Cow girl

This is what she wore to Trader Joe’s the other day. You know, for our less-than-36-hours-at-home-before-we-get-on-a-plane-again shopping trip. Hey, we had to eat. And what do you say when your child asks to wear her (handmade) Halloween costume to the grocery store? YOU SAY YES, is what.


So if you saw a little cow pushing around a mini-cart this past weekend, that was Clementine. And if it weren’t already obvious: the blond boy bumping into her with his mini-cart? Elliot.


Sidenote: This fit her two years in a row. I was very excited about that.


Is it too confusing that there are Halloween costume pictures on my blog the day before Thanksgiving? Sorry!!!

13 thoughts on “Cow girl

  1. Heehee. This reminds me of my daughter and her love of a certain lion costume a few years ago. She wore it everywhere – the store, church, even the dentist (who exclaimed that he’d never cleaned a lion’s teeth before and hung her picture on the wall)!

  2. This made me smile because my daughter who will be 3 next month wore her bumble bee costume to the pediatrician and to Church last week! I just LOVE this age! 😀

  3. Adorable! I love her costume. My first grand child is overdue. I can’t wait to make her costumes in a few years.

  4. You are a fun mum! I can guarantee you that I never made it to Extra Foods or Safeway dressed as a bear…

    That first picture of Clementine is priceless – the expression on her face is worth far more than a thousand words!

  5. LOL! I have a little girl (my three-year-old niece) who is so enamored of her “nice pumpkin, not scary pumpkin, but with big teef and fangs” costume that she wore it so much before and around and on Halloween that my SIL had to bring it to me for repairs! Not only that, but according to Bit, baby sister Boo needed one just like it! And she proudly told everyone that Aunt Laura made it for her, too. With that request, well, just how many RTW vampire pumpkin costumes are out there?

  6. Faced with a mutinous cow like that first photo, you do what the cow says 🙂

    Good luck in years to come, though – I spent last night making miles of frills for a shepherdess costume for similarly mutinous 5yo who rejected the school shepherd costumes out of hand and airily said “Mummy will make me a PRETTY one”

    • It’s not normal to take your kids everywhere in their awesome home made costumes? Is an 8 month old too young to blame for the spider get up?

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