Weekend Sewing in NYC!

I took so many pictures in NYC it’s ridiculous, so I’ve decided to present them to you in “gallery-view” so you can get a taste for my week and click on the ones you’re really interested in seeing. They all link back to my Flickr, where there are even more pictures in each of the sets for you to peruse. I’ve tried to narrate them a little, but yikes, I think it just took me nearly an hour just to label all of them. Enjoy!

My introduction to New York City began with a lovely evening of shopping at Purl Soho with the rest of the Weekend Sewing Workshop participants, along with Heather Ross and Anna Maria Horner (I completely embarrassed myself by completely wigging out when I met her. She was very sweet about it though).
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Here are some more shots of the rest of the Weekend Sewing Workshop. We had a fantastic time sewing at the Sewing Studio and made some side-trips as well (Shake Shack and Mood were on the list). On the last day of the workshop, Liesl Gibson and Anna Maria Horner presented samples from their upcoming projects, including new fabrics, new patterns, and new needleworks. It was very, very fun to see things that will be rolling down the line come spring! Is it bad that I already have plans for fabric that isn’t even available yet? Nah!

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After the weekend was over, Mr Rae joined me for a couple days and I covered as much of the city as possible. I especially loved seeing Central Park for the first time and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. There’s also a bunch of pictures in there from an adorable shop in Soho called Loopy Mango.

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One of the highlights for me was a visit to Liesl Gibson‘s studio in Brooklyn.[miniflickr photoset_id=72157627888969072&sortby=date-posted-asc&per_page=7]
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I also really enjoyed the Chelsea Highline, which is an elevated railroad turned park with some amazing landscaping and design. It’s a neat thing to experience in the middle of the city and it has some fantastic views.

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Our final evening was spent in Brooklyn with my cousin Shawn and his wife Lisa and their baby Annika (who is a complete cutie and was wearing hand-me-down baby pants from Clementine). It was nice to end the trip with a lovely dinner and familiar faces. I’m so glad to be home with my babies, but I can’t wait to go back to New York again!!!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Sewing in NYC!

  1. I was just in NYC a few months ago and still have not gotten over how ridiculously delicious Shake Shack is.

  2. I swear when I move back to the US, the Weekend Sewing Workshop is on the top of my To Do List!! I’m so green over here, it’s not funny; from the workshop, to NYC (since I grew up in upstate NY). 🙂 Sounds like you had an amazing trip!

  3. Hey Rae… I’m in NYC this week visiting the grandbaby and on my way this afternoon to the garment district. Too bad we couldn’t have met up there! Maybe sometime…(Deb in Indiana)

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