Best Top! Judges Choice of 2011

I’m happy to be able to announce our winners today! First up we have our Judge’s Choice Award, which goes to Novita of Very Purple Person for her Broken Stripes Top:

This top is a perfect example of how the baggy style which is so popular right now can look absolutely perfect! Novita’s nailed it here with a top that is perfectly proportioned and shows how prints can have just the right amount of bang when used correctly. I especially love it paired with the navy shorts with just a tiny bit of lace. Perfect! Congratulations Novita!!!

Today’s a double whammy for Novita because I just realized she’s just posted the most amazing pattern for Grosgrain’s Free Pattern Month for a scalloped hat today. I’m up tomorrow…MAN, that’s a tough act to follow!

And just in case you’re wondering how the judges chose this top: The judges nominated 30 of their favorites from the pool and then scored those favorites by choosing their top ten. We took those scores and added them up. There were two tops tied for first from the judges scores: This top, and the top that won the reader vote…up NEXT!

4 thoughts on “Best Top! Judges Choice of 2011

  1. Congrats to Novita! I love her sewing – she makes it look effortless, but so beautiful. Really inspiring.

  2. i really really wanted to join in the fun this year, but didn't get a chance to make a shirt BUT i already know what i'm doing next year! of course, now i have to wait 11 months! i love this series every year!

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