Spring Top Week: FINAL VOTE!

It’s been a fun week showing you so many fantastic tops! I hope you were encouraged to go and sew something for yourself.

Now it’s time to reveal the final four tops with the highest score from each day. To recap, a panel of 13 judges scored each and every top that was entered in our Spring Top Sewalong Pool before the deadline (the pool is still open now for fun, so feel free to keep adding your selfish-sewing projects!). The 48 tops with the highest scores were voted on each day this week; today and tomorrow you’re going to vote to pick a winner!

One of the things that made me the happiest about this week’s voting was that each day, every single top got lots of votes. Of course it definitely helped that over 1300 of you voted every day (WOW)!

Here are the results of those daily votes, our four finalists:

Monday’s winner:

Tuesday’s winner:

Wednesday’s winner:

Thursday’s winner:

Simplicity 2456 by Nikki

Congratulations to these four finalists (who will all be receiving prizes) and also to all of the other tops that made the voting round. There were so many great tops submitted this year, it was really hard to choose. I’m so glad I didn’t have to pick a winner by myself!!

Voting will be open until 5 PM eastern tomorrow. Please help me get out the vote by sharing this poll or post. Thanks everyone.

And: I still have two more of my own tops to show you yet. That’s how it goes when you’re a mom; posting tops isn’t exactly high-priority, if you know what I mean. So I’ll see if I can post those both later today!

13 thoughts on “Spring Top Week: FINAL VOTE!

  1. I couldn't choose hers in the first round (had to vote for my own!), but I'm happy to cast my vote for Ruby's now. Great job to all the finalists, though!

  2. I'm so glad they'll all receive prizes because they are all wonderful! So hard to choose a favorite!

  3. oh, this vote was hard. Liked all the tops but ended up voting for Ms. Eliza Bennet. All the tops are sweet and wish I could have voted for them all!

  4. All of the tops are great and inspiring! But I am a little sad NONE of my previous votes created a finalist! Congratulations to everyone

  5. Oh, I have spent all evening deliberating on which one to vote for and still haven't decided….All 4 tops have been created by beautiful and creative women…

    Awesome job ladies….All the tops entered were great…i would make a terrible judge…i would have to be known as the Wafflin' Judge! ha
    Thank you Rae and your wonderful group of judges for all of your hard work. This is my first time reading about the Spring Top Week and Vote! I got caught up in all of the Hooplah! maybe one year i will make a top to enter! hmmmm

    Again, great job to all the spring top creators! WELL back to trying to decide….i hope i don't have to do an 'eeny meeny miney moe' vote!

    Jane Doe

  6. I'm glad one of my favorites from the week made it into the final round. I'm also inspired to whip up a few more tops for the coming summer months. I'll be scouting for fabric tomorrow!

  7. Like almost all of them but the last one by Nikki was my fav. Like the simple but flowing look and the colors are very happy 🙂

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