Goodbye Big Butt



Clementine decided to potty train herself right as we were moving last month, I kid you not she started asking to use the potty a week before we moved. Now she’s going through a (normal) reversion stage that is making me crazy. It’s like having a new puppy except there’s no new puppy, you get me? Just the puppy shoes, har har:


In addition to that, she’s going through a (normal) whiny/clingy phase that always seems to accompany birthdays and other big transitions. Let’s see: moving to a new house, turning two, potty training, starting preschool (she’s in a “twos” class so I guess it’s probably closer to daycare than school but we call it preschool)? Yup, I think that qualifies as Major Transition. So it’s hard, but it’s good, you know? Growing up and change, the inevitable story of life.


Still, I was a wee bit sad when I realized that this is probably the last pair of Big Butt Baby Pants I’ll ever make for her. Her tiny little underpants-clad butt just doesn’t fill these out like it used to. The rulers are still one of my favorite prints (Cosmo Cricket, you might recognize it from this Charlie Tunic) and cute for going back to school. Anyway, she’ll still wear them, but it’s time to pull out a new pants pattern for this big big girl!


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  1. We are going through the same changes with our last. It’s crazy what makes me sad…things that before I had kids would make me rejoice! It’s like now I realize the weaning begins right when they cut the cord, and it just keeps going πŸ™‚
    Love your images, and she is beautiful!
    Have I mentioned I like your new site, you disappeared from my reader and I had to come find you! It looks fabulous.

  2. Yay for pottytraining! I bought the BBB pattern and less than a month later my daughter potty trained…only 19 months old, so I was a little caught off guard! Like your daughter, she just decided it was time. But now her BBBs are too big on her and I’m sad b/c I didn’t get to spend enough quality time with this pattern! Next baby will have the biggest stash of BBB pants!

    Just curious – have you ever used this pattern with fleece to make longies?

    • Rachel: Yes I have made it out of fleece for bedtime (and you’re referring to putting cloth diapers or undies underneath, right?). I think it worked well!

  3. we’re potty training too. uggh! love that ruler print. might have to get some. good luck w/ the potty training. ours isn’t going so great πŸ™

  4. What adorable pants! I remember feeling a little sad when my daughter potty trained. I didn’t miss the diaper changes, but I sure did miss the fluffy bottom (she wore cloth diapers). My son is just a few months away from potty training and I know I’m going to miss that fluffy bottom all over again! πŸ™‚

  5. I was so hoping you were gonna tell us how to get rid the “jiggle-booty” that I have after having baby #3 five mos ago…..haha! Like some miraculous cure or something πŸ™‚ But, I totally feel you on the PT – my son decided to go for it this summer….he was 2 & a few mos. Cleaning up the potty messes is the worst. I think a poo in the undies is way worse to clean up than in a diaper. I feel your pain!! Hang in there! Cute pants BTW πŸ™‚

  6. Just this week, I made three more pairs of these pants (one for pjs) and then realized the same thing – no more BBBPants. *sob* I plan to potty train in October (after big brother is settled in school), and assuming it goes well, probably won’t need to sew more of these. So if you make some Regular Butt Preschool Pants, I would totally buy that pattern. πŸ™‚ And I guess I can still make these for gifts for other CD babies I know…

  7. All of that transitioning is so bittersweet. I finally took the plunge and we thew away all of Phoebe’s pacis this week. Aside from a couple of crying sessions during the days, she’s been pretty good about it – but I never thought it would be so emotionally difficult for me! It’s like throwing away a part of her babyhood. I guess that’s why I hid one of them in my underwear drawer πŸ™‚

  8. Girly underpants! Yea! Though when my boys potty trained I was surprised at how cute a little blue engine looked on their tiny butts.

  9. She is so adorable. I love the measuring tape print too. I bought mine after seeing the tunic top you made. So far I’ve used it to make a sewing machine cover and an embroidery unit cover.

  10. She is so sweet. Transitioning is amazing, isn’t it? Good luck with all that. Know what you mean about the big fluffy bottom. Love the fabric.

  11. Oh my goodness, this sums up my past month. My son turned two,started nursery school, started potty training and finally got completely weaned all in the course of 2 weeks. And he is definitely clingy. But that’s understandable! I feel a little clingy, too…

  12. I just had to say that my daughter is going through the same regression in potty training! Lots have been going on for her too. I hope that everything gets back to normal for you soon.

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