Moon coat for Elliot

One of the projects I worked on at the Weekend Sewing workshop a couple weeks ago was an Oliver+S Schooldays Jacket for Elliot. The moon fabric is from the Far Far Away II collection by Heather Ross, and the flannel inside is by Robert Kaufman.


When Elliot is riding in the car he gets really excited when he sees the moon. He’ll point out the window and yell, “there’s the MOON!!!” It’s cute. What really kills me is that when we turn a corner and he sees the moon again a few minutes later he’ll yell, “ANOTHER MOON!” It’s as if, in his little universe, there are more moons around every corner. And of course this fabric just confirms the unlimited nature of the moon.


This pattern (like all Oliver+S patterns) is really great! Even though sewing this coat is a somewhat involved/lengthy process, I like that Liesl breaks it down into really easy-to-follow steps, and the outcome is a really professional-looking finished garment. I made the coat exactly as specified by the pattern, with the exception of the button tabs, which come out of the side of the center panel rather than across it. I honestly liked the idea of using horn buttons for a duffle-coat effect better but then got too lazy to go out and find them and just settled for it this way because it seemed easier. I used magnetic snaps for the inside fasteners, and I like that it’s easy for him to put the coat on by himself as a result.


He really just can’t help hamming for the camera.



32 thoughts on “Moon coat for Elliot

  1. Awesome coat. It turned out super nice. I’ve looked at that pattern several times, but I’m always intimidated by the lengthy process. Perhaps one of these days I’ll actually purchase the pattern and get around to making it. Maybe once my daughter is old enough to fit into the same coat for a good long while.

    • Katie:
      I think you’d be surprised at how quickly it does come together. You just have to put in a few evenings on it at most — really not bad at all!!

  2. Yet more Oliver & S love… The blogosphere is telling me to get on and sew those Bedtime Story PJs for my little cousin’s 1st birthday… The coat’s lovely, by the way!

  3. I like your button choice. Where did you get magnetic snaps? Are they sew in? Made this in wool but have ordered canvas and Children At Play flannel lining. I used snaps and toggles but the snap difficult for little hands and the toggles get tangled when she tries to unhook them.

  4. the jacket is fricking gorgeous! I love love the fabric. My daughter does the same thing about the moon. And when it goes out of view she asks for the rest of the night where the moon is.

  5. This coat turned out so cute! I’m just in the process of making this same pattern too, I’m making it out of wool for winter, but I’m already thinking of making it in the spring out of oilcloth for all three of my kids.

  6. rae, this coat is so perfect. great great fabric, and love the magnetic snap detail. ooo, and the flannel sounds so warm. 🙂

  7. It looks great! Making a coat is a lengthy process but so, so rewarding. I’ve made quite a few coats for my children and I’m always happy! I like this pattern. I’ve made the baby-in-the-hood jacket by AMH and it’s cute too.

  8. It looks great! I just made this coat for my little boy. He was Charlie Brown for Halloween and needed a coat that coordinated. I used brown fine wale corduroy and a super soft brushed flannel inside. I also added a hidden layer of fleece for extra warmth so I wouldn’t have to make the additional liner. It was really easy to make and only took a few hours total.

  9. Love the moon coat. i bet he is really proud of it. Say having a problem sewing snap tape on the crotch of a romper for Case. It says you may have to take tucks in the tape to make the snaps come out where you need for them to but this looks awful. Any suggestions?

  10. Rae – the button hole adaptation is very smart. I found the double tabs got droopy with the cashmere/wool I used on ours. If I make another I’m going to use your mod.

  11. I made these for two of my four kids last winter (and they still fit, thank goodness) out of wool and satin lining, and the horn toggles. They don’t stay buttoned very well, so on future versions, I think I’ll try your adaptation.

  12. I like the coat you sewed quite a bit. I have two great-nieces to sew for and this looks like a cool pattern to use.
    What really grabbed my eye is the carousel/slideshow/jquery thingy at the bottom of your blog which shows the last posts. Do you recall (or did someone do it for you) where you found your code instructions to add it to your blog? I realize you have wordpress and I have blogger but after looking at 2 zillion sites which are a little above my head, I thought to ask you if you recall?

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