I need sunglasses!!!

I can’t seem to keep a pair of sunglasses around for very long. I had three pairs earlier this summer and then recently found myself suddenly without a SINGLE PAIR. One was broken, one was lost, one was…well who knows. Hmmm, do you suppose this could have anything to do with it?



Problem is, it’s not like I have a ton of free time to just go sunglass shopping, you know? And even when I do, I never seem to know where to go. I also have a big head so it seems like most of the ones I try on are too tight. I just bought the pair pictured here, but after wearing them around realized they give me a headache because they’re just a teensy bit too tight. So I’m wondering if there is some awesome secret go-to source for sunglasses that I don’t know about? It seems like everyone’s always wearing sunglasses but no one’s ever talking about where they got them. And unless you are recommending a pair that is toddler-proof (i.e. titanium or indestructible at solar temperatures), know that I’d prefer to stay as close to the $20 mark as possible. Because there’s a solid chance they’ll eventually end up on Miss Thing here.

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  1. What, you don’t want to buy a 2year old 120$ worth of sunglasses?

    Honestly, I used to buy tons of cheap/er sunglasses (all under 20$) it wasn’t until my husband forced me to go to sunglass hut and get a pair that fit and were nice (I have a TINY HEAD) that I found a pair that stuck around. I got a nice hard case with them that they stay in when not in use and for the past 3 years I have been happily not buying new sunglasses!

  2. I have a big head, too, and am really bothered by tight things on my head (can’t wear headbands at all), and Target sunglasses seem to fit me pretty well. Plus, they’re cheap and not too bad-looking!

  3. What a little fashionista! πŸ™‚ Those pics crack me up.

    I can’t ever find sunglasses either. All the cheapo ones I try on at the stores are always, always crooked! And when they’re plastic I’m afraid to try to bend them at all because they’ll probably break.

  4. Your post made me laugh several times. LOVE that first photo. My kids do the same with my glasses and sunglasses. I’m forever readjusting my glasses after rescuing them from the mouth of a soon-to-be toddler.

    As far as where to get them, I’m with Liz up there. I have a huge head, and also can’t have anything tight on my head, and I love Target sunglasses. In fact, I just wore out my last pair and almost cried when I had to throw them away because, alas, there is not Tarjay in England :).

    Happy hunting!

  5. i shop tjmaxx, marshalls and target for sunglasses. they are all around the same price point of less than $20. I got 2 pairs at Marshalls this summer and they are really nice quality.

  6. i LOVE my faux wayfarer’s from target. they’re predominantly black but the sides are red and black leopard. they don’t sound that great now that i’ve written down the description…but they’re actually pretty cool. and i think they were about $6.

  7. i exclusively buy fossil sunglasses. they fit my big head, are super-fashionable, and if you get them at the outlet mall (michigan city, in is what’s near me)- they’re dirt cheap. buy one, get one free or three pairs for $30 cheap. cheap and nice.

  8. I always get my sunglasses at Target. They always have something cute, they’re cheap, and when they inevitably get lost or fall into the hands of the little one I’m not too heartbroken.

  9. Do you have Ulta cosmetics near you? I get a lot of mine there with the coupons in the Sunday paper or the ones they send me. (I am on the mailing list.) I pay 10-15 for them there.

  10. Try Avenue. I’ve gotten 3 pair there, each for around $7-$8 each. This might also be a good resource because of your “big head” because it is a plus size store, and sometimes accessories (maybe even sunglasses?) there run a big larger.

  11. I echo the Target recommendations. I live in Canada and always buy sunglasses at Target when we travel to the States. I never buy expensive ones either because I am horrible with them…I sit on them, toss them in my bag unprotected and my 3 y.o. likes to play with them.

  12. the last time i got a pair of non-prescription sunglasses i got them from target and loved them! i wear prescription now (i don’t wear contacts so i have to have the prescription sunnies to drive), and i make sure that when they’re not on my face, they’re on top of my head or in their (specially bought) hard case way far out of reach of the kids. of course, paying a bunch of money for them makes me very very conscious of what i do with them. and my kids were made very, very aware of the DO NOT TOUCH MOMMY’S SUNGLASSES rule. lol. but target for the cheapy non prescription!

