Made for ME: Top in Pale Yellow Voile

I finished a couple things for myself a couple weeks ago, a little selfish sewing for ME! First up is this lightweight and breezy top in the palest butter yellow:


As you can see it’s definitely a summer top, yes that’s me over here trying my hardest to keep summer alive. You can also see that the voile is pretty sheer and so I wear it with a tank top. But don’t you think with a cardigan it could work for fall?


I purchased this solid voile back when it was part of the solids collection by Anna Maria Horner, but now you can find these solid voiles as part of the Free Spirit Solid Voile collection (I’m a little confused over whose solids are whose, but since AMH fabrics are produced by Free Spirit, methinks it probably doesn’t really matter).


I fought the urge to put the white ric-rac all over this top, in my head it had ric-rac trimmed pockets and a ric-rac trimmed neckline, but looking at the final product I’m glad I stuck with the “less is more” philosophy.

The basic pattern is loosely based on the Smashing Smock pattern found in Seams to Me by Anna Maria Horner; I’ve fiddled with that pattern in the past for my own personal purposes (here and here), so you can see hints of it in this version although for this yellow version I must admit I completely redrew the pattern pieces. But the basic idea is still the same, right: a double-sided yoke with a gathered bottom portion.


As a Hopeless Color Queen, I personally like to wear it with green skinny jeans, these are surprisingly super-stretchy and comfy. With red moccasins of course (which I love despite the fact that they turn my feet a freakish shade of red)!


While I was taking pictures, Clementine woke up from nap and decided to get in on the photography action. Love this little kiddo! {her dress blogged previously here}.

24 thoughts on “Made for ME: Top in Pale Yellow Voile

  1. Both of you look so pretty! I also second the suggestion of a cardigan.. get some more some wear out of it before you have to put it away for the cold winter months.

    I love the top you made and her dress is adorable.

  2. Yes to the cardigan! I love it so much. Gorgeous. It’s full on fall here (Quebec) but I’m going to look for fabric to do something similar next time I make it to the store. Beautiful.

  3. i love it love it love it!
    And you got the green skinny jeans! I’ve been eyeing some for a while. But maybe I should wait 8 months πŸ™‚
    They look great on you!

  4. LOVE the top, LOVE the shoes, LOVE Clementine’s dress and you match your side chair! LOVE-LOVE-LOVE…

    and yes, you can definitely wear the top through fall with a cardi. πŸ˜‰

  5. Splendid! You and the top look lovely. I can’t wait until I am confident enough to tackle things like this, juggling bits of patterns, etc. Mwa!

  6. I feel like you raided my closet except I didn’t make an adorable yellow top. Maybe that’s what’s missing. Another item on my to do list. Harumph.

  7. Very cute! I too am holding on to the hopes summer will keep going. Here it seems like it just started last month! Love the top and love hte fact that you sew for yourself as well. I saw a lady wearing something today and I thought to myself, I could make one of those for me! If onlyI would…

  8. Love your top. I think less is more too. You used just enough of the rickrack. The top looks so refreshing and cool. Prefect for a hot summer day. Clementine is adorably precious. She has the sweetest little face.

  9. This is darling (in an adult-kinda-way)!!! I love it. Such a sweet color. And the shoes- I have the same exact ones- red feet to match πŸ™‚
    I love minnetonkas!

  10. I love the top, it looks so light and fresh!
    Most of all I really enjoyed seeing you! I just realized I never saw you, only saw the profile picture and I pictured you a bit different. Clearly I am a recent follower (less than a year), but a very loyal one πŸ˜‰

  11. those jeans are super cute on you! I just bought a pair I like from H&M. I didn’t know about that line of fabric. thanks for sharing. you and the little one are so cute together in your special handmade items!

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