Who bought all this fabric and what am I supposed to do with it?

Someone (I’m going to be the bigger person and not name any names here) bought WAY too much fabric and then put it all in boxes and wrote “FABRIC” on them in MY handwriting and then snuck them onto our moving truck. Now I have to figure out where to put all of it. Sheesh. Did they not know that my new closet is roughly a quarter of the size of my old closet? Something’s gotta give, and it’s not going to be the fabric, I can tell you that much.

Was this just an excuse to show you my pretty fabric? You’ll never know.

Incidentally, that same person packed the serger and the serger power cord in two different boxes. I can’t find the cord box. So now I can look at my serger, but I can’t turn it on. Why, why, oh why???

I’m trying really hard here not to write the “moving sucks” post, but I guess that’s kinda what this is. And the last post. Sorry. Am seriously tempted to not even open the rest of the boxes and stick them in the basement so that I won’t have to pack them up again when we have to move again. Like books, where did all these books come from. I think I’ll just leave those packed up. I don’t need to READ this year, right?

Our kitchen is now thankfully box-free. Here’s a shot of my kids enjoying their new kid-table location. It’s such a relief to have children who are now old enough to sit and draw or paint for more than two minutes. They still need help and near-constant monitoring (especially when the acryllic paints are out), but man when you have crawly-put-everything-in-my-mouth babies you never think this day will come.

By the way, that neat set of doors opens right into our new backyard. Summer backyard barbeque, anyone?

18 thoughts on “Who bought all this fabric and what am I supposed to do with it?

  1. MAN. i was really convinced this was going to end with a giveaway!

    way to let down, dude. big time.


  2. I have one of those babies right now (who I had to go rescue from eating a cabinet door while writing this post…), so its good to hear that it does end. From the pictures here, your house looks lovely! Good luck with the cord hunt!

  3. wan:

    The fact that giving it away (or that this post might have been construed as a possible giveaway post) never even crossed my mind reveals alot about my deep-seated addiction to these fabrics.

    Scary is probably the best word for it.

  4. oh thank you for the reminder that one day my child will maybe sit still for longer than 20 seconds! i look forward to that day…

  5. YAY for moving, for ridiculous amounts of fabric, and for all that BEAUTIFUL, natural light in your kitchen!!

  6. If it would help you, I'd be more than excited to take that fortune in sea good folks fabric off your hands for you! I'll pay top dollar–I only have a teeny bit left and can't find more for the life of me!!

  7. I laughed out loud, in total sympathy! We are in the middle of a move and suddenly I have nowhere for my own stash, although I did find my serger cord. I wonder where my buttons are though…

  8. Hee hee! I thought it would be a giveaway too! Oh well, I have a growing stash of my own that is nowhere near the size of yours, but *some people* in my house already think is too much….

  9. I love it! Even used your handwriting to label the box…hmmmm. I noticed you've got some of the mermaid fabric from far far and away? If you ever need to unload that I could handle that burden:) Love your new doors to the back yard, we'll be over for a bbq!

  10. I'm here to say, yes, put some of those boxes in the basement. Especially the books — that's what the library is for, anyway!

  11. Okay, so for my move in a couple weeks…remember to put the power cords with the appliance! Good advice.

  12. About ten years back, we moved and misplaced the power cord for the sewing machine and didn't find it for a year! Believe me, I feel your pain. And right now, I have too much fabric to fit into the black hole in it's current unorganized state. It doesn't help that when people find out I sew, they donate fabric to me. I have a large garbage bag of odds and ends of home dec fabric and two large moving boxes full in the family room. It was banished there to keep the toddler out of it.

    And I'm looking forward to having a crawly baby in the house again. Crawly-into-everything-baby beats colicky, cranky baby hands down!

  13. As someone with a move coming up at the end of September (but no actual house to move to yet) and a crawly-put-everything-in-my-mouth baby, this is a very comforting post…both because it means I won’t be suffering alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel!

  14. My husband is in the military and in the 6 years that I’ve been married we’ve moved (like full on everything we own moved) 5 times. I promise, promise, promise the faster you unpack the happier you will be. If I don’t finish unpacking then I end up moving packed boxes in two years. We lost our remote controls for our tv for three weeks after a move. Good luck with the unpacking.

  15. Faaaaabriiiiiiic… (yes, that’s supposed to be zombie-ish)

    I like that little peak of your kitchen! Love that the doors can stay open all – summer – long :).

  16. Moving is bad enough, but temporary moving is worse. You never know what to unpack. We did it once and I lived out of just a few boxes for 6 months because I couldn’t bear to unpack them all! It made living tricky, but the moving much easier 🙂

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