Rae’s Spring Top: Blue Ice Cream Top

I like this shot for some reason, blurry and unmade up. 

Those of you who have followed this blog for awhile have already seen this top in its previous form (right here). I started this one last summer at the Weekend Sewing Workshop in Vermont (btw, am going to Heather’s NEW YORK workshop this fall, am SO excited!!!) and by the time I left it was mostly finished but not hemmed. It sat in my closet all winter while I deliberated on how to make it a little more interesting. I love this blue Anna Maria Horner voile, but I felt the plain top still needed something. Lace? Some sort of embroidery? Heather had suggested doing some Mexican embroidery but my skills weren’t quite up to that challenge. Then Anna Maria Horner came to the rescue with this post where she showed some very simple but lovely embroidery on a skirt for her daughter. About the same time, Dana posted these awesome sprinkle shirts that I loved. I decided this would be perfect for the neckline, and I’m really pleased with the result:

It’s just enough detail to be interesting, but yet it doesn’t take away from the lovely design (the pattern was adapted at the Weekend Workshop by Liesl Gibson from her Ice Cream dress pattern for children; she recently developed the Lisette women’s pattern line as an answer to requests for the Oliver+S patterns in adult sizes). While the Ice Cream dress pattern is adorable on children, its blousy tunic style is a little trickier to fit on all sorts of women’s bodies (Liesl mentions in this blog post that the Portfolio Tunic was Lisette’s answer to the Ice Cream dress). Liesl made one for herself (which looked absolutely stunning on her petite figure, have spent way too much time looking for this post and can’t find it!), but I decided on me it looked better with a fitted waist:

I’m not sure if you can see this in the picture above or not but the elastic thread shirring was done with colors that matched the neckline embroidery, a slightly more time-consuming detail that will probably never get noticed. It fits nicely at the waist with 5 rows of shirring. By the way maybe this will be useful to someone else so I’ll mention it: I finally figured out how to do elastic-thread shirring on my front-loading-bobbin Bernina; if you use that little screwdriver that came with the machine to loosen the bobbin screw 180 degrees (so one half turn) and then thread the elastic thread through the bobbin as usual, it works on voile like a charm!! Have I mentioned how much I love this voile? I just finished a dress for Clementine in this blue color as well and I can’t wait to show you!

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32 thoughts on “Rae’s Spring Top: Blue Ice Cream Top

  1. I think this may be my favorite so far. The "sprinkle" detail is great, and the waist shirring is lovely. Voile was a great way to go.

  2. Great job on that top. I noticed the colored waist shirring immediately and thought it was very clever. Really attractive. You'll have fun wearing it.

  3. Love the colored waist(!) and the whole shirt! Can't wait to see Clementine's dress. THANK YOU for the bobbin tip. My last shirring attempt on my front loading bernina was an epic fail! I ended up making a three channel casing.

  4. I did notice the threads in the shirring matched the neckline. So I don't think all the effort will be for naught. 🙂

  5. People will notice the waist. I noticed it right away and loved it 🙂
    I was going to try Denyse Schmidt's improv class this weekend but life got in the way. In all fairness–I only saw it the other day when Heather Ross announced she had a few openings, lol.

  6. I LOVE this! I book marked that AMH post, too, and I love how you've used it in this top. Very impressed.

  7. Wow, I love this one, it might be my favorite so far 🙂 I love those voiles, it is kind of hard to wear quilting cottons after wearing them, they are soooo soft and comfy! I got to meet Anna Maria Horner the other day and see her new fabric line and embroidery threads, so pretty 🙂 (and she was lovely and sweet- I was a little star struck and had absolutely nothing interesting to say. Oh well.)

  8. Ooooooooh, Rae, I LOVE this!! This is my favorite – love, love, love. The detail at the top is so special and the top looks fabulous on you!

    Have a great weekend,

  9. Ok…hands down my fave. Love it. Love you in it, love the color and the details…fahhhhbulous darling…fahhhbulous. I'm glad you added the waist detail too, totally pulls together the whole top 🙂

  10. Love the top!
    I have an extra bobbin case with a loosened tension screw for my 1630 Bernina. Works like a charm for elastic thread in the bobbin. Also, with my machine set at the lowest speed, I can use the bobbin winder to wind elastic thread on the bobbin. For some Bernina's there is a "black latch" bobbin case expressly for using heavier threads in the bobbin.

  11. Everyone beat me to it, but yep, it's my favorite, and yep, I noticed the different colored shirring lines right away – definitely worth the effort. love it!

  12. Oh this has got to be one of my favorite tops! This would have won the competition with my vote 🙂
    Very cute! And I love you with glasses on. Seriously. Cute!

  13. Just wanted to let you know that I DID noticed the matching colors in the waist gather before you mentioned it!

  14. This is definitely my favorite so far. And I noticed the colored shirring right away – I'm always impressed with your attention to detail. Lovely top!

  15. Looking great, I love those sprinkles. And I think you should teach some garment sewing classes in the fall, maybe at the blue house? I'd be the first to sign up since I really want to learn how to make clothes, but patterns terrify me. Quilts seem so easy in comparison, to me 🙂

  16. I think this one is my favourite as well. Love the sprinkles and the shirring. Your trip to New York sounds wonderful.

  17. For the record, I noticed the matching shirring thread right away, so perhaps not as much of a waste of time as you assume….

  18. I noticed the coloured shirring immediately. Definitely worth the extra effort, it's such a pretty top!

  19. Very cute! And, just so you feel better about it, I noticed the colored shirring before you mentioned it :). I think you added just the right touch to the shirt.

    New York?!! Where? When? Why am I always missing the good stuff! Must send you an email explaining…

  20. Very, very cute. I'd wanted to try making this in my size too. Love your stitching and like everyone else… noticed the shirring colors right away.

  21. Gorgeous! Detailed, but simple enough not to be an eyesore, and the perfect style for summer. You are a sewing ninja Miss Rae.

  22. Rae, this is my favorite thing that you've ever made. Seriously, it's perfect. I love everything about those beautiful embroidered & shirring details. Amazing woman!!!

  23. i really like the embroidery! It looks great on you too! Looks like it was a really fun project and nice to get something half done finally finished!

  24. wow! good thing you can't enter your own contest! this would win for sure. I love it!

  25. I love this one! It would have win my vote. But I am such a fan of your creations…

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