Pink Voile Tunic, for me




Another project started in New York at the Heather Ross workshop, made with Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks voile (also used for this Pierrot top for Clementine) and a variation of this basic pattern, just a very simple design I came up with that I’m starting to grow very attached to.


UPDATE: This top was a prototype for theΒ Bianca Pattern

I wanted some little pintucks to play with the plaid a little bit (maybe this isn’t technically “plaid”…but you still get what I’m talking about?), it breaks up the pattern just enough to be interesting without being too distracting.


I can’t think of anything else to say about this tunic. Which is odd because normally I just blather on and on until I realize I’ve been puttering away at the same post for 3 hours and have to cut myself off.

Consider this a (brief) respite.

40 thoughts on “Pink Voile Tunic, for me

  1. simply stunning, this tunic of yours. I was sitting here, though, wondering why I’ve never made a Charlie tunic, looking at all the loveliness going on below. must remedy.

  2. Such a great top, Rae. The pintucks were the perfect touch. I wish I could wear tops like this, alas, the girls are too big. πŸ™

  3. Rae, this turned out really nicely. I was waiting for it to show up here so I could get a visual on how you described the ties would be (I was at the Heather Ross weekend). Beautifully done and styled.

  4. Love the top!!!!!! Thanks for the close-up picture, so I can draft a pattern for myself! I do like how you paired it with jeans and boots, but I also think it would look darling too with white leggins and slip on mary janes. Haven’t sewn anything for myself for awhile, but this top makes me excited to do just that! Great job!

  5. I would absolutely buy this pattern! Tis summer here in Aus, so i am thinking it would be great to lengthen, and make into a dress!!

    You always make me go off on a fabric search!!! You need to take some pics of your stash, and make us all drool with envy!!!
    Great work!!
    xoxx s

  6. Oh, that is simply gorgeous! I just adore the double drawstring bit and the pintucks. Oh and I agree with Sharyn’s comment, it would be lovely extended into a dress.

  7. I just loooooove this ! I would sooooo buy this pattern – please please please make this as a pattern available on your website !!

  8. I love this too and think it would make a great dress as well. I would definitely by a pattern of this. But I do think the ties are in a sorta weird place, right beneath the goods so to speak. Sorta look like they’re coming out of them at a quick glance! Othewise the cut is fabulous!

  9. Man, how do you DO that? Draw your own patterns? Makes me want to try, but I’m chicken. That’s an awesome top, as is the peacock tie-back version. Must try. Must try. (wimping out). Maybe must try. Maybe. Sigh. No confidence. Just an adventurous beginner.

  10. I love it, very cool….I like this version with the ties, and the pintucks are a great detail…add it to my list of summer sewing this winter!

  11. THIS is beautiful! I love cut of the tunic. If you ever offer this as a pattern to buy, I’d totally scoop it up. No pressure, just saying. πŸ˜‰

  12. I love how it turned out! Looks so cute on too…AND with the sweater. Glad to see the finished product- am still in awe of your skills!!

  13. I looooove this!!! Please tell me you are working on a pattern! And please please keep me in mind if you need a small size tester!

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