  13. I seriously have found two decent pairs at the local Goodwill for like $1 each. I was shocked that they weren’t totally ugly. I live in FL and need to have a pair handy at all times so when I find a cheap pair that is decent I buy them. I also found some good and somewhat trendy pairs at New York and Co. (at most malls?). I think Target would be a good place to check too. Good luck on your quest for a good/inexpensive pair!

  14. I usually get mine at Wal-mart because one of my four kids walks off with them or on them…. but I just purchased myself TWO new pairs from “Moral Eyes”, it is a one for one company, and WAY cheaper than “Toms” which I would love to have, but I’m still buying diapers. πŸ™‚

  15. TJMaxx, Marshalls…lots of selection for $20 or less. I have a Michael Kors pair that I *love* that I got for $19.99 (okay, more than $20 once you add the tax). And luckily I don’t hang with a crowd that would know that they are last season (gasp!!!). πŸ™‚
    And I have high cheek bones so I’m wide at the temples (i.e. big head) and I’ve found sunglasses with nose pieces seem to fit better for me. I’ve also ventured over to the men’s selection a time or two and came away happy. Good luck.

  16. I agree! I have not had a decent fitting pair of sunglasses in years- well, be it 4 years, since my oldest child was born!
    I’m looking through your responses to find their solutions πŸ™‚
    love your blog- this may be my first comment… hmm… must remedy that!

  17. What a cutie!

    Like another poster, I didn’t learn to hang on to sunglasses until I met my husband (an eye doctor) and got really good ones that actually fit my face. I did lose a pair after a year (wore them into school on top of my head, then they were gone) but I’ve had the other pair since. My kids all mess around with them, the toddler pokes the lenses out, but they always bounce back.

    As for the cheapies, I’ve found the best ones at drugstores like Walgreens. The GAP sometimes has good ones too that fit well.

  18. I had the same problem. To solve it, I purchased a pair just for my daughter and I keep them in my purse whenever she isn’t wearing them. Whenever she made a grab for mine, I’d whip out hers from my purse and call us “twinsies”. She loved it and it didn’t take long to get her to stop taking mine (a couple months maybe) which would always end up breaking them. It also made it possible for me to purchase good sunglasses and know that they’ll be relatively safe now. (I bought Ray Bans at Lens Crafters without the prescription and on sale) I’m glad I don’t have to wear dollar store sunglasses anymore. Whew!

  19. http://www.zennioptical.com You can get prescription or non-prescription starting at around $10 (6 for the frames, 4 for the tint). I buy all my regular and sunglasses there. They give you all the measurements for each pair too! All you need is your pupilary distance (which you can get at Walmart or your eye doctors for free) and they ship really cheap/fast! I love them, especially with 3 young ones myself πŸ™‚

    • I got mine at zenni optical there too! $19.94 for prescription sunglasses (and that includes shipping) and I love them. They came faster than they said they would too.

  20. Well, I also have a big head. My son broke mine this summer. Just got a new pair for free from Kohl’s. If you sign up for the Kohl’s email list at the register, they send you a free $10 off coupon. They have sales for $10-$15 all the time, plus you can use the 15-30% coupon they send you on top of the $10 off.

  21. i had the same issue with sunglasses. hmmmmm well i still do….so my husband got me some. A few years ago he had laser surgery on his eyes and he got special uv everything sunglasses from them, cheap but work, make a great head band when not needed for sun. $5.00….he had his pair which i borrowed one time (lost mine who knows where) and i loved them..so he bought me a pair this summer…..they are great! they are not tight on my ‘big head’ (and i thought i was the only one!)…..no nose pieces or exposed arm joints that pinch my hair and pull it out of my head (that irks me)…..He can just go in and buy more if he needs them….might be someplace to check into!

    Jane who wears sunglasses year around….i have sensitive eyes!

  22. I have not personally bought any from here but I have heard Forever 21 recommended for cheap sunnies. I wear prescription so no personal experience from me.

