Overcoming Christmas-Craft-Related Despair

I’m a procrastinator. It’s part laziness, part space-cadet-ness. I wish I could get extra points for an Energetic Response when I realize something should have been done 15 minutes ago, but for some reason that never happens. We moved twice this year, and last spring when my mom started calling a month before we were supposed to load up the truck to ask if I had started packing any boxes yet, I just laughed. “Mom,” I told her, “I always do this. It will get done, just all at the last minute.” Why on earth would I be packing boxes? (and surely she could still remember my senior year of high school, and the violin concerto I began practicing at home just days before I had to perform it with my school orchestra at a spring concert???)

Our Christmas tree, short a branch (that’s it sitting on the floor there for the last two days). What? You don’t let your kids play hide and seek in *your* Christmas tree?


So every year, around mid-December, I’m not sure why I’m surprised when despair sets in as I realize that the Giant List of Handmade Christmas Gifts that has been sprouting out of my brain for the last week or two has No Possible Way of reaching completion. This is always made worse by reading other blogs and feeling like everyone else is nearly finished with their handmade gifts (actually, it probably begins with all of the advent calendar posts, which always start popping up mid-November). “Why didn’t I start on these LAST month?” I think to myself. The answer can be broken down into three very simple themes, of my whole life actually: 1) Failure to Plan Ahead, 2) Poor Time Management and 2) Unrealistic Estimation of Actual Time.

On the first point, I need to be honest with myself: I’m just not the sort of person who gets into the “Christmas spirit” months in advance. At our November Crafty Meetup I was impressed to see a few of the gals puttering away on handmade Christmas gifts. I really was impressed, but did it motivate me to start or even plan out anything? Not really. I have to feel a sense of urgency to truly motivate myself to buckle down.

On the second two points, I was happy to see a recent post from dear Shannon on luvinthemommyhood about making handmade gifts and how she goes into December with a realistic number (three) of knitted gifts she’ll make, and this gem of wisdom:

“i made sure the list i had set out to make for december would be doable in the time frame i had given myself. that’s the trick folks…right there. make sure you have the actual time to finish these projects…not your dream time. all too often we think we will have tons of time but in reality things take a lot longer and that’s when the stress comes in. other obligations can get in the way. make sure the projects you choose are realistic and are something you truly would love to make for that person.”

-Shannon, luvinthemommyhood

Realistic estimation of the actual time I have is definitely an issue for me. In December I feel suddenly like I’ve been sucked into some alternate universe where time passes three times as quickly, but in reality it’s just that I don’t realize just how little free time I have to make the giant stack of imagined gifts that would have made it the Best Christmas Ever.

So this year, instead of feeling bad that I don’t have all kinds of handmade gifts to show you or a new series of tutorials and posts entitled “Fabulous Last Minute Gifts” as Christmas approaches, I decided not to worry about it. And guess what? As soon as I decided I didn’t care, I felt suddenly motivated yesterday to complete this little tablet sleeve for Mr Rae. Hah!



It’s a Christmas Miracle! (ok that may be a slight exaggeration but it cracks me up to think of one completed gift counting as a Christmas Miracle) And it might be the only thing I’ll finish in time to wrap under the tree, but that’s just fine. The lowered expectation is key. So if you’re currently suffering from Christmas Craft-Related-Despair, it’s time to just let it go. It’s just not worth the stress. And if you’ve already gotten a pile of handmade gifts completed and wrapped under the tree, you’re probably Feeling Smug by Comparison (and: you’re welcome!!!)

Finally, I thought I would present to you A Thorough but Not Exhaustive Photographic Collection of Unfinished Projects Currently Sitting Around My Sewing Room that, if nothing else, exhibits my inability to complete one thing before beginning another. Because by golly there’s nothing that makes me feel better than seeing someone else’s pile of UFOs and I figure some of you are the same. Plus you know as soon as I see them all here taunting me, I’ll make myself a liar and finish them (part of my reasoning for putting them up in the first place). Here we go:

Fig A: Flannel PJ pants for C that have been finished/worn for at least 2 months, still needing a PJ top to match (that would be that neatly folded pile of fabric on top there)


Fig B: Christmas Charlie Dress, finished for two weeks now, still needing buttons and button loops


Fig C: Pants for Elliot, only partially cut (got distracted by something halfway through no doubt). Someday could be the Awesomest Pair of Pants on a 5-year-old ever.


Fig D: More PJ’s for Clem out of Cape Ann with matching leggings


Fig E: Radioactive* Green Pants that JUST NEED POCKETS GAH!!! *at least I presume that explains their inability to be photographed clearly? They seriously look like they are glowing.


Fig F: Big pile of burp cloths in varying states of completion


Fig G: Another Charlie, in a size 3, and this fabric combination


There. Don’t you feel better already? How’s that list of handmade thingies coming along for you?

