Knitting, my holiday hobby

One complaint — perhaps the only complaint — I have with sewing is that it doesn’t exactly lend itself to holiday socializing. You can’t really put your machine in the living room when the whole family is over and chug away at projects while everyone else talks and eats chocolate covered pretzels. For one thing, if I try and talk too much while I’m sewing I usually mess something up. For another thing, the chocolate always ends up all over my project. And then there’s the issue of machine volume, which for some machines (like my serger) is enough to put everyone off conversation altogether.


We go up north every fall with a bunch of Mr Rae’s friends and their spouses and families and each year I try to take a knitting project with me. This year I started this cute little sweater for Clementine and continued working on it in Florida last week, and now this week in Seattle. As you can see it’s still in the works. It’s fun to create something handmade without having to shut myself in a sewing room.

I’m not a full-time knitter. One disadvantage of restricting knitting to just a fall/holiday hobby is that I basically have to teach myself to knit again every year. Purl Bee‘s tutorials (right sidebar) help me with this, but it’s kindof like riding a bike; once I pick it up and do a few practice swatches, it starts to come back.


One thing that has really helped me is when I ask for knitting patterns for Christmas or birthday gifts, I also try to ask for the YARN to make the project too. This really makes a huge difference for me when it comes to starting a project. If I have to go out and procure the yarn it’s way less likely to happen. I get so confused at yarn stores.


This particular pattern is the Yoked Cardigan by Knitbot and the yarn is this Plymouth Tweed. Maybe someday I’ll get around to putting it on my Ravelry page (not even going to link it, it’s so pathetic), but sometimes I just get sick of keeping up all of my social media sites, don’t you? I really like this pattern though because it’s knit top-down on circular needles, so there are NO SIDE SEAMS. The thought of not having to stitch it up at the end is divine. I’ll be sure to show you how it turns out.

I also have this Jane Richmond pullover pattern(shown above) that I really want to make, but no yarn yet. So we’ll see if that happens this year or not. And then there’s my “Someday when I’m a knitting superstar” board on Pinterest where I dream about all the fabulous things I would knit if I had the time/ability. How about you? Is there a knitting pattern on your brain right now? Is it started or just a daydream yet?

By the way, I really do enjoy sewing and socialization together when it’s in the form of a SE Michigan Crafter Meetups (and there’s another one coming up, just next week: December Meetup!). There’s a big room full of machines and a bunch of crafty people and snacks, so it’s tons of fun. If you’ll be around SE Michigan next Thursday night, let us know you can come!

18 thoughts on “Knitting, my holiday hobby

  1. I tried knitting a long time ago, but it wasn’t really for me. Soon after I picked up crochet and fell in love! Nevertheless, I’m still a seasonal crochter as well – but whenever I pick it up again in the fall I’m always amazed at how much I enjoy it. Right now I’m working on a colorblocked patchwork baby blanket. Great for beaching my giant self on the couch!

  2. Yay Rae!!!! It looks fabulous!!!!! I’m so excited for you! Go knitting! You must make Jane’s pattern! YOu will become addicted fo’sure!! We’re going to get you to join in on one of the knit alongs next year…I’m going to lure you in 🙂

    Have a great weekend 🙂 xoxoxo

  3. I love knitting – it is really my first love of the craft world. I also sew, crochet and needlepoint, but knitting is just lovely.

    The sweater you have made is great. I have two sons, and there are just not nearly enough cute boys patterns out there. I envy you knitting for a girl! But I guess that is an excuse for me to knit more for myself.

  4. My Pinterest board is called ‘if I break my leg I’ll knit…’ which I think speaks for itself. I loooove the look of knitting, but I tend to reach for the crochet hook for the instant gratification, and when I mess up I just pull it out and keep going. Knitting errors for me tend to involve vicious cycles of denial, weeping, and gnashing of teeth. Then, if denial fails, attempting to go back to the row before, followed by more weeping and gnashing of teeth. 😉 Plus my Oma taught me crochet when I was a wee little, so my hands know what to do and my brain barely has to check in. Great for watching my ridiculous aimed-at-teenagers tv shows.

  5. I wish knitting were my hobby! maybe someday soon, crochet is still mine, I’m doing a bit of Christmas crochet right now. But, cross stitch seems to me my main Christmas hobby right now, I’ve already done a few cross stitch projects!

  6. Personally, I adore cables and lace and cables & lace–I love taking knitting with me in the car, where I can make (yet another) dish cloth while my husband and I talk about all the things we never feel we have time to talk about in regular life.

    Also: I could weep, I love that hedgehog pullover so much. WEEP. Having never actually completed a sweater (though I have begun my share), I doubt I’ll ever make it, but I ache to have one just like it. Get on that for me, please, Rae. In your spare time, etc.

  7. I don’t know how to knit, though I would like to learn one day. Whenever I’m out and stumble upon a group of knitters chatting and creating I feel like an awkward high schooler- wishing I was at the “cool table.”

    Also, I hate updating and keeping track of all my social media stuff, but recently saw information for a site that allows you to monitor it all from one stop and even allows you to schedule FB and Twitter updates.

  8. I can’t wait to see your finished sweater! I love knitting for that exact reason – most of the time it is perfectly possible to socialize and create simultaneously. This year is the year of the socks. Hoping to post photos of all my knitted socks on my blog soon! I’ve been learning to knit from the toes up, and I love it.

  9. I love my Denise needles! They make knitting very portable indeed. I wish I was quicker at knitting though. Things take me so long to make that I usually stick to hats and baby booties.

  10. I crochet the same way – usually at Gymnastics practice, piano lesson, and at our little homeschool group when it’s not my turn to teach. I have not re-taught myself to knit (I learned how to about 35 years ago – ack! I musta been about 2!), because I like using just 1 short hook, and my projects are not overly ambitious.

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