Finito! Good Folks Shower Curtain




Sometimes a work in progress sits for so long unfinished that I don’t even see it anymore. This patchwork shower curtain has been sitting in a pile for a couple of months (I gave a guess-what-this-is preview here, and a bunch of you guessed correctly, nice!). I finally focused in on it the other day and the only thing I had left to do was add the buttonholes on top. Seriously? So I spent a half hour sewing those on and it was finished. Do you ever finish something and then want to punch yourself for how long it took you to get to that last little thing? That is exactly what was going on here I tell you. Ridonkulous.



This project is a pretty simple sew-it-up, just squares of patchwork sewn together (this fabric is all from the Good Folks line by Anna Maria Horner, who I met last weekend!!). Off the top of my head I don’t even remember how big the squares were (10″? 9.5″) but I have it written down in a notebook somewhere and will probably talk myself into writing a tutorial for this at some point. The only thing about making a shower curtain out of patchwork is that you have to decide what to do with the raw edges on the back. Do you leave them unfinished and assume you’ll never wash the thing? Do you trim them with a pinking shears? I supposed you could fold under and sew down all the raw edges if you were really super anal.


I opted to sew the entire thing up with my serger. I didn’t sew the seams with a machine first, I just sewed all the pieces together with the serger, which also has a little pair of knives that trim the seam allowances as you sew, so for a project of this size it was definitely faster. I finished the edges and hem and added the buttonholes with my machine and it was done.



I already want to make another one. Yes, that is insane, seeing as I only have one shower in my house. I’m envisioning the next one in solids, with grey, goldenrod yellow, and navy as the base colors. It wouldn’t match my crazy rhubarb pink towels though. For now I’m just enjoying this one. Yippee!

38 thoughts on “Finito! Good Folks Shower Curtain

  1. Yay for finished projects! I just made our house a shower curtain but did three wide panels of fabric. The middle one is the Robert Allen lattice fabric in teal (which is unfortunately dry-clean only) and the outside ones are just white.

    Shower curtains certainly transform a bathroom and they are so easy to make! Great job!

  2. It’s so beautiful!! I would like that one as a blanket for covering an old armchair or something like that, too. Good work, as always…

    By the way, if it’s meant for the shower: did you laminate or impregnated it otherwise?

    • hey Kate:
      No, I just put a liner behind it…the white silky fabric kind that’s easy to pull off and wash if it gets mildewy

  3. Ha! What funny timing! I just bought a new shower curtain today (a plastic one) and it’s a little see-through so I was thinking of sewing up a fabric on to go on the outside (and I was thinking of using AMH fabrics too). I don’t know though, since the shower curtain I bought is so awesome by itself… it has a bunch of famous people’s names on it… might make showers longer!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Ooooh it’s so pretty! Nice punch of color in the bathroom. Great idea to just serge the back, too.

    PS – I love your big hex tile floors.

  5. Love the shower curtain! Am inspired to make a quilt with fabrics from that line that I have in too much abundance in my stash πŸ™‚

  6. Hoo boy, do I know about long drawn out projects. Total empathy from here. But it is (at long last) really beautiful, that riot of colors against your white bathroom. Perfect!

  7. Wow, it looks fantastic! I love how different all the patches are, but somehow they all work together.

    I hate to admit it, but I have way too many projects that have just one more step to go, but I can’t bring myself to finish them. Why do we do this? You’re right that it feel so much better to finish a project that’s been lingering around too long. Good job!

  8. Hi Rae,
    I’m a reader and absolutely love everything you make. Just delurking to tell you how beautiful your shower curtain is. You are so talented!

  9. I am in love with this and I love the fact that you did it all with a serger. I am going to put this one on my big list of projects to do, granted I won’t get around to it for another year, but I love it and can not wait to make one.

  10. Wonderful shower curtain. Somewhere I saw a ruffled self sewed shower curtain, which I liked, too. But your quilted curtain is also so beautiful, that I want to make one.
    Greatings from Cologne

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