OH HAI THERE you beautiful bag you

Where have YOU been all my life? (Answer: In the unfinished pile, for months)


I’m really excited because I’ve been doing a bunch of work for the last few weeks on this bag pattern (and the Pierrot Tunic sewing pattern, both coming soon!). Now it’s almost finished so I can start showing you all the lovely samples I’ve been working on without worrying that I’ll abandon them mid-project and leave everyone hanging. You know, like I usually do.



This bag is called the Showoff Bag, previously featured on this post. I pieced together the Chevron stripes for this version much like I did for the Chevron Wristlet.

** Update: This bag pattern enjoyed some time in my pattern shop, but it is now retired and resting on its laurels **

Here’s a (crappy) picture of the first one I ever made:

Showoff Bag

I fiddled with the proportions a little and I think now it’s better. This blue version is slightly longer than the striped one (I’m including both lines on the pattern so that you could make it either shorter or longer):


{with Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Rising canvas on the bottom and navy blue linen on the top}


Um so I think I will be keeping both of these.


But I did make (and I think, rather unselfishly) one for my seester Elli’s birthday: *pats self on back*


{from Nani Iro canvas with grey linen on top}



35 thoughts on “OH HAI THERE you beautiful bag you

  1. Such a cute shape to that bag. I love the chevron one. But the grey with the blue flowers that you made for your sister steals my heart. Beautiful color combo!

  2. I LOVE the red bag! I’m definitely looking forward to the release of this pattern, as I could totally use a new big bag for fall.

  3. I think this would make a great diaper bag! I’m 7 weeks today…one of my favorite things to make for each new baby is a large diaper bag/tote. This is a great posibility! thanks πŸ™‚

  4. You know my birthday is coming up incase your wanting to spread the crafty love around! πŸ™‚ seriously love that red bag!

    • Hi Jen! Thanks dude. The beach robe is Dana’s pattern (dana-made-it.com) but we get confused all the time. Charlie dress has yet to be tested, so keep your eye out!!

  5. Oh Rae….Love this Bag!!! I need a new bag for work! This would be perfect to fit my life into!!!
    One question….Does it have pockets inside??? I love pockets in bags..the more pockets a bag has the better i can organize my life that i carry around with me ALL THE TIME!

    Jane…..who doesn’t have a sister and would love to be adopted by a very crafty one! LOL

    • Hi Jane:
      I’ve included instructions for a simple patch pocket inside, of course you could put multiple pockets in multiple sizes inside instead of just one…but with a basic lining I figure people can sew as many pockets as they want to inside!

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