Unexpectedly awesome fabric combination


I just finished the painstaking task of taking all of my fabric and moving it off of the guest bed that shares my sewing room, refolding it and shelving it. I like having it all out where I can see it though because I notice combinations of fabric that I would never have thought to put together before, like these two lovelies (Good Folks by Anna Maria Horner on the bottom there, and Plum/Berry Moons from Far Far Away II by Heather Ross, the latter available still at Charmstitch and Whipstitch by the way). I think they would make an awesome Charlie Dress.

8 thoughts on “Unexpectedly awesome fabric combination

  1. You totally don’t have enough Charlie dresses. I think this fabric ought to become another. Seriously. I mean, when I find a tee I like, I buy it in every color they make, right? So why can’t we find the perfect pattern for our kids and make a zillion of those? I’ll tell you right now: have the same dress, in the same fabric, in three sizes hanging in our girls’ closet right now–and they will both wear the same dress until they’re too big to fit the biggest one. Because I like it that much.

    These would make a lovely Charlie dress, is what I’m saying. That’s all. Love!

  2. Those fabrics are SO cute and will look FAB together. I agree with Deborah, Clementine definitely needs another Charlie Dress, no doubt about it!!

  3. So I love the fabric. Also, just popping over to say I (belatedly) changed my reader and am all caught up. LOVE the new site! 🙂

  4. Oh Rae, you’re such a bad influence on me 🙂 Have just had a spur of the moment fabric shop online (which I’m not meantt o be doing with a baby due in 11 weeks)…just got to let hubby know now before the parcel arrives….

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