there is such a creative spirit "near" ha ha

  22. Welcome to W. MI. And I agree with Chloe, I feel like I should go be creative now that a super creative momma is in our midst. πŸ™‚

    Our house is for sale in GR and the thought of it selling and us actually leaving makes me teary…and I'm not a fan AT ALL of this house or our neighborhood. *oh the memories*

  23. Yay to west Michigan (I live here, it's great most of the time!) but I feel your pain about leaving a good home. Our two moves out of apartments were bittersweet, and DH & I both think we'll be in our house a LONG time, so I won't be moving soon! But when I do, I'll miss this house as much as I did the apartments. Just think of it as a great new adventure, and somewhere new to craft! πŸ™‚ Best of luck in MI – cold and snowy as it is today.

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