Happy Weekend, Happy Easter!

Easter Egg Hunt this morning. E got two eggs. C got one egg (+1 from another toddler whose parent felt sorry for her). Looking at the other older kids with their baskets full, it seemed a little sad. Then I realized it was about the perfect amount of candy for them. Yay!
A dollar store trip, after E’s good behavior chart being filled up this morning. One set of plastic tennis rackets and balls. One microscopic pool table set, complete with spring-loaded cues (one is already broken). 
Spring finally came to Michigan this afternoon, so we had a trip to the park with the whole family + swings + slides + a family having a birthday party complete with pinata. It was so exciting to be outside.
E helped me put these Easter decorations on some branches today. Cute little bunny and bird and egg ornaments from Germany I think (they’re my mom’s, found in the basement this morning). I really hope these flower indoors.
Will I get either of the dresses I have in my head for C sewn in time for tomorrow? Only time will tell. A matching tie for E? Probably not. 
E was so tired that he fell asleep an hour ago at dinner. My guess is he’ll be up again around 11 PM, right about when we’re ready to go to bed. Oh well. It’s been a good day.
Have a Happy Easter everyone!!!

5 thoughts on “Happy Weekend, Happy Easter!

  1. Wasn't it just the most beautiful day?! Phoebe has her first egg hunt tomorrow after church, and I'm sure she'll clean up good since she's pretty much the only little one there under the age of 25, lol.
    No Easter dress sewing here either, and I feel like a major slacker.
    PS – I looooove the bunny pants!

  2. Strange that I passed by the kids' snowpants I still have out from last weekend as we headed out the door for Easter service with no coat at all! Gotta love spring in MI! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. My mother always made an Easter tree with blooming branches and wooden eggs and bunnies just like yours! I love it! Such good memories. (We picked up the tradition while living in Germany I'm sure…)

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