Peekaboo Bonnet Sewing Pattern!

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The Peekaboo Bonnet Sewing Pattern is a digital PDF sewing pattern that you purchase, download, and print at home. The reversible sunbonnet sewing pattern includes detailed step by step instructions on how to make this adorable bonnet with piping around the brim and band. Instructions include color photographs and full-sized pattern pieces for EIGHT sizes (wow!) for babies and children. Seam allowances are included on all pattern pieces. Hints on sewing with piping and modifying the pattern for better fit are also included!

This bonnet is an easy and quick project! The techniques beyond sewing straight lines are: sewing curved lines, sewing with piping, and gathering. Clear instructions for all of these techniques are given (they are not prerequisite skills). Appropriate for a beginner who has machine-sewn simple projects before.

Newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2T, 2/3T, Child Small (fits approx age 4-6), Child Large (fits approx age 6-8+). Head size range: 13″-21″

-solid fabric for piped side of bonnet (see chart in shop listing for amount)
-patterned fabric for non-piped side of bonnet (see chart in shop listing for amount)
-1 package (approx 2 1/2 yard) store-bought piping*
-1 yard 1/2” wide double fold bias tape
-Interfacing for brim (recommended for toddler/child sizes or if using lightweight fabric)
*if you are making your own piping, use 1” wide bias tape so that the sewable edge is 3/8” wide.
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Special thanks to my testers: Susie, Heather, Katie and Shelby for helping me test the pattern and for all of your amazing and helpful feedback!

Share your photos: I can’t wait to see all of the adorable bonnets you guys make! Please add your pictures to the Rae Made Me Do It photo pool so we can all enjoy them.

26 thoughts on “Peekaboo Bonnet Sewing Pattern!

  1. Ooh, also in the "Hooray!" department – I'm SO glad you sized the bonnet with inches. My people have enormous heads for their ages, and I *hate* making stuff that doesn't work (part of the reason I adore your patterns, Rae), so I'll be a lot more confident about choosing a size.

  2. Hi. I have bought other patterns from you in the past and love love love your stuff. Thank you for posting this free dress pattern. You are awesome!!!

  3. Dear Rae,

    I came home from a 2 week long holiday, checked your blog and saw you have the pattern I have been looking forward to for so long. I promptly bought the pattern and am now in the fabric deciding stage. I am making one out of a vintage pillowcase for sure. My little niece's name in Beatrix. I will send you a picture of "Bea in her Bonnet" when I am finished.


    P.S. I am so impressed with your pattern and detailed (lots of pictures) instructions. I am a seamstress with a little sewing school in my home.

  4. I LOVE the bonnet but it was the fabric that really caught my attention. I have a set of old sheets in that fabric that my mother gave to me and they must be 40+ years old! Did you make this out of old sheets?

  5. I just finished a bonnet for my (newly) 7 month old–I was hoping it would fit just like the picture (covering her full face) and although she's a little fussy for try on time, its definitely smaller; I made the 6-12 month size. I wondered if your testing folks came across the same issue? I'm going to try the 1T/2T size and see if that makes what I'm looking for. My kid has an average sized head (50% for her age) and I tried to measure her and it seemed to add up. It'll still work, but I'm a little bummed! I can't figure out how I would have sewed it so it would be too small! Great instructions on the pattern, though!

  6. Hi Melissa!
    It's definitely an issue of heads just being different shapes. Some have more depth than others, even for the same head circumference, which is why I've included that page at the end for adjusting the pattern, I think you'll find that with a little added width on one or more of the pieces that you get the depth you're looking for. Sorry it's giving you trouble!

    To answer your question about testing, we found the 6-12 size to be just right (the person who tried that size had a baby with a 17.5" head, so right in the middle of the chart there) but again, babies are all just a little bit different.

    You might want to try just adding a little width to the band or brim on the 6-12 month size if the ties are in the right position on her, if that makes sense. Feel free to email me directly if you have other questions. Let me know how your next try goes!

  7. Thanks very much for making this pattern available. It fits and prints onto A4 paper easily. Thanks Jessica

  8. Hoorah! Rae to the rescue – my 5yo daughter has come home and announced firmly that she is not a shepherd in the nativity play, she is a *shepherdess* – I was despairing after looking at umpteen frilly little bo peep mob caps, when I remembered your bonnet pattern.

    To work, to work….

  9. What a great pattern, thank you! My daughters bonnet turned out beautifully! I’m looking forward to making another one when she outgrows this one 🙂

    • ahhh…well, I personally think it’s a bit girly for a boy. Just my own opinion though, so if you think it works, especially in a boyish print, you go for it! 🙂

  10. Just got your bonnet pattern and super excited to start working on it!! I’ll let you know how it goes!!! Thank you, the instructions seem easy to follow!!!!

  11. Hi. Probably an incredibly stupid question to ask but as i am in the UK can i buy the pattern? I just wanted to check first that there is no issue converting pounds to dollars.

  12. I’ve fallen in love with this bonnet and would like to make one for my daughter. The only this is that I’m a beginner sewer… is this pattern hard to sew?

  13. Help! I bought the peek-a-boo bonnet a while ago & made several for friends. We moved and I lost part of the pattern I had printed out. How can I prove that I bought it before, and can I upload a new PDF to replace the one I lost?
    I used a different email address when I purchased the pattern. It was:

    Thanks! Aggie

  14. I’m new at sewing, and made the peekaboo bonnet for my 9 month old. The pattern was super easy to follow. I’ve never done piping or reversible anything. It was so simple and came out fantastic! People keep asking me where I got the bonnet, but I’m proud to say I made it!! Thanks for making me (and my little one) look good!

  15. This bonnet is adorable. Would love to see a modification to add a neck flap for additional sun coverage.

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