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I really love sewing with knits. It used to be more of a fierce loathing, but I’ve since realized that this has less to do with some innate fault of knit fabric or my own skills, and more to do with the equipment I was using to sew with said knits (or perhaps I should say, *trying* to sew). I don’t want to blather on about that because believe me I have a whole other post in my head about that very topic, but I will say that I do now have a serger so the knit projects go super-quick and are v. satisfying.

Enter the Knit Fabric of My Dreams. Which as you can see has become yet another thing sewn for ME. Hooray for Selfish Sewing! **Although I do need to remind everyone that the Kids Clothes Week Challenge Fall 2011 (aka KCWC, hosted by the awesome Meg of Elsie Marley) is coming up very soon next week (with a nice pre-party this week) and then we should all put aside Selfish Sewing Thoughts for another week. I promise I shall.**


I do feel a little smug about this top because I managed to cut and sew it in just one day. And again this is partly due to the fact that I used a serger, but is also partly due to the fact that this past Sunday afternoon Clementine and Mr Rae (who is I swear genetically programmed to dead-sleep for 3 hours every Sunday afternoon like clockwork) were both napping and Elliot was happily puttering downstairs for his “quiet time” (which is almost never actually “quiet”) so it was All Systems Go for me in the sewing room. I love that feeling. I traced and modified this pattern from an old tee that had fit well.Β This one, to be exact.


The fabric is theΒ “Colorful Pocho” knit by Nani Iro from Charmstitch,Β a pointelle double-layer knit with quite a bit of stretch and not thin at all (the double layer helps there) so it’s thicker than your average stretch tee and oh. so. soft. It’s really dreamy. I love the dots. My friend Giedra pointed out today that they are strongly reminiscent of that candy with the colored rows of dots stuck to the card. Do you know what I’m talking about? I can’t remember what they were called but as soon as she said it I was like “YES!”

The only slight bummer about this knit is that it is only 31.5″ wide, so I needed 2 yards for a short-sleeved tee, or in this case, mid-bicep-length tee as I made the sleeves as long as the fabric would allow. Normally 1 yard would be about right for a t-shirt, since many knits are 54″ or even 60″ wide so you can often lay both back and front across the width of the fabric. Anyway, it’s not a big deal, and for a short while I even wondered if maybe I should just buy less and make something for Clementine, but after meeting this fabric in person I just could not put it into a garment that would only be worn by a toddler for perhaps six months max. And now that I have worn it for like three days in a row and it is starting to smell but I still kindof want to wear it tomorrow I have NO REGRETS, no regrets I tell you.


With the hot pink skinny jeans and this saucy shot I definitely look like I am trying to dress like a teenager, but since I am now in my mid-30s I can’t be bothered to care about that sort of thing. So I’m young-dressed? Whatevs. Bring it.


Oh and did I have enough extra fabric for a couple of sleeves and a neckband for a size 2T Tee for Two? Why yes I did.

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  1. Ahhhh….Rae! I’ve seen this fabric and thought about it and now… *swoon* It looks so fresh and ultra uber cute!!! I want one!!!

  2. I think they were called candy dots–oh the creative genius that came up with that one! This top is bomb. I wish I could jump into sewing for me, but I freak out about it most of the time. But mmmm, nani iro knit! That might just do it for me.

  3. Oh how I love Nani Iro, and how I love this top as well! I’m planning on picking some of this fabric up to make a super cozy blanket for new baby πŸ™‚

  4. BAD BAD RAE! Now I want to buy this fabric and make myself something. But I promised my husband no more fabric buying for a while.

    Now go boil a pot of noodles and make sure you use all of them and lash yourself. But make sure they are cooled off first, don’t need you to get burns now…

    *sobs* whyyyyy do I make promises that I know I can’t keep… WHY?!?

    • Hee, yes, I remember making that vow. Can’t remember how long it was that I kept it — one day? maybe a week? ;P

      Water is on the boil…

  5. I love this fabric, I have been oggling it forever! Love your top, & your still a youngster, totes!

  6. I love this! I have been eyeing this knit for ages, but not in person so it’s great to see it made up and to read what you have to say about it. See, your ‘selfish’ sewing was really a community service!

  7. I love that shirt! And my mom always called that candy, candy buttons because they came on a card like a set of buttons. Perfect for the sewing type:-)

  8. What a cute top! And seeing as you look like you’re about 20, I think you’re pretty safe dressing like a teenager for a while yet. πŸ™‚

  9. you are amazing! seriously, this top is way cool especially with those pants. and that you used the scraps for a tee for two, bonus points for you bloggy girl!

  10. very very cute!! i do LOVe that knit! and I hear you about sewing with knits. once you figure out how (and let’s repeat that part) it’s not so bad. but oh! the figuring! super super cute and you look amazing in it!

  11. Nothing wrong w/being in your mid-30’s and dressing like a teenager. As long as it works and doesn’t ‘look’ odd, all is good. I sometimes wonder when I will fully dress my age. Thinking never. :0)

  12. Super cute! I do love the fabric, but WOW no way can i justify spending $25-$30 a yard for 31 inch wide fabric. GRRR. $50 for a shirt I have to sew myself? Who can afford this?

    • Laura, I feel your pain. It’s definitely more than I would usually spend on a t-shirt or fabric for a t-shirt. But, I also find that when I spend $10 or $20 on a t-shirt (or $10 for a couple yards of Joann knit), I’ve discovered I don’t get much wear out of it because the quality is bad and it gets pilly after a few months. There’s also the issue of not being able to find nice knit prints…this one I loved enough to make the investment. I’m willing to spend this on fabric that I know will really hold up over time. Because I trust my sewing abilities now it’s even more worth it to me, esp when I can make one in an hour or two). But yes, definitely an issue to think about!!!

      • I do get it, I just have wallet envy! I have good luck with 100% cotton jersey/interlock or cotton with a small lycra content for NO pilling, avoid rayon or poly blends. Joann knit is awful for pills it has poly in it.
        Anyways not picking on you it is a great top, like everything else you do. Did you make a T for two adult pattern mod for this shirt?

  13. Loved the shirt when you wore it on Monday – I meant to say something then! So cute! And I think the candy you’re referencing are candy buttons. Totally remember those!

  14. Love this top! It makes me want to attempt to make more clothes for myself. That fabric even looks amah-zing on the net, I’m sure it person it is even better!

  15. Love the shirt, but whoa! Have those weirdo ads always been on your sidebar? “Fitness Singles?!?” Arrrgh!

    • Hi Marie,
      Sorry about that; I don’t always see the same ads as you do because it’s the google thing; I’ve blocked the dating ads…hopefully that will help. πŸ™‚

  16. Adorable! I am shopping for a serger myself. Do you have any tips? Would you mind sharing which one you chose? I have been borrowing a friend’s, and it’s wonderful to have!

    • I have a Brother 1034D, which is just fine for an entry-level serger. I’m definitely not as enthusiastic about it as I am about my sewing machine, but it does the job! I have never actually sewn on another serger so I don’t have much to compare it to at this point.

  17. The little mini tee is SO cute! But so is the adult-sized one! Kinda reminds me of the matching clothes you make for Clementine’s doll. :o)

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