77 thoughts on “Overcoming Christmas-Craft-Related Despair

  1. You hit the nail on the head! Last year, my girls, who are 22 & 29, got their handmade gifts in whatever state of completion they were in, with the promise that they would be finished before they went back home/to school πŸ™‚ Promise kept & they were happy as was I πŸ™‚

  2. I just knew I could not be the only one πŸ™‚ I did not even finish one handmade present yet… Also here a serious case of 1) Failure to Plan Ahead, 2) Poor Time Management and 2) Unrealistic Estimation of Actual Time.

  3. I love this post, fellow procrastinator! I was feeling the same way; everybody was in the Christmas spirit LONG before I was, and even though I had wanted to make more handmade gifts, I narrowed it down to a select few that I KNOW I can get done in time – I actually just posted about one of the things I’m making on my blog, if you want to check it out =) I’m so happy to know that there are others like me out there that don’t start making Christmas presents once Halloween is over. I wish I could, but I can’t, and I really don’t want to anyway.

  4. I am just the same way and I remember emailing you in the middle of one of your moves (after a post about not packing and sewing instead). YOU. EMAILED. BACK. HAHHHHAA!! Because you still weren’t packing!

    We had friends come to help us move several years ago and they rolled their eyes at us, rolled up their sleeves, and helped us pack up the kitchen and then move to the new house….

    I actually got some sewing done for teacher gifts this year – although I could breathe better when it finally got cleaned up!

  5. Love this post!! I can relate. I should send my husband over to read this so that he knows the behaviour/ mood swings I’ve been exhibiting is totally normal . . .

  6. Rae! Let’s join hands and cheer together. This year I imposed a restriction/sanctions on myself as far as handmade gifts go. I can’t do them. I finish them in April of the following year, is how bad my time-management is. I also have unfinished projects that are so old that the children they were cut out for have outgrown them, as have their younger siblings for whom they might have been a second-hope project. My average time frame for completing well-intentioned handmade gifts is about 2 years. And counting. I’ve embraced amazon.com with gusto.

    But you know what – I still love making handmade stuff for gifts. I just have stopped making a list. This year, after I imposed my sanctions (way back in June, to prevent even mental temptation), I saw two projects on blogs somewhere that were so crazy simple and perfect that I lifted those same sanctions, sewed them in a couple of days and went back to being an amazon junkie. So grateful for those folks who make simple, perfect things for me to copy!

    The kids and I are playing with electronics and cardboard this advent season. Our Christmas crafting (another source of pressure from blogs!) is not very Christmassy after all. Well. And my Christmas cards have been sitting in their happy stack in their plastic bag next to the sofa, where they’ve been for the past 10+ days since they got back from the shop.

    We’ll live. Hurrah for you for finishing a gift for your man! And hurrah for you for enjoying it.

    Now, I’ve just printed out an R2D2 thingy to stencil onto a Tshirt for the husband. Will I finish it by Christmas or April? I think I’ll go unload the dishwasher now (or pretend to).

    Have a lovely Christmas, you! It’s already a good one, handmade or not.

    Hugs xx

  7. Glad I’m not the only one!!! I’m a serious procrastinator PLUS I’m always seeming to volunteer my time. I’m an AF wife currently stationed in Italy. I’m the Treasurer for our enlisted spouses club and I’m one of the leaders for our breastfeeding support group. Every week I say to myself “I am not doing anything this week but sew!” Then this or that happens and my week is full of volunteer stuff. lol. So, now it’s 9 days till Christmas and we don’t have a single decoration up yet! Looks like you’re a little ahead of me! We’ll be getting our stuff down tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  8. I think you pulled that post right out of my head!!! I have a pile of fabric and have only semi-completed (read, just barely started) one thing. And, now I have strep…. Thank goodness for express shipping!

  9. I always love your fabric choices! I am a total procrastinator and usually spend the month of December in full on dread. However, this year we were refinishing our basement so I had to store all of my crafty stuff in our garage and I had no place to work, so I am making absolutely nothing! It is a bit sad, but mostly totally freeing! I have never been so relaxed in the week leading to Christmas. Good luck getting everything done!

  10. I am dealing with the exact same thing! There are currently 8 stacks of partially completed projects on my dining room table! I think I’m going to give up finishing my Christmas decorating since there are only 9 days left. Le sigh.

  11. Glad I’m not the only one with craft ADD. I always have unfinished projects waiting patiently for me. This year I was realistic and I made a list of 5 homemade items I wanted to get done in time for Christmas. It was totally doable, and guess what? I finished them! Having a small list that you know you can accomplish really helps, and I have even started on a few things that I didn’t think I had time for. If I don’t finish them, that’s fine. I think I’ll be ok. πŸ™‚

  12. I love everything about this post!!! i have an apron and chef hat for my son that are less than 10 minutes from completion and have sat since his birthday in March. not to mention all the other projects too πŸ™‚ I think that the crunch time is when i can really get the most done, if i plan and do a little at a time i am not as productive. also when i am on a crunch i convince myself that I get to have diet coke and that caffeine high really makes me happy!!

