Upcycled Pink Knit Thingy: An Update

A while ago I posted about an upcycle project of questionable outcome, a t-shirt of mine that I had hacked the arms off of and turned into a dress for Clementine. Here’s an update so you can see how it looks on her. It’s definitely been demoted to the “nighty” category of her clothing, but on her it’s not bad. Neckline a little wonky, but it is what it is.

Cute actually, but I have to be honest here, it’s hard to find something she isn’t cute in, you know?

Worth a revisit with better elastic thread and another t-shirt perhaps. You can see the basic method I used on the original post. And from the Let’s-Defeat-Shirring-Problems-Once-And-For-All Department: commenter Ramona recently left a link to her blog where she ran a little experiment on elastic thread and hypothesizes that the elastic thread they’ve been selling at Joann recently is to blame for problems with shirring, so I ordered some of this stuff that comes on the giant cone. Will report back once I’ve tried it. Has anyone else noticed that their elastic thread isn’t working as well as it used to?

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  1. Although I seldom comment, I’ve been following your site for a few months. I just wanted to say congrats on the fabulous new website – it looks so professional!

  2. Not sure about the elastic thread, but I have noticed that more and more Joanne’s products are Made in China these days. Could have something to do with the quality!

  3. Wow, that elastic thread thing makes a lot of sense! I checked out Ramona’s blog post and, come to think of it, the last dress I made with Dritz elastic thread from JoAnne’s came out a different size than I expected. I shirr A LOT, so this was a surprise to me. It came out larger than normal. No more Dritz elastic thread for me! (And by the way, the dress is adorable!)

  4. I think it looks great anyway, and yes, she’s definitely a cutie-pie!

    Lately I’ve had some shirring problems too where it doesn’t shir much so I think ‘OK, whatever’, sew it on to the garment (pockets) and then when I wash the garment it kind of shrinks up to what it should have been to start with – only it’s now sewn on in the wrong position and needs to be unpicked and re-sewn – grr!

  5. Dude, I literally photographed two different types of elastic thread and was writing a post about this today. The Gutterman thread is 23049823094820384209 better than the Dritz. You can get them both at JoAnn’s, but the Gutterman is WAY WAY more expensive (but is currently on sale 40% off) but it just shirrs so much better. SO. MUCH. BETTER.

  6. You have me so trained! I scroll and scroll, so certain that the next picture will be of Clementine crying! Adorable dress, and what a clean and lovely new site design. Glad I left the comfort of my reader.

  7. Aw! She and the T are both super cute! I think it could definitely be promoted to day-wear and not just nighty category.

    I’ve been making your BBB pants! Still getting the hang of it and been making lots of practice pairs with a variety of material… will post some pics soon!!!

  8. Yes, I have noticed it! I had several of the same brand from Joanne’s. I finished up the last of one spool for my first 2 rows of shirring & used a new one for the rest. The new one gathered up so much better than the old-oh, and they were both purchased at the same time. So the quality was vety inconsistent! And it looked awful!

  9. I agree with Emily — the Guterman elastic thread is way better. I buy it anytime thread goes on sale and it never disappoints. I threw away some Dritz elastic thread today, because it’s that bad.

    • seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Guterman elastic thread. Is it over by the rest of the Guterman?? Good. to. know!!!

      • Yes–at my Joann’s there’s a category on the Guterman display that says elastic thread and you can do black or white (and maybe beige)

  10. My shirring using Joann’s elastic thread has been turning out better than usual, but that may say more about my shirring than their elastic….

  11. Hmph, I thought it was just me. The elastic thread I’d been buying for ages suddenly wasn’t working like it used to. I pulled out some vintage-y elastic thread recently and presto! It worked like a charm.

  12. Ohhh, that makes me feel better! I’ve been wondering if I needed to invest in some quality elastic thread. I bought white and black at Hancock’s last summer. The white hardly shirrs at all, very weak. I used the black this week and it shirrs strongly, but then breaks every now and again. I decreased tension, but still. Wish I had the brand name for you, threw out the packages. Wasn’t Gutterman, can’t wait to get my hands on some.

    Does anyone know the “life expectancy” of the elastic? If I bought a cone of the 3M, would it last a long time or weaken over several years? Not sure how fast I could use it up. I need to find a sewing buddy to split things with.

    Thanks for letting us know. Love your blog!

  13. I knew it would be great once you put it on her. How sweet is little Clem? (I can totally see you wearing this shirt, too)

  14. I think you’re being WAY too harsh on yourself Rae! The dress looks freakin’ adorable and not just because baby girl is the cutest button I’ve ever seen! The neckline looks great! Just don’t look at it as what it was ‘supposed’ to look like and just look at what it is. I love it!

  15. A definite yes on the thread! I have two spools that I bought at JAs a year or two ago that are actually the StretchRite brand. I bought two more recently (notions wall sale) and they no longer say StretchRite on the label and the thread is much thinner. I will have to look out for the big cone next time I buy supplies online or try the Gutermann stuff.

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