My Little Orange in Orange

The other day on a whim I tried the orange sunsuit from last summer on Clementine. Imagine my surprise to find that it (kinda, without a diaper) fit! Did not see that one coming.

Uncrossing the straps in the back added some room at the top. It’s still a bit too short to be worn this way and plus the snaps have pulled through the fabric a little between the legs so my current plan is to trim off the bottom and hem it to make a dress.

It makes me happy to dress her in orange because of her name. My little orange.

These pictures also remind me how much I love this Heather Ross fabric (it’s a Far Far Away double gauze). Double gauze is incredibly soft and really one of the most cooperative fabrics when it comes to shirring with elastic thread. Laura over at Charmstitch and a few other places on Etsy still have a bit of it left, but the unicorn print is long gone as far as I can tell. And of course I have been hoarding what I have left like a maniac.

By the way, yesterday’s project actually looks pretty good on her!  Not a complete fail. Will have to take some pictures. Thanks for all of the suggestions on shirring. I do hand-wind my bobbin, but since it’s a side-loading bobbin I have to manually adjust bobbin tension, which is where I think my problems come from. Tricky. And I’m making good progress re-working the sunsuit tutorial. Yesterday I made one new sunsuit that was too big, and then another one that was too small. So I think the next one will be just right, three-little-bear-style.

22 thoughts on “My Little Orange in Orange

  1. I just pulled out the sunsuit I made last summer for my daughter using your tutorial. It fits her really well! It was really bubbly last summer at 9 months and it's perfect this summer.

  2. i love her & her curls so much. tell her & e i'll see them next week! and you too! SMOOCHES, auntie k

  3. Absolutely adorable. She is so cute and that outfit looks fabulous on her!

  4. That is so incredibly adorable, and I look forward to the revamped sunsuit tutorial. So glad our girls are so close in age!
    And I'm with you on the double cotton gauze – it's my absolute favorite. I wish it was one of the substrates that the designers used more often!

  5. So sweet. This makes me smile since I had a sunsuit very similar to this when I was little. I think I'll have to make one for my little girl as well!

  6. That's exactly what I did with my girl's sunsuits! Cut off the bottom and hemmed it as a dress. They love them! And since I left extra strap room they'll be able to wear them next summer as a top. Such a versatile pattern! Thank you πŸ™‚

  7. Is that the peek-a-boo bonnet? If so I think I might need to get the pattern! so sweet. And I too love the Heather Ross fabric. I'm still hording some far far and away II and can't wait for III to come out later this summer!

  8. That Heather Ross double gauze is my favourite fabric ever. There was never enough of it out there in the first place. Gorgeous baby girl πŸ™‚

  9. Love the swimsuit. I remember it from your post last year. I have a wee bit of the Heather Ross Unicorns and other fabrics available still in my store (based in New Zealand). I am also waiting for my next shipment of the new HR range. There are some disadvantages of living at the bottom of the world – but luckily not too many!

  10. I can't believe that still (sortof) fits her! I love shirred stuff for that. Nicole has a dress from last year that is a tunic this year and will be a shirt next year. (or hopefully still a tunic cos dang, that would be one tall kindergartener.)

    It took me a minute to get that orange/Clementine thing. Working on the second coffee. I'll get there. ;p

    I love the three bears bit there. I have totally done exactly that! Except I was upcycling a woman's skirt and using an ottobre pattern, so I only got the two. So I said some naughty words and just waited for her to grow into the too big one! bah. lol.

  11. She is just adorable in that color….not a color that just anybody can wear! Looking forward to trying out the tutorial for my granddaughter.

  12. OOOOh sweet Clementine! You-know-who has more Unicorn Fabric if you're desperate πŸ˜‰

    I wish Ella were still small enough for a sunsuit…sigh…maybe at the beach or something.

    …and the third sunsuit was juuuuuust riiiiight!

  13. Those curls are adorable! I think I'll have to whip up a bunch of those sun suits for every single little girl I know. They're way too cute! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ I'm your newest follower! Please check me out at

  14. I have just managed to snag two separate FQs of the orange Unicorns print from two different sellers who only had one left; together, they should be enough for a sunsuit for one fairly small baby (or that's my plan; may have to just stop feeding her until the end of the summer to ensure that it fits…)

  15. I love this sunsuit. I want to make it for my almost 3 year old granddaughter. Since she is a bit older I would prefer it be less poofy like the orange sunsuit on your cute little orange. Do you think I should make the dimensions smalller and if so, how much. I have never shirred but I think it should be fun. You directions are wonderful ci started making one from a 1951 pattern my mom saved. I like your much better. I look forward to hearing from you. I grew up in sunsuits. Why arectheycso hardctocfind now? That’s cray. Thank you. Beth Griffith

  16. I didn’t read my entry from last night until now and I see there are many errors. I’m using my iPad and I think I hit some wrong letters. I meant to say “I grew up in sunsuits. Why are they so hard to find? That’s crazy”. I look forward to hearing from you regarding the possible decrease in length of the sunsuit so it is less puffy like on Clementine. Even though my granddaughter is almost 3 I like the idea of the snaps at the crotch like a onsie. I think it will be much easier to get out of it for those last minute trips to the potty when it needs to come off fast. This way she won’t have to pull down the entire sunsuit down. I’m excited to get started. I have spent a lot of time looking for a good pattern and I think I’ve found it.

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