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Thanks for all of the great suggestions on machines and ideas for sewing with Elliot on the last post! It’s so fun to hear about your own experiences and what you’ve done with your own kids. That could be a whole new blog theme, for goodness sake.

I have been sewing so much this week that I’ve really been slacking on the blogging, sorry about that (it’s always a tricky balance). I have a couple of projects that I just finished that were started in New York for Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing Workshop that I want to show you that I’ll blog about next week. I also bought some new fabric in NYC and had to make this as soon as I came home:


When I was at Purl Soho a couple weeks ago I couldn’t resist picking up a little Liberty lawn. It’s rather pricey stuff but when you see it in person you start to understand why. The prints are quite delicate and beautiful and the fabric itself is lightweight and silky. Liberty lawn reminds me quite a bit texture-wise of the Anna Maria Horner voiles; they’re all really wonderful fabrics to work with.


I bought just a half yard of this modern striped one (it’s here on the Purl website, third to last row), I decided to make it into a loop scarf along with some natural linen/tencel blend. Anna Maria Horner had actually demonstrated in person how to make her “Figure 8 Scarf” at the Weekend Sewing Workshop (instructions are here on her blog). It was great to see her talk it through because when I first read her blog post on it I had gotten a little confused and thought it had a twist built into it, but it turns out it’s just a big loop, no twists, but you twist it to wear it, if that makes sense. Unfortunately I also only half-listening/half-working at the workshop (sensing a theme here, Spacey Mc Spaceman? OK and does that remind anyone else of 30 Rock?), I also missed the fact that the cuts for the scarf are 18″ by 72″ so my scarf (18″x54″) is a little shorter than it should be. It’s definitely big enough to fit over my head…it’s not strangling me or anything. Just do yourself a favor and cut the recommended length (or buy one of AMH’s kits here — Christmas gift anyone??) if you decide to make this for yourself.



I like it. It’s very striking! And such a quick easy project, really fun. I have other plans for my other Liberty fabrics, so stay tuned!


13 thoughts on “Liberty Scarf

  1. I just made one of these for myself today using Anna’s tutorial online! Such a quick and gratifying project! Love your fabrics and how it turned out!

  2. I love it! So Classy and trendy at the same time! I live in AZ, so scarfs are almost never necessary, but I may have to make this for those two cold, rainy, winter days we have every year. =) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my goodness! I am so in love with that modern stripe fabric and what you did with it. Gorgeous! I might have to make one exactly like that for myself. (hope you don’t mind if I copy you.. we’re in different countries… πŸ™‚

  4. “Science is whatever we want it to be” Love Dr. Spaceman πŸ™‚ And your scarf is so cool, I really like it! I may have to pull the trigger on some Liberty fabric one of these days, but I have never seen it in person so it is hard for me to justify the price. Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of them!

  5. Hi Rae,
    I have a question if you dont mind, I want to buy a sewing machine (I think i am catching the “disease”) and i dont know exactly where to start πŸ™‚ As you can imagine i am total beginner but i envisage myself doing lots of stuff for my little boy, Alex, 4months old. IN fact, he is the reason i want to do things. My budget is around 250$. Can you recommend a model?or give some hints=things i need to look for when i want to buy my sewing machine?

  6. Oh man, I am totally drooling over those liberty prints! I’m just hoping that Santa brings me one of their little liberty rainbow bundles this year πŸ™‚

  7. Ooh, I think I love the shorter length. I have really short hair and a really long neck, so I love a scarf that wraps higher up, if that makes any sense. Knowing it is possible to do it that way and get away with just a half yard of expensive fabric makes it much more doable.

    And I totally agree about Liberty fabrics. I am lucky enough to live near the Purl warehouse in southern California. When you can fondle the bolts you understand the cost.

  8. Okay, I’m trying this again since I couldn’t get my comment right the first time πŸ™‚
    How did you get the 54″ length from one tiny half yard of fabric?

    • Hi Claire!
      The selvage width of the Liberty is 54″ wide, so you get more fabric per yard (or half yard). You wouldn’t be able to make a scarf with a normal 1/2 yard of 44″ width fabric, but because the Liberty is wider it works! πŸ™‚

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