Here it is! Pierrot Tunic PDF Sewing Pattern


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The Pierrot Tunic features a lovely gathered neckline, swingy ease and comfortable fit and looks fantastic with jeans or leggings! The elastic neckline and sleeves can be taken out as your child grows. Pierrot can be sewn entirely with a sewing machine; no serger necessary. Instructions are also included to extend the pattern if you would like to create a Pierrot dress or longer tunic.


0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T*

*The 5T tunic can be easily lengthened to make a size 6 or 7 (maybe even 8??). Instructions for lengthening the pattern are included, but because we have not tested these sizes, please be aware that you will need to determine how much length to add based on other well-fitting garments in your child’s wardrobe.

This tunic is a “confident beginner” project. I would recommend this project to someone who knows how to sew a straight line backward and forward and can keep an even seam allowance on a curve. The following skills are also recommended: gathering, inserting elastic into a waistband, and hemming. Clear instructions are given for all of the steps, however, so a beginner who has confidence could definitely tackle this. I am always happy to assist you by answering questions via email if you should run across anything that is giving you trouble!

Pierrot can be completed entirely without a serger. The ruffle edge at the neckline can be zigzag stitched (shown below left) or finished with a serger (shown below right); both take approximately the same time.


• Woven fabric such as shirting, cotton voile, cotton lawn, poplin, chambray, lightweight seersucker, baby wale cord, linen, flannel, or quilting cotton (see yardage chart below for amount)
• Elastic (1/4″ or 3/8″ wide, for neckline)
• Optional: prepackaged 1/2″ single-fold bias tape (or instructions for cutting your own bias tape included in pattern)

(of 44” wide fabric; you’ll need less if your fabric is 54” or 60” wide)

Click here for size chart

What’s the difference between bias and straight of grain?
Cutting this tunic on the bias will give you a more “swingy” fit, but it can also be cut on the straight of grain to save fabric (I personally think it looks great either way). In the picture below, the tunic on the left was cut on the bias, and the tunic on the right was cut on the straight of grain.



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Share your photos: I can’t wait to see all of the cute little Pierrots you guys make! Please add your pictures to the Rae Made Me Do It or Pierrot Sewing Pattern photo pools so we can all see what you’ve made!

Thanks for your patience! As usual, please be patient with me as there are bound to be glitches at first. Please email me if there are any issues and we’ll get them worked out!


21 thoughts on “Here it is! Pierrot Tunic PDF Sewing Pattern

  1. YEY! I don’t even have a little girl but I just bought it anyway! There’s a few more little girls in my life and I have always loved this dress! And who knows, maybe I’ll have a daughter one day 🙂

  2. How long do you suspect it might take a “confident beginner” (who still does silly things like cut the fabric on the wrong side or continue to stitch a long seam even after the bobbin thread has run out) to make this dress?

    • Hi Lak:

      Haha, you’re too funny. So the nice thing about this pattern is that all the pieces are symmetric (so no problems cutting on the wrong side like you might have with a pant)…the stitching with no thread thing might be a bit of an issue, but I’d give yourself 4-5 hours and you’ll have a top. 🙂

  3. Yay! I just bought this. I first found your blog when my daughter was a newborn. Now, nineteen months later, I’m set to make her a pierrot 🙂

  4. Hello, I have “pinned” the Pierrot dress on Pinterest several months ago and and it was love at first sight ! So I was checking back from time to time expecting the pattern and there it is ! (Should have checked earlier, it’s been a month !) I am very happy and just wanted to say so before I jump to the purchasing page ! Thanks ! (Dorothee from France)

  5. Rae! Rae! I made one!

    It’s soooo cute, I just love it! I’ll link you to it later, I cut up a shirt from the op shop and it came out perfffect {even though I had to cut the scraps up to make the bias and that was a bit time-consuming and less than perfect} it all came together well in the end!

    Even hubby LOVES it.

    Thank you Rae 🙂

  6. I made this for my 6 years old, it was 5T but fits her great! I just added 1” on the bottom. But funny thing was, that at the fabric store I couldn’t remember how much fabric I needed to cut it on the bias, so I thought 1,5 yrds should be enough… and came home to realize I needed 2,5! My fabric was 46” wide. But I WAS ABLE TO cut it on the bias in size 5T!! Neckline strip had to be in two parts but it was no problem! I was sooo happy! And so is my daughter 🙂 Hopefully this helps somebody!

    • oh good to know Pepella! I tried to make the yardage generous enough to work with all types of prints, but I’m glad to know you could figure it out with 1.5 yards!!

      • thanks , i have more hope now that my fab w/out pattern on it will work in terms of enough yardage.

        Rae:: I want to do this is in a single knit, slightly heavier weight. It is cream w/ tiny gold dots. It is my grandaughters fave fabric in her mothers fabric store. What do you think about the neckline with this fab? Should I consider using ribbon for it instead? Thank you so much, and anyone who has insight , I welcome your reply, Debb~~

    • Thanks so much for taking time to share. I bought my fab first, and dont think i have the required amount. Am prepared to make the back a solid color instead, but perhaps i’ll have enough after all. thanks.!! take care~~

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