With the week I’ve had, I’m just amazed I got something sewn.

It’s been an odd week around here. Some snippets:

– Getting my hand in the way of my sewing machine needle arm while sewing these pants and completely busting it up. The machine, not my hand (why? why? at least my hand would have healed!!!).


– In the Staples parking lot on the way home from dropping off said machine for repair, trying to wrestle a 60″ wide plastic carpet guard (the kind that protects carpet from the rollers on the bottom of desk chairs) to my car in what felt like hurricane-force wind. That thing was surprisingly aerodynamic. For every five steps toward the car, getting blown seven steps back (why do I always find myself in these Charlie Chaplin-type scenarios?).


– Getting in the car turning the key in the ignition, and finding the battery dead.

– Looking totally disgusted and throwing up my hands when the perfectly-coifed Stepford Mom who I ask to help me jump my car looks back at me (in front of her perfectly-coifed high-school daughter) and says, “Um…can’t you call Triple A to do that?” My response (concocted a day too late in my head, of course): “It must be wonderful to live in a world where you think everyone has Triple A.”


– Driving home as the dashboard begins to light up like a Christmas tree with every single stinking warning light on the bridge that’s down to one lane on the busiest street in the city, realizing that I have no transmission, no blinker, no gas pedal. Total Car Failure. I miraculously managed to roll it into a gas station parking lot next to a vegetable stand and walk home. {Turns out the oil valve had been leaking into the engine and the alternator failed, for all you mechanics-turned-sewists who are reading and want to know what happened, hee}

So anyway, repairing the two most important machines in my life seems to have sucked up quite a bit of my time this week. It’s surprising how much, actually. All I can say is, thank goodness for 59,334 miles on the odometer with a 60K warranty on the car. Sheesh. Now if only that sewing machine repair had been covered by warranty.


I had two projects to show you that I had sewn for myself last week that I’m super-excited about but I guess those will just have to wait until next week. I did manage to finish the Treasure Pocket Pants for Elliot and I la-la-love them! Thankfully he does too (and as you can see, has his own unique way of styling them in an outfit). Thanks for all of you who put in your two cents on what I should make, it seemed like a bunch of you liked this Marine print with the navy for the pants, so I went with it and I couldn’t be happier with the combination!


Have a great weekend everyone!

23 thoughts on “With the week I’ve had, I’m just amazed I got something sewn.

  1. Oh I’m so sorry for the horrible week! But I must say the image of you wrestling that vinyl through staple’s parking lot and then not punching the gold star mom is hilarious!!! btw, my mechanic husband will appreciate the car talk I have to share with him tonight! Thanks for giving me the chance to impress him! πŸ˜‰ And soooo glad that happened when it did so it was covered! Wow!

    Here’s to a GREAT weekend! πŸ™‚

  2. Dude, I am so sorry for all the mechanical crap. I had the same exact thing happen to my van…twice. The first time the alternator failed and my car died, they weren’t sure why, but replaced the alternator. Less than a year later, a more astute mechanic found some kind of seal failed allowing engine oil into the alternator. Thankfully both repairs were covered…but sheesh. Wishing you a much more happy, carefree weekend.

  3. I actually do have Triple A (because my parents didn’t want to send me to college without it.) but they made sure that I knew how to jump a car and how to switch a flat tire on my own. And I have a car emergency tool kit in the back of my car. If I’d been there, I’d have helped you.

    I hope next week is better! On the bright side…it’s Friday!

    • nice! yes I too am thankful for parents who also purchased AAA and (more importantly) instilled in me a strong sense of independence (and showed me how to change a tire). πŸ™‚

  4. You deserved a much better week πŸ™ I La-la-la-love these, too! I’m happy to see that Elliot does, because that’s really the most important thing!

  5. Cute pants!
    I can totally feel your car problems. Try this: driving (in my parents “supposed-to-be-more-reliable” car) down to the beach in NJ (10h drive for us) and when you’re 30 min (but stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the Garden State Parkway), transmission failing. What a great start to a beach vacation! Might I mention that I was in a foreign place for me, no AAA, borrowed cell phone and on top of that, foreign country (ok, not that foreign, but I live in Canada, so this was an extra hurdle)?
    Anyway, I’m not trying to make my story sound worse than yours, but be thankful you were a walking distance away from home when your car-problems started! Still… I feel your “pain”!

  6. Well even though your week was total crap, it sounds like you handled it all beautifully and like an adult. Unlike me, whose car did the exact same thing and the only thing I could think to do was sob uncontrollably for 30 minutes (never got out of the car) until my husband showed up. Pathetic.

    • oh, but sometimes it’s good to have a big fat cry!!! I feel like while this was stressful, and I may have called Mr Rae and used some expletives on the message I left, for some reason it didn’t cause the usual flood of tears. Maybe cuz I was still so pissed at Stepford Mom. πŸ™‚

  7. Those are some awesome pants. Might have to make a pair for my boy with some Denver Bronco print down the sides. He’d pass out from excitement. : )

    Sorry for the rough week! Here’s to better days ahead!

  8. Awwww…wish I could have been your Triple A buddy to call to come jump your car, shoot dirty looks at the freakin’ stepford mom, bring you an “adult bevvie” that we could drown our sorrows in, & let the kiddos play while we had some laughs.
    Hope your sewing machine is back and both it and the car are doing better soon.
    Giant Canadian hugs!

  9. Wow. What a week you’ve had! I can commiserate. It was like a biblical flood in our house last week…the water came down through the attic and up through the basement. Then my microwave died when I accidentally nuked a sponge for 20 minutes. Here’s hoping this next week is better.

    The pants are adorable. Great job!

  10. I’m going to chime in with my helpful AAA-alternative tip! You can usually get roadside assistance added to your car insurance for super cheap. Here in Southern California I pay $2.82 every six months. Then if I get a flat tire or my battery dies or anything weird happens I can call whatever towing company I want, pay them to help me, then submit the bill to my insurance company. Sure I know how to change a tire (I did grow up in the midwest), but I am not going to crouch down by the side of the freeway to change it. I have been reimbursed every time the kids left one of the interior lights on in the car (and I only found out after the battery died). They even reimbursed me for a locksmith after my husband locked the keys to his friend’s Vespa in the little trunk thing. And towing companies tend to get there much quicker when you call them directly than when you wait around for AAA to get around to calling it in for you.

  11. How awful!!! Sorry to hear about that lady. HOW RUDE!!!! Glad you made it home and I loovvveeee those pants!!!!! The pockets are my fave!

  12. yuck! poor Rae. I have had similar weeks myself- I am actually seasoned enough with the dead battery to know to seek out the olderish (not too old!) man in a nice truck to jump my car. Those guys ALWAYS have jumper cables! cute pants too!

  13. We have “roadside assistance” with our car insurance too (GO USAA!)…and it has saved our bacon many a time with it’s free tows and quick responses to our flat tires. (Our spare is bolted up underneath the van. I’m sure I could never get it out myself.) If I had your week….I would be tempted to tattoo the roadside assistance # on my arm.

    I’m sure you son loves his new pocket pants! Fishy print AND lots of lego storage space! …I might have to make a pair for my little guy.

  14. whew! what a day!! i’m so sorry, rae that it was so crazy!! the pants are AWESOME, though!!!
    here’s to hoping you have a wonderful week this week πŸ™‚

  15. oi! that sounds like a week for sure. sounds like you handled it brilliantly though! hope this next one goes better. and cute cute pants!!

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