SE MI Crafter’s Meetup Wednesday August 24

We’re having another (free) Crafter’s Meetup in Ann Arbor Michigan and would love for you to join us! The idea is that we supply the space, you bring your own project for a few hours of fun crafting with lots of other crafty folks. We’ve found it’s especially nice to be able to have a few toddler-free hours to hang out and work with more space than you (usually) have at home. You can see pictures from past meetups in this post.

Handmade crafters of all types are welcome, we’ll have tables and chairs for machines as well as cutting and ironing spaces as usual. We supply drinks, you bring the snacks and your project and of course your sewing machine if applicable. The brand-new Maker Works of Ann Arbor is hosting this event, and we’re very excited to try out their new CRAFT space!

When: Wednesday, August 24th from 6:30 – 10 PM.

Where: Maker Works Ann Arbor, Michigan (just south of I-94 State St exit)

REGISTER: Please sign up on our SE Michigan Crafters Meetup Eventbrite page if you can come. There’s more information about the event/location on that page too if you just want to have a look.

Invite your friends! It’s free! See you there!

8 thoughts on “SE MI Crafter’s Meetup Wednesday August 24

  1. If only I lived on the SE side of Michigan instead of the SW side! I’d love to take part but it’s to far. So close, yet so far…..

  2. Owh…. posts like this always make me envy you guys. I follow your blog from the Netherlands – so I guess I won’t be able to make it…. 🙁
    Have fun!

  3. Drat! I always seem to be busy for these. Stupid northern MI lake cottage vacation!! Just kidding, I’ll keep the vacation, but I want to come and play with the cool kids sometime!

    Jenn – A Jennuine Life

  4. New to your blog, but very happy that the 2nd post to browse indicated an Ann Arbor meeting. I’m a mom of 4, part time nurse that lives in AA who wishes she squeezed more sewing and crafting into her free time. I don’t have crafty friends here and would love to come. But, (you knew it was coming) I work that evening so I can’t come. I will definitely keeping checking back to see if there are other meet up meetings. If there’s a email list, add me on!
    Love the rainbow dress. I have little girls but I love rainbow and gingham more than they do (me and the girls have very different tastes I’m finding out.)

  5. Oh – I wish I was closer to you guys! The drive (and ferry ride) from Mackinac is just too long. I hope you had fun!

    LOVE the rainbow dress!

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