I’m here, I’m here, SORRY!!!

Just popping in to say HI! and we’ve been packing, moving, and unpacking since Friday (in a couple different loads/shifts), hence I have not been posting. I put a teeny tiny note on the end of the last post, but I’ve noticed it takes about a week and then people start emailing/commenting with the “are you OK Rae?” and the “Where tha HECK are you Rae?” so I figured I should at least give a heya.

I’m currently “borrowing” internet from our new neighbors by careful placement of my laptop near the corner of our new house — well new to us, we’re renting now — because Comcast (our internet provider) doesn’t actually send their “internet kit” until a few days after your service is supposed to start. How does that make sense? Actually, scratch that. It’s perfectly consistent with everything I have come to expect from them.

I love our new kitchen. It has a separate little room for a  pantry with western doors. Elliot will pretend he is Woody. Clementine will pinch her fingers in them and scream.

My piano just got delivered a few minutes ago.

I can’t reach my bedroom closet for all the boxes yet.

We have way too many chairs.

The kids’ bedroom is almost all set up.

Did I mention I love our new kitchen?

I am also accidentally a little high on Goo Gone.

19 thoughts on “I’m here, I’m here, SORRY!!!

  1. I'm first to comment? Wow!

    You crack me up. Thanks for the laughs. I seriously wish you lived in Central California- cuz I bet we'd have boodles of fun together. Sewing and letting the little sugarbeans run around.


  2. ha! comcast. yes. that is right on the money. I was so excited when we got at&t instead–it was so popular for replacing comcast that the waiting list was 2 months long. die comcast!!

  3. OOOOH I can't wait to see the house!

    I don't plan of huffing with you, though, so put away the goo-gone before I see you m'kay?

  4. happy unpacking…ugh. although it is fun to put all your things together in a new house….so i guess its not that bad. just daunting

  5. Good luck unpacking! I just moved 1,500 miles & the number of boxes was enough to make me dizzy. But I felt so much better when I finally found the boxes with my fabric.

  6. Usually, they'll let you pick up a self-install kit at the Comcast office so you can get it sooner. Now the question is, do you want internet badly enough to load two kids in the car and drive to who-knows-where?

  7. Wishing you bits of sanity. I'm in the throws of packing up myself. Listening to Jane Eyre on cd helped quite a bit. I'd not read it since high school and LOVED it. It helped to hear it in a soothing English accent.

  8. you were gone? πŸ™‚

    Can't wait to see pics of your new place. My uncle had those western-type doors in his kitchen when I was super little. I thought they were The Coolest Things Ever. I was probably four, at the oldest, the last time I was at that house and I totally remember those doors.

  9. I hear you. Comcast has such horrible Internet service here at my parent's house in GA that hubby had to go to tmobile and buy a 4g hotspot just so he could get some work done. At home we have Verizon and directv. No complaints about them. Glad you like the kitchen. It's one of the most important rooms to like.

  10. Oh my goodness you are a cute writer. I would love to meet you in person. You keep me giggling as I read. I love laughing out loud. Thanks for your cute personality.
    I'm pretty sure we would have so much fun if you lived near me, but I'm glad for blogs, that way you can be everyone's neighbor.

    You are lucky you can borrow the internet. All my neighbors have security pass words. πŸ™

  11. Happy unpacking ~ I'm not sure I envy you, but I DO love moving into new places and making them home!

  12. Does this mean you're back in SE Michigan? My husband and I moved to Detroit(-ish) just this week! I've got my fingers crossed that you'll set up another crafty get-together in the area sometime… it would be a great chance to meet some folks!

  13. Ha! Your post made me laugh so hard!! We *just* moved and I feel the exact same way…love the kitchen, backyard is perfect, kids rooms are set up, what the HECK do I do with the rest of this stuff?! Oh,and good luck finding that serger cord. I just uncovered the presser foot for my second machine. It was in with the cookbooks…

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