Rae’s Spring Top: Teal with Lace

Wow! Thanks for all of the comments on yesterday’s ivory knit top! It really goes to show that I can never predict how something will go over. Honestly I thought it would be too underwhelming, being so basic. I even thought about not posting it. Hah. Well, I tell you what: I am definitely going to make another one and put a waistband on it so I have two! Didn’t even occur to me to wear it with a belt (sans waistband)! You guys are awesome. 

So here’s my next top:

Sewing with solids initially seems a little boring to me but there are really so many options to add interest with trim that can completely transform it. The solid teal color with the white lace is really stunning I think (same reason I love this top). Using lace (or even ric-rack or piping) really adds a lot of bang with very little extra effort to a solid garment. While I like combining these types of trims with prints sometimes, I often find that adding trims to printed fabric can get unnecessarily busy really fast. By the way, you can find really great solids at all of the fabric shops sponsors in the sponsor section here on (click here to go to my blog if you’re in a reader).

I had to clip the stitching between each lace section in order to make it lay flat. I tested it on a small piece of lace first to make sure this wouldn’t ravel the lace.

This top is the same two-piece pattern as my Liberty top I posted on Monday. I used neckline facings instead of the placket, and shirred the empire waist and added the narrow sash instead of using ties. One thing I will say about the addition of shirring though is that it does make the top more maternity-esque than the other top because the gathers are distributed across the front. It’s OK though, I cut this top narrow enough that it’s not too baggy in front. 


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20 thoughts on “Rae’s Spring Top: Teal with Lace

  1. This one's my favorite so far! Love the lace detailing and the pockets are genius (what mom doesn't need pockets?)! I didn't comment yesterday, but I loved the knit top, too!

  2. I really like this one as well…I am a gigantic fan of pockets on everything. This color looks really great on you!

  3. Love pockets!

    This is a very nice color and I like how the trim POPS against the teal. 🙂

  4. Super cute tops! I think you should come over and join me for the lovely summer dress challenge so you can actually ENTER a contest. Your creations are lovely!

  5. I love love LOVE the teal, especially with this beautiful white trim! Very striking 🙂

  6. Another bit of genius. It's Thursday, and I want to see this top in PERSON. ~sigh~ Ever since I grabbed a couple dresses at Anthro last week, I am completely convinced of the need for pockets in everything….not just for kids.

    Where did you find that lace trim? This color is gorgeous on you, you know!

  7. I love this one, and especially the pockets. A great addition!

    I have a request, could you do a top with a little longer than the usual length on both the arms and the shirt? I'm tire of all the "small" or form fitting and just want something that looks good, but covers my arms a little more and gives me some length so I'm not always tugging on it. I haven't found any in the stores that weren't ugly and those were few!

  8. This is a great color for you, and those earrings are the perfect contrast. Nicely done!

  9. very cute, love everything about it, (but wear a different bra, she whispered, it shows in the pictures). I may have to try one myself, when the machine gets out of the shop. :o)

  10. I thought yesterday's top was my favorite, but this one is running pretty close to it – want to come help me figure out some summer shirts for my house?

  11. You have been busy lady!! Love it. Great color, the trim is cute, and it just look comfy chic. Lovely!

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