Board Shorts in Retro Radios

While the hat is the most-often-worn item in his summer wardrobe, the shorts and tee comprise the official summer uniform. I fell in love with the retro radio print from Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Rising fabric line and had Elliot pick out the color he liked the best. The boy has great taste, if I do say so myself.

Fabric procured from Nido (I also bought some of the navy radios, pair of pants for fall maybe?)
The pattern I’ve been using for E’s shorts this year is the Board Shorts pattern by Patterns by Figgy’s. The pattern also comes with the Beach Bum hoodie which is also on My List but has yet to be attempted (love this picture of the hoodie).
It’s amazing to me how just one extra line of stitching on a bottom hem makes it look so much more professional.

I made another Tee for Two to go with them. Decided that a few extra strips of jersey and a pocket would “retrofy” it up a little, and I love the result.

me: “Elliot, what are you doing with that broom?”
E: “using it for a horsey.”
Of course.

This is the joy of making handmade clothes for my kids. Especially when I’m making something for Elliot. I mean, where could you find clothing like this in a store? It’s completely unique, completely him. And way more comfortable than store-bought clothes!

Next up…another pair of Board Shorts! And make sure you head over to MADE to see Dana’s striped pajama how-to!

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5 thoughts on “Board Shorts in Retro Radios

  1. So cute!
    When I made hoodies for my kids, I didn't make the neck hole big enough. Both of them resist wearing them because it's hard to get their heads through. They don't have "big" heads for their size either. I sill haven't fixed them, but I'm definitely going to make the front slits longer if I make it again.

  2. Oh boy – I *love* these shorts. and the tee. and the sweetest toehead on earth.

    It doesn't even look like you had to bribe him for these photos! I'm totally making these pockets cut-on style like you have them in the last shorts post. SO easy and awesome.

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