New whales!

I recently made a few more color variations of the whale fabric design and ordered them up over at Spoonflower on the organic knit (by far my favorite of their substrates). Spoonflower is a company that prints digital fabric on demand, so you can upload any image and get it printed onto fabric.


Cute-cute, right? OK so I’m biased. ANYWAY.


This aqua and green whale print will become a knit dress for Clementine, but I think it could also turn into a great little gift set for a baby boy.


The navy background is just a color swap-aroo from the original whale print (featured in this post). Both are now available for purchase in my Spoonflower shop if you want some.

I really enjoy printing up my own fabric for fun and once you order a print, it’s easy to make them available for purchase. Know that if you do order some, a bit of that sale goes back to me. With the Spoondollars I received from everyone who ordered the first whale print, I was able to buy this yard of knit. I believe I had wagered that the most I would get out of the deal was a cup of coffee, so I’m happy to be proven wrong. That was really nice, so thanks!!!

One other thing you should know if you’re thinking of ordering some is that the background color shown in the top photo is more of  a cream than a white because of the base color of the organic knit. The linen/cotton blend also has a slightly off-white color. The poplin, quilting cotton, voile, and silks all have more of a pure white background color, which also looks great with these prints. I happen to prefer the off-white shade though, especially with the aqua and green.

Speaking of knits, I’m so excited for next month — I’ve got big plans for a “Sewing with Knits” series of posts starting in January that should be loads of fun! I guess I should get sewing on these whales then, ack!!

16 thoughts on “New whales!

  1. love this fabric! i hope that one day you will offer up a digital version of your sewing for kids class. i’d be there in a heartbeat! happy (almost) new year!

    • I know, I know. We have gotten a ton of interest for an online class, and not as much local interest. We are definitely considering it!!!

  2. Looking forward to ‘Sewing with Knits’ posts – my attempts at sewing with knits have only ended in disaster!!!

  3. I’ve been hesitant to order from Spoonflower (I too would love gorgeous knit prints for children’s clothing) only because of what I read about the color fading with repeatd washing. However, most of the complaints are from a couple years ago. Can you speak to whether the prints fade tremendously with whatever process and inks they use now? Thanks in advance.

  4. Oh I’m heading over there now! (spoonflower that is, Ann Arbor is a bit of drive from Maine). I’m so excited to see a sewing with knits series!

  5. I would also love to take your class, if only I lived in Ann Arbor! :o). Thanks for sharing so many great things on your blog! Happy New Year!

  6. I got to thinking about your blog the other day and started wondering why I hadn’t seen posts from you in a long, long time. I started to worry. So I googled your blog and … guess what! I don’t think my blog reader updated with your new site. I am certain I did update it, but it just didn’t stick! Darn it! 🙂

    Glad to see you’re still here.

  7. Boo! I just saw this post while I was browsing. I am bummed that I totally missed class registration, lame lame day!

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