Whale Fabric a go-go

Just popping in real quick to say that I figured out how to put the whale fabric up for sale if you’d like to buy some from Spoonflower. If you missed the post with the whale fabric it is right here.

Just so you know, the designer earns 10% of the sale which is nice but my guess is that my total earnings here will probably amount to a couple of coffees at best and Mr Rae already makes awfully good coffee. Besides I will probably just spend it all at Spoonflower and then you would only have yourselves to blame for my deepening, frightening Fabric Habit. Anyway, please don’t feel me asking you to buy this, merely wanted to make it available if you wanted some nifty mod whale fabric (if buying this is more about supporting me then you should just get one of my sewing patterns).

Did you see that you can play around with the layout? (Not sure, can you? Or is that just me who can do that?) When I click on the layout options at the bottom, it moves the positions of the images. AW LOOK NOW THEY ARE KISSING WHALES!!!

Here’s a “half-brick” for whales that are staggered not stacked (hmm must think of better way to say that):

And here’s the “mirror repeat” AW LOOK THEY ARE KISSING AGAIN!!! In fours. Um. Awkward. *looks away* Not judging.

I swear I have not had anything except a bowl of Moosetracks. That perhaps IS problem? Need to go to bed before I write something I will regret. Perhaps have already?

And thanks by the way for the encouragement on the design. I know asking for opinions on my blog pretty much amounts to fishing for compliments, but it’s still nice to hear. Like most everyone else here in Craftblogland I lack a coworker or boss to shove things at and wait for feedback. So you guys are really nice to take the time to say encouraging things.

PS Am still baking this bread almost daily, and it is still fantastic. I think I am ready to start branching out to the other recipes/book. So also need to say a big thank you for all of the comments, encouragement, and suggestions on that as well!

15 thoughts on “Whale Fabric a go-go

  1. I think it's fantastic that you've made this fabric for sale! I can think of little else as satisfying as designing your own fabric and having it "out there." Too bad they don't share more with the designer… I love the preppy whales! -Anneliese

  2. So cute. I was just checking out spoon flower for whales. Need to make an appropriate outfit for our whale watching.

  3. Your post cracked me up about three different times. Thanks for the laughs this morning πŸ™‚

  4. Awesome! I wanted to ask if you were going to make this pattern for sale (but then was distracted, crazy mom brain), I was kinda dying over here wanting some… off to decide how much to get! Thank you!

  5. Looks like only you can change the orientation (not the right word) of the whales. πŸ™‚

  6. I apparently missed the initial fabric post, because I didn't realize that fabric was yours! It's adorable! I wonder how long it's available for sale? My air conditioner went out this past weekend, and I had to replace the whole outside thingamajig, so I'm on a spending hiatus right now while I recover. But I love that print for something summery for my 4 year old.

  7. Thanks so much for pointing me to spoonflower! I've been having almost as much fun there as you obviously have…

  8. Hi Rae! I was just at Spoonflower to meet Meg McElwee and literally saw your fabric BEING PRINTED! It looks awesome and was such an exciting moment for me!

  9. So cute. I have been wanting to try spoonflower.
    Oh and Rae, I am weeks late in this, but share in your excitement of a bread baking accomplishment. Yeah, yippee, hurray and mmm! We took the novice way out and bought a bread machine back in March…for my husband's bday at his request. LOVE IT! It has helped me to understand the chemistry of things and I just love cutting fresh herbs and making flavored oils to add to the recipes. I sent multiple texts of our first loaf out to family… honey wheat w/ cinnamon. Oh, the pride and joy in a simple loaf of bread. I get it!

  10. Stunning whale fabric – what a co-incidence I have just been reading on Sew Liberated's blog about her tour to Spoonflower and I am pretty sure it is your fabric in the printer of the one picture – what are the chances on that timing!
    A lovely design – hope it is selling well…

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