Flower Garden Dress


At the very first SE Crafter’s Meetup ever last November, Emily brought some extra knit fabric along for me to take home (woot!). One of the knits was this amazing border knit that she had found for a bargain somewhere (and now I’m forgetting again Emily, was it Hancocks?). I loved this little garden of flowers along the border, especially these snails…



I knew with such a detailed print that I needed a very simple pattern to show it off. I’ve made quite a few skinny tees for the kids lately just based on their measurements, so I just added a skirt to Clementine’s tee pattern to make the dress. Same idea as adding a skirt to a baby one-sie, really very simple. And I’m so happy with the result!







And how many of us played with this same Fisher Price train, I’d like to know? Ours is still holding up well, 30+ years after it was first given to me when I was her age. Love this thing!

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  1. I just knew that you’d come up with something amazing out of that fabric! My piece is still sitting around here waiting to be turned into something like this πŸ™‚ And yes, I found this fabric in the sale section at Hancocks (over a year ago) – I think it ended up being only $3/yard!

  2. She suddenly looks so old! I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and I still remember her screaming in the grass in her Baby Sunsuit. The dress is super cute.

    And I remember that train! Wish I had one for my kids!

  3. That dress is so flippin’ cute! Of course, the model is prett darn cute too πŸ˜‰ And, yes, I played with a train like when I was young too…memories! Smiles~Beth

  4. That dress is perfection. I feel like the print is straight out of an old school house rock video or something. And I totally had that train. Now my kids play with it at nana’s.

  5. Love that fabric! Cute dress.

    I have the train too, but my mom never kept any of my cool toys from childhood so I’ve been busy on Ebay for the past few years. I have managed to collect all the Fisher Price from my childhood. The train and the parking garage are Rocco’s favorite and actually get played with a lot.

  6. I love it! The colors/illustration have a great 70’s feel!

    My husband just brought that exact train home from his mom’s yesterday for our son to play with(sadly, just the engine–maybe the two other cars will show up soon). Yours looks like it’s in much better condition than ours, though–awesome!

  7. What a great dress! I’m a sucker for new clothes that have a vintage feel. BTW I’m terrified of working with knits. I tried recently to great failure. Any good knit patterns for beginners?

  8. Oh my goodness, your little Clementine is growing up so fast! She looks more like a little girl all of a sudden, not so much of a baby anymore. LOVE the dress – if anyone comes across it in Hancock’s, I’m all ears! Btw Ana – the Tee for Two by Figgy’s is a great knits pattern for beginners. I shy away from knits, too & I don’t have a serger, but that pattern is fantastic and totally non-threatening.

  9. Dear Rae:
    I was just thinking about pull-toys the other day. We were walking down a City Street in Nanjing China and an older man was pulling a flattened paint can by a long string, like a pull toy. It was comically sweet and clanked along the street. We could hear him for quite awhile because of the racket and I asked myself if “kids today” still enjoyed pull toys. There was my answer in your photo of Clementine! Thanks for the reassurance that you give us each time you blog about the precious-ness of youth! ~ CAROL in CHINA

  10. My kids play with the same train set and my husbands parents house. They love it and very sturdy(read my kids haven’t broke it yet).
    Love the dress and the little girl is very cute too!:)

  11. Rae, that print is so lovely. I gasped when I saw the dress. it reminds me so much of a book I had when I was little called “Just Around the Corner.” I went home, dug it out of a box, and read some of the poems to my kids last night becuase I couldn’t get it out of my head.

  12. Oh dear! She’s growing up too fast! Stop the clock!

    Love the train too. Wish I’d saved more of the toys I had growing up (or known enough at the time to tell my parents to not GIVE them away)! I’m saving some of my own kids’ toys now for their kids (like the Brio train set – love love love it).

  13. What a gorgeous little dress! Your daughter is so cute too! I love your blog and all of your great sewing ideas!

  14. Oh that is sooooo cute!! And I agree, she is looking so grown up…it’s amazing how they seem to do that overnight!

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