More Board Shorts!

You didn’t think I made just one pair did you??

You know I had to. He just loves this fabric too much. This is a print from Lizzy House’s Red Letter Day collection. Thank goodness I bought so much of it. This pair of shorts brings the total number of items in his wardrobe made with this fabric up to…three (along with the bucket hat and the pants).  The pattern here again is the Board Shorts pattern by Patterns by Figgy’s.

One of the nice things about this pattern is that the instructions include a “smooth finish,” something that might seem time-consuming at first glance but in reality is really important to creating a pair of shorts that will last not only all summer but through multiple hand-me-downs. This is especially important if you are sewing with linen (like the Kokka linen blend which I made that retro radio pair with) or something else that frays easily. It’s definitely a tradeoff. On the one hand I like to sew something really fast, but at the same time want it to last. Sometimes it’s worth the extra couple of steps to insure that you won’t have to go back and make repairs later.
It’s not often I turn stuff inside out for you guys. You must know I really care about you.
Since I’m more a visual person I got a little confused by the instruction book steps and had to rely on some online tutorials to help me get the idea of how to put the pockets on and finish the side seams. I do like how the twill or bias tape both sews the pocket together and finishes the pocket edges in one fell swoop. Smart.
The perfect outfit for making some important calibrations to the new bike (well, new to us. Gotta love Craigslist):

6 thoughts on “More Board Shorts!

  1. I love the pocket design…thanks for turning it inside out! The bike looks like an awesome find.

  2. totally loving these shorts (and looking forward to seeing them on C someday! (not too soon, though)).

  3. what a dream come true these shorts are. Did you get my email about 1001 Peeps summer camp? Interested??? let me know!

    Lizzy House

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