Little Things to Sew: Bear Hat for Clementine

We’re nearly settled in our new place, my sewing room is unpacked and I’ve been finding a little time to sew…

This adorable little project came from Liesl Gibson’s new book, Little Things to Sew, which as its name suggests is a lovely collection of small (and rather quick) projects to sew for children. After seeing this behind-the-scenes post on the Oliver+S blog (it’s so fun to see the photoshoot!) I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, so when my copy arrived a few weeks ago I was super-duper excited! This one was my immediate favorite:

It’s called the “Cosy Winter Hood” and the pattern calls for wool coating or a felted sweater which would be wonderful for winter, but I figured with lighter fabrics it would also work for a spring hat. I made it out of a pale pink baby wale corduroy and some white stretch terry. Because both of these fabrics have a little stretch they were a little trickier to work with (I got a few puckers after pulling out the original bunny-sized ears I tried and replacing them with the bear/chipmunk ears you see here) so I think I’d recommend trying a corduroy that doesn’t have much stretch if you decide to make one like this. The other thing that would be fantastic would be flannel, don’t you think? One other note: the hood sizing is generous, so I went down a size for Clementine and made her an extra small (up to 12M), which as you can see in the pictures is the perfect size for her 20-month-old head right now. But if you want it to have room to grow, definitely stick with the sizing Liesl’s provided.

I die at how cute this is on her. As spring is still quite cool around these parts it’s turning out to be perfect for the weather we’ve been having. She played outside in it all morning yesterday so I got a few pictures:

I love that the Little Things to Sew projects compliment the Oliver+S sewing pattern collection with accessories and toys that are fun and eye-catching and clever.

The photography is fantastic and gives the reader plenty of eye-candy, which in my opinion is half the fun. La-la-love these adorable projects:

What a clever idea for a puppet theater! My kids are just getting into this sort of thing now…

The colors on this tutu are brilliant, so JCrew-chic.

I’ve got this hat pattern traced for Elliot next…I think this would work for a cute boy hat.

love the retro-look of this smock

If you’d like you can see more pictures from the book (and purchase it) right over here. You can also read a review over at the Purl Bee. Do you have a copy yet? What do you want to make?

29 thoughts on “Little Things to Sew: Bear Hat for Clementine

  1. Just got my copy in the mail yesterday. There are quite a few projects that caught my eye, including the Bear Hat.

  2. Aw, she looks like a little spring lamb (despite it being a bear hat.) How adorable! I think I might need this book. It doesn't matter how many adorable sewing books I have that I haven't yet done projects from. IRRELEVANT.

  3. Adorable hat! This hat is on my to-do list. I've already made 2 tutus and the bear carrier from the book. I spent the morning cutting out the cute little paper dolls and hope to decorate my sewing room with them. The book is awesome.

  4. I so want to get this book! The hat is adorable in pink. Great job, Rae. Hope you're getting all settled and happy.

  5. i love your sweet pink hat! i have this book, and have been planning to make a few bucket hats for spring/summer. maybe i'll have to get to it this weekend. 🙂

  6. Ohhh, I can't wait to get mine. It's on it's way!!!!! Clementime looks absolutely scrumptious!!! So adorable. Hope you are settling in ok and I'm glad the packing part is over. I hate packing – yuck!

  7. I was trying not to buy any more sewing things for awhile. Budget cuts at home and all! But I need this book! thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Don't you just love that book! I made the doll carrier for my son's class mascot (a stuffed monkey).

  9. I have the book! So many cute things to choose from… not sure what to make first! My granddaughter immediately fell for the penguin backpack, but I'm thinking I might try the little carrier for her baby doll that I've been painstakingly making clothes for the last few weeks.

  10. P.S. Nice to see the cute hat "in action", even though your adorable little model doesn't seem any more thrilled to be photographed than usual. 😉

  11. Wonderful hat, but what I REALLY want is your bonnet pattern! Any hope of seeing that soon? We've had a few sunny days here in Oregon, and I've had the daisy bonnet on my mind…

  12. Well, I just bought waaayyyy too many Japanese sewing books, so this one will have to wait. But the hat is adorable! I have been dressing my little one in a coat that has bunny ears on the hood, something about little ones dressed in animal hats is way too cute 🙂 Glad you are settling in.

  13. I got a copy just the other day, and I'm also itching to start on the bucket hat for my toddle. Need to persuade the newborn to sleep longer than 30 minutes at a stretch first though!

  14. Oh this is a must book for me also that I can't wait to get my hands on. I do have a pattern question. When patterns can be made into different size what do you do to be able to continue to use the pattern over again in a larger size? I have heard freezer paper but I don'
    t quite get it layman's terms someone please!

  15. Amanda: I cut out about 4 bonnet samples yesterday to test out the sizes; I know that doesn't mean much but at least its getting close!

  16. i love this book! i've made the bucket hat & adore it… a few 'eek!' spots because i'm a newbie, but still – so cute. i think the red riding hood cape is calling my name next. (and oh my – your bear hat is too much!)

  17. Dang that is cute. I am freaking out over this book but haven't yet purchased it. Now is the time!

  18. Oh i love this little hat! And your daughter is too quite wering it.

    You know what this bear hat is called a Mushi and at the origin was created by a french design called barbara Berrada.

    I have to say i had quite a shock to see as well not so long ago the patern of this hat in the book you mention.

    everything is identical and as a lawyer specialised in intelctual property law i really think it's a shame.

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