  23. Let me start by saying that your little girl is SO CUTE!
    Next, I am with you on the sunglasses front. I was always very hesitant to pay alot for sunglass because I never held onto a pair for more than a few months, so Target was my store of choice (and sometimes that kiosk in the mall with the knockoffs….) However, I did have to get perscription sunglasses which are NOT cheap, and I can say that spending that much is definitely a motivation to hang on to them!

  24. oh my. My little secret is Anthropologie! I know, you’re thinking that they must cost a FORTUNE, it’s Anthro, but I got my $24 sunglasses there and get the same new $24 pair every time I (my kids) break or lose them!!

    They don’t have as great of a selection online as they do in the store, but we have two within 20 miles of home.. hopefully you do too!!

  25. She is too stinkin’ adorable!

    I buy all my sunglasses at walmart (more readily available than target in my area), but I also had a super awesome pair from the sunglasses hut that I loved. Of course, that was pre-kids…..

  26. I apologize if some one already said this (I don’t have time right now to read all the comments). I buy mine at Target – love so many of their glasses, plus cheap! Because I have one of those nearly-two year olds as well. She’s already broken 3 pairs! But here’s the catch. I always buy a pair that is metal rimmed. Then, if they’re too tight, I can just bend them a teeny bit to loosen them up. Works like a charm. My girl bending an ear piece to the point of snapping? Doesn’t work so much.

  27. I have a pair of prescription ones that I’ve had for several years. I keep them in a hard case and never anywhere near my 3 year old who has his own cool sunglasses. I haven’t lost them because they were expensive and darnit if I’m going to buy them again.


    Having said that, have you checked out swap meets or fairs? We have various fairs (The Taste of Edmonds, Waterfront Festival, etc) that feature lots of kiosks/tents with vendors and I always see at least one sunglasses vendor. They’re always cheap and can be bargained with. Just a thought in case you have access to such a fair – particularly this weekend when there’s so much going on.

  28. I got mine on Amazon.com (of course).
    I had them for 6 years before I (just) lost them. Nice, case, super kid-proof, definitely “birthday gift” caliber price tag, but oh so worth it!

    I replaced them with ridiculous ones from Target which are even tight on my pinhead!

    Love the photos of C!

  29. I have a habit of crushing, losing, or dropping (and therefore scratching) my sunglasses. The ones I DO like I wear all the time, but I always push them up on my head to keep my hair back, which means I bang them on the car-door frame when I am getting the kid in and out of her car seat. Naturally, I do not wish to pay a lot for something which I will probably destroy in short order. I love Target for sunglasses (of course), although they seem to have a lot of crazy neon-80’s styles right now. My favorite place, though, is Charlotte Russe. They regularly have sales where their sunglasses are 2/$6 (!!) and they have tons of sizes & styles so I bet you can find something that will fit. They have a lot of cute ones and for $3, you can buy a lot of sunglasses – last time I bought a pair for myself that were a bit too big but so awesome I couldn’t resist. If you don’t have a Charlotte Russe nearby, try Forever 21.

  30. I don’t live in the States anymore, so I don’t know if The Limited still sells good sunglasses, but I always used to find great pairs for about $20. Good luck!

  31. From time-to-time, I’ve noticed some of the “deal blogs” post about Graveyard Mall having a deal on 9 pairs of Nine West sunglasses for $20. Could be a way to get a bunch of brand-name glasses inexpensively. The last time I saw this deal was here: http://www.southernsavers.com/2011/08/graveyard-mall-6-pairs-of-sunglasses-for-19-99-and-giveaway/
    but this particular deal has already expired. Maybe it will come around again, and you can get your glasses! Good luck!

  32. I always get mine at kohls. Usually end up with the Relic brand and always get the ones with the hinges that let them go out more so they aren’t too tight & so there’s less chance of my kids breaking them!

  33. Say what?! People buy sunglasses somewhere besides the DollarStore? Who knew? Your lil’ sweetie-pie rocks those shades w/her cute blonde hair:)

  34. I generally go to Target. Until I know that my kids won’t grab them off my head (or the table or out of my bag) and pull/hit/throw/stomp/suck on them, I’m not willing to pay much money for them.

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