A peek at our new house

Would you like to have a tour of our new house??? Well, maybe not a full tour just yet; there’s still alot of boxes everywhere. How about just one room? I finally got the bedroom free of boxes and cleaned for the first time since we moved in so I took a few pictures (although the hall outside the bedroom is a little insane…ahem).


It’s amazing how just having one clean room in the house makes me feel so much more sane. I’m hoping that if I say that this a “Home Tour” that I’ll be motivated to get the rest of the house photo-worthy. Although I’ve found that truly the BEST way to get your whole house clean in a short period of time is to throw a party. Which is exactly what I am doing next weekend for Clementine’s birthday, haha. I’m not stressed at ALL about this, no I am not, la la la la la…ACK!!! Anyway.



At first I wasn’t sure about this pale minty green wall color, normally I’m more of a warm bright hues kinda girl. Then last weekend I found that amazing patchwork quilt at Nate’s grandma’s house and took it home with me (no worries, they’ve moved to assisted care and I found it in the stuff they didn’t want. Didn’t want you to think I just randomly steal stuff from people’s houses!!). It’s not hand-sewn or anything so I doubt it has any family significance, but I love the greens and the little bit of pink thrown in there. Now that it’s on the bed, the wall color is growing on me and I think it gives the room a cool calm feel.


Love this quilt!


Extra bonus: My jewelry is matching the room too! Wowzas, couldn’t have planned that better if I tried.

16 thoughts on “A peek at our new house

  1. Love all of the wood tones in the room and that quilt is awesome. Love the colors. Even though it wasn’t hand sewn, you know it was a lot of work for a quilt that big with those tiny squares! I hope you are enjoying your new digs.

  2. Oh, it’s so pretty! Calm, cool, bright and airy feeling. I love that patchwork quilt, and I think it works quite well with the wall color. I’m a bit jealous of your lovely furniture!

  3. I love your room! The quilt looks great and I really like the modern ceiling fan. We’ve just bought a house and it is full of 80’s ceiling fans and light fixtures. Boo. I’m shooting for a more light and airy feeling like you’ve got going in your house. Love it.

  4. Looks great! If you are anything like me, you will just shove those boxes in the hallway into your bedroom and shut the door during the party…you can just show them the pics of your room 😉 Happy organizing! Smiles~beth

  5. All you had to say was “home tour” and I was sold. I love peeking inside houses–especially now that we’re in our “in-between” house and I have room to dream about our “forever” house! Love the coolness of this room–it’s like a Japanese spa feel, but without the over-the-topness some of them have. Like, soothing without trying too hard. That doesn’t make sense.

    Hope you get your hallway under control–we’ve been here five weeks and haven’t mastered that yet! Maybe Sunday… Congrats on the new place!

  6. If God expected everything to be hand-sewn we wouldn’t have sewing machines! – so get over THAT one! LOL

    Also…the quilt is beautiful…a lovely heirloom and I have a feeling that it represents some lovely frocks and shirts from long ago.

    You are a lucky, lucky recipient of so much!

    Enjoy your new home!


  7. Hi Rae,

    Its Jenny here, a loyal follower from little old NZ … love the room and the quilt looks great.

    Just wanted to say how much I love your blog and am planning on doing a feature with links to a few blogs I love next week (including yours)… I have used a couple of your tutorials and love the results I’ve achieved. Keep up the great work


  8. Even better when it’s party for people you don’t know and want to impress! I haven’t had a party in a while and my house does need a good clean.

  9. I love how clean and bright, and calm, it looks. Our bedroom is still the last room undecorated after six years of living here. There is no rhyme or reason in here and I daydream of a calm, cool, serene room without piles of outgrown kids’ clothes lurking in corners. One day.

  10. that is such a pretty quilt rae, great steal, I mean, find. 🙂 and that eames chair in the corner there = divine.

  11. I love this so much! Your bedroom is so spacious and airy looking! Mine looks like a teenagers room minus all the cool posters 🙁 I have a floordrobe still.

    This post inspires me to get around to sorting through all our crap and making our bedroom nice. At the moment it’s just a place we go to sleep in.

    [I am a huge sucker for wooden floorboards!]

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