Happy Monday! Oh wait it’s Tuesday already…?


We had a lovely camping trip with my extended family this past weekend in the Michigan jungle. Humid, hot, steamy. I was really stressed on Friday as we were packing up because The Weather predicted a high heat index and thunderstorms all weekend long. And do you think we got so much as a sprinkle? Well we did get a teeny tiny sprinkle, but I can totally handle that. Thank you, Weather, for being at the very least tolerable. I would have preferred it a little cooler, but you can’t get everything you ask for I guess.

The weekend would have been even more lovely if Mr Rae hadn’t been crazy sick. He slept in the tent the entire time we were camping, so I finally extracted him from the tent and deposited him (and Clementine) at his parents’ house so he could receive medical treatment, antibiotics, and air conditioning (he’s doing much better now by the way). Elliot and I finished up the weekend of camping together without guilt or worry, and Clementine had the grandparents to herself which was a very special treat.

Other random things…

…I will be at Blue House for the “Thursday Finish Ups” with Karen this Thursday night in Ann Arbor if you want to come hang out and finish up a project. Join us!

MakerFaire Detroit is this weekend — Mr Rae is busy busy working on a booth. Planning to take the kids to go see the festivities sometime this weekend too!

…It’s the girl‘s birthday this weekend too! TWO YEARS can you believe it? And you know she’s my second child because I completely forgot what her birthday was when I called the Dr’s office to schedule her two year checkup. The receptionist was like, “I’m sorry but we can’t find a Clementine with that birthdate…?” I felt like such a dum-dum, and then realized I’ve been telling EVERYONE the wrong date for the last few months. In my defense, the date I was giving was her DUE DATE. Don’t they have that on file???

…Speaking of local meetups, I’ve been scouting out a new location for the Southeast Michigan Crafter’s Meetups now that I’m back in SE Michigan and will be announcing our next get-together very soon!

I feel really really busy, but it’s a happy summer-bustle-busy. What do you have going on?

15 thoughts on “Happy Monday! Oh wait it’s Tuesday already…?

  1. TWO years?? No way. Not possible. That would mean I’ve been following you for over 2 years which would mean that time is moving way too fast…..
    AND–I love E’s pose up there, especially the way the right leg is cocked a bit 🙂

  2. Hope your husband is feeling better. I am so glad you will be starting the Crafters’ Meetups again soon! I will try to make this Thursday if I can get a sitter, it is the hubs golf night. I have baby stuff to complete before I go visit my new nephew next week! Happy Birthday to Clementine!

  3. Oh I so want to attend the Crafters Meetup! I missed the last one because we were still living in California… but now we are back home in SE Mich! Yay!

  4. I had to laugh about the birthdate . . . I think I only remember my 2nd’s birthday because it is the same day as my brother’s!

    When my daughter (my first) was about 9 months old I ran into a new mom’s group at the park, and they were SHOCKED that I could no longer remember her birth weight and height.

    I remember when I was a kid that it would drive me nuts that my mother didn’t remember how old she was (I mean, I remembered my own age down to the month!)

    Now, as a mom of two little ones, there is only so much room in my memory. . . and some numbers seem easier to hold onto than others!

  5. Troy has a great Community Center that can be used for your next Crafters Meetup. I may or may not be just saying that because I live in Troy and would LOVE to attend….

  6. I hear ya on the birthdate issue! I very often get the year wrong and then there’s usually a long pause as I go through all the birthdays in the house trying to figure out which one they are asking for!
    Glad you enjoyed camping! We try. We never make it the whole night. Maybe we need to move the tent out of the backyard where it is a little too easy to move back inside. =)

  7. I can relate! Recently I had to order a birth certificate so that my youngest (also almost two) could travel and was called to the front desk of vital statistics when I produced an erroneous birth date. Talk about embarrassing; I felt like a fraud-mother! I think that you’re on the ball if you remembered to schedule the appointment close to the birthday.

  8. Sheesh, all three of mine had birthdays different than their due dates and I am forever confusing them. It doesn’t help that two of them are born 9 days apart (by 7 years though). I had grand visions of Vincenzo’s second birthday, but he’s lucky if he gets a cake and balloons. Hopefully I remember to take pictures. Gotta feel bad for the third (and last) child. I married one and only once I had my own did I understand. Now I can say, oh that’s why he’s a pain in the ass.

  9. I can totally relate to both the weather and the birthday!

    We have spent the heat wave w/o a/c and w/only 2 fans…however, we are lucky enough to live a minute or two from a decent size lake and a nice river…we spent LOTS of time at both. So glad the weather has finally broken.

    I have also give the Dr.s office the wrong date…I was giving my DDs date (yes, she is my youngest) and my DSs year…I got pretty much the same response.

    Love the blog…keep up the good work.

  10. ha, ha, ha, ha – I have 5 children and whenever I have to make an appointment for one (or all of them) and am asked for their name & DOB, I stare blankly for a moment or two. Occasionally, a pet name sneaks in there. I swear people must think I’m actually the nanny – or I swiped them.

    Love your blog

  11. Yay for more crafty meetups!. Wish i could have joined you guys at the Blue House tonight, but I’ve got a wedding cake I’m working on for this weekend that is taking up all of my time. Wish Miss Clementine a happy birthday! My little Phoebe turns 2 next week!

  12. Love his whale pants! I just made DD the big butt pants in a different colorway of that print–adorable! The BB pants are fab 🙂

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