Judge Deborah talks about shopping for fabric online

Since I posted about where I buy my fabric earlier this year, I’ve had a number of requests for hints and tips on shopping for fabric online. Even if you don’t shop for fabric online, I’m sure you can understand the dilemma: how on earth can you figure out what something is going to be like if you can’t see it up close?? And the honest truth is, it really is better to be able to feel and see fabric in person before purchasing it, but that isn’t necessarily an option for most of us. Learning how to shop online for fabric is something many of us just have to do (or would really like to figure out how to do!) so I’m pleased that my friend and Spring Top Sewalong Judge Deborah of Whipstitch has agreed to offer some of her wisdom on the subject for us today. As owner of Whipstitch Fabrics and a long-time fabric connoisseur, I figured she’d be excellent for the job! Deborah has been watching our Spring Top Sewalong closely as she’s one of our judges, and she’s picked out a few of the tops from this year and last year’s contests to illustrate her tips on selecting fabric. So much fun!!!

 via Quilter’s Buzz

Deborah is the owner of Whipstitch (online fabric shop, brick and mortar shop in Atlanta, online sewing courses) and author of Stitch by Stitch, a book I happily reviewed last fall. Whipstitch is currently one of our sponsors and Deborah was featured here earlier this year during our Celebrate the Boy event with her awesome Snack Bandolier tutorial. Thanks for putting this together for us Deborah!

Also from the Tips and Tricks Department…
My friend Chris at Pickup Some Creativity hosts an ongoing series called Sewing 101 that I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to. There’s some great posts in the series which you can see all of right here. I put together a list of my top time-saving sewing tips over on her blog, so click over to Pickup Some Creativity to see them. Thanks for featuring me Chris!

3 thoughts on “Judge Deborah talks about shopping for fabric online

  1. Thanks for this! It is so timely for me. I just found your shirt event late last week, and over the weekend, I ordered my pattern. Today I prewashed my fabrics and was all excited… only to realize I need more fabric than I have. Drat! So now I'm going to try ordering some for the first time. It is a little scary, especially since I'm a beginner and all these terms and things to think about are not exactly baffling, but just a lot to take in. But this helps! Thanks!

  2. Online fabric purchasing was a must when we were living in the country. Now that we live in town, I still like to buy fabric online because I hate dragging my little ones to the fabric store. I love these tips!

    Thanks, Rae for being willing to contribute to Sewing 101. I appreciate it so much.

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