I have been sewing Charlie Dresses for the girl

I have a leetle problem. Ever since Karen sent us this adorable dress and included a pre-cut size 2 pattern for the dress in the package, the only thing I want to sew is Charlie Dresses for Clementine. Every time I see two matching fabrics I think “that would be so cute as a Charlie Dress”!! Which begs the question, how many size 2 Charlie Dresses is too many for one child? Will people start to wonder if she only ever wears Charlie Dresses? Maybe I will just keep making them and sell the ones she never wears? I don’t know. Eventually I will want to sew something else…right?







Pattern: This dress is based on the Charlie Tunic Pattern and no, the dress pattern is not available yet, but I think that would be a good addition to my pattern line-up for fall, don’t you think? So you can either adapt your own Charlie or wait for a dress version come fall.

Fabric: Heather Ross’ Far Far Away III which I procured at Charmstitch (who is as of today a new sponsor on this blog, yay!!). Pink Castle is also carrying the line as well as a whole bunch of other shops online, Nido, Alewives, Fabricworm, etc.

Let me just say that I think this is my favorite substrate of the Far Far Away lines so far. This is the perfect weight for summer, a soft lightweight linen/cotton blend. Not all of the fabrics in this line are lightweight, but you can read more about the different weights here, here, or here.

I really want to make something for me out of this so I can wear it (which begs the next question: is it OK for a grown woman to wear Snow White? You may want to bear in mind that I wear the unicorns when answering that question). And let’s just say what many of you are thinking, which is that it is pretty expensive (the most expensive FFA line so far, I think?). This is why the Charlie pattern is perfect, actually, and I will shamelessly toot it’s horn for this reason: because you only need about a 1/2 of a yard for the neck plackets and a strip across the bottom, you can “show off” a little bit of something more pricey. But you don’t have to take it from me.

Oh I mentioned more than one Charlie Dress? Here’s the other one:




14 thoughts on “I have been sewing Charlie Dresses for the girl

  1. Cute as it is it would be odd doing a Charlie dress for my tiny, that’s her big brothers name and she’d insist that its his as its a ‘Charlie dress’!

  2. Those are both adorable! I have only been stopping by your blog for the past week as I just found it through a link posted on film in the fridge. I am loving your work and making little notes about which items I want to sew, which patterns to buy, and your fabric choices. I am a mom to 4, with one coming in Sept. This will be my first girl in 16 years, so I am very much looking forward to sewing up a wardrobe for her. I made little dresses for my 1st girl, who is now 16, but I was a new sewer then, and there is so much more available now. I wanted to suggest that you add the Charlie dress as a variation to the Charlie tunic, for those of us who have both boys and girls and want to economize our pattern purchases. You could add a price increase for the extra time put into it, but I think they need to be together ;o) Oh, and I have to ask, is Rae short for a longer name? Our baby girl is going to be named Rayah Joy. Shh, don’t tell anyone ;o)

  3. Those are so sweet and she looks adorable as always. Her and E look so much alike! I totally think its fine for a grown woman to wear Snow White or anything else she wants and thinks looks good on her. Life is just too damn short!

  4. They are too cute! The pattern is wonderful! I just finished a little shirt for my little 11 month old’s birthday next month! I just love it! I want to make a million more…:o) Thank you for the beautiful pattern and Clementine looks fabulous!

  5. I say make as many as you want!! If I had a little girl (I have 3 boys!) she would wear some type of handmade dress everyday. Plus, she is so darn cute in them! Smiles~Beth

  6. So cute! If you love the weight of the fabric but don’t want Snow White for you, some of the Echino now comes in the lovely lightweight 85% cotton/15% linen blend and it is 62″ wide, so you can get away with less fabric yardage. I think it retails for $18/yard.

  7. These dresses are so cute, and I think she’ll wear them for years, first as a dress and then as a tunic. So really, you should not hesitate to make more. and they’re trans seasonal. As for the Snow White fabric…. isn’t it dreamy! I just sewed some trousers for my daughter but will definitely make something for myself using the wild flowers.

  8. THAT is a whole lotta cuteness! & i agree: this pattern is a great way to use expensive fabric & show it off. i’ve loved those white geese for a while now. maybe i should get on the charlie band wagon!! those dresses would actually be perfect for fall in TX!

  9. I just love these dresses! I have to make another for Ella, because she wears hers ALL. THE. TIME! I’m so happy you made this pattern and let me play with it!

  10. I think you just sold me on the pattern, I saw some beautiful light weight cord today at the fabric shop…would be beautiful for one of these.

  11. Oh my goodness! I was about to buy the Charlie Tunic at the Big Butt Baby Pants… and I saw this gorgeousness! I too need a Size 2 Charlie dress for my wee 2 year old. Waiting ever so patiently for a Charlie Dress pattern! =0)

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