  13. I hear you, Rae! I cut out the fabric for a quilt for my brother’s xmas gift last summer! It’s still waiting to be pieced. He likes the pj pants I made him last year, so I whipped those up instead.

    What PJ bottoms did you use for C’s flannel pj pants? Now that my son is getting too big for the big butt’s I need to graduate to a new pattern (Nooooooooooo!)

    • haha, yes! same thing happened with me for C, the Big Butts fit weird now that she’s out of diapers. This pattern is from Sewing for Boys by Karen LePage and Shelly Figueroa; I added a cuff at the bottom to the kickin’ back sweats, i think

  14. Great post! I can totally relate. I started a quilt for my mother-in-law in August. It should be done and wrapped by now but instead it sits in my sewing room partially quilted. And I’m considering picking out the free motion quilting because I don’t like it (and I’ll never finish it) and doing straight-line quilting instead. And it still needs binding (by hand) after all that. We aren’t celebrating Christmas with my husband’s family until New Year’s Day so I’m convinced I’ll have time to finish it–like that extra week will make a difference!

  15. this entire post is awesome, accurate for me, and inspiring!

    thank you oh so much for making me smile today!


  16. I feel so much better now! I love the picture proof of unfinished projects – makes my rather large pile of half-finished projects currently sitting on the floor in my sewing room seem like the norm.

    Kudos to you for managing to articulate the “handmade holiday despair”!

  17. srsly. i still have 6 gifts to finish and only 5 days till the start of Hanukkah. At least I have a couple more after that before Christmas, but it’s probably going to be down to the wire. And I got started early this year!! glad I’m not alone in this.

  18. I suffer too! And, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that my guess is that procrastination/scattered-ness/unrealistic estimation of time is part and parcel for the creative-minded. There is always more going on in our brains that can be accomplished. It’s frustrating but it’s also GREAT! Otherwise, we wouldn’t have that insane creative drive. So, keep it up! And, thanks for an honest post. They are important.

  19. Can I add something else to the list? 4. Inability to say “no” to any idea or project that happens to pop into my head.

    Must. Step. Away. From. Pinterest. There are simply too many tutorials and ideas just begging to made into gifts!

  20. aaahhhhhh….I hear ya sister! My sewing table has several stacks of unfinished projects or fabric for projects that I am going to start Any Day Now that are threatening to collapse…my husband just looks at it and shakes his head. But I did manage to finish my 3 handmade gifts this week- that was my limit this year!

  21. AAaahhh, I’ll just do what I tell me kids to do. Draw a picture in a card of future gift. And sip my gingerbread latte. And enjoy the season. And not sweep up pine needles. : )

    • Ooh that’s a good idea too! although, I can’t see myself following through on anything after Christmas is over…

  22. I’m right there with ya’.. Thanksgiving weekend I began sewing the quilts for my kids that I wanted to give them…since I really didn’t factor in the actual quilting & binding time my kids will be getting quilt tops for Christmas, not to mention the skirts that never even got cut out….what was I thinking!! Here’s to better planning next year!

  23. Ditto! My handmade gift to do list is 1 x table runner, 9 x lined drawstring bags, 2 x superhero softies. My holiday sewing list is 1 x table runner and 3 x Santa sacks. Achievable in a week? Probably not, the panic is setting in.


  24. This is so funny. I love it. I do, in fact, now feel better that I only started (and failed to finish, and have given up on finishing) two items. πŸ™‚

  25. Thank you! Thank you! I only have one unfinished sewing project on my table but I won’t tell you how many knitting projects are hanging around. Only two people are getting handmade gifts this year but it will all be ok.

  26. Hurray hurray for a bit of seasonal-craft-related honesty. I let myself off doing handmade gifts for a bunch of relatives that I was visiting this week, and I’m so glad I did since two of them couldn’t even be bothered to sit and eat with me… And then I only decided yesterday what to sew for my dad. Luckily it’s small. Boyfriend’s hat has been started but is subject to severe delays due to not being able to knit it in front of him. So I’m at least as behind as you on the crafting, but the very last-minute concerto practice is alarming to me. That’s one area where I like to be prepared well in advance!

  27. You are a gem!! Life certainly gets in the way of my crafting too. My problem is there are sooooo many crafty things that I want to do alllllll the time, and I look at other peoples blogs and craft and sigh with just a little bit of envy and whole lot of OMG Why can’t I do that? But I feel the same with cooking and home and garden magazines too there is just never enough time to what I want. But I do have a beautiful family and I guess Tania would be a dull girl if all I did was craft, ….but it would be nice to try.


  28. This post is so spot-on! I just can’t seem to get in Christmas Making Mode until after Thanksgiving, at which point I suddenly have a million ideas and practically no time. Heck, I underestimate my time to shop for gifts, let alone make them. This year, one home-sewn gift (for my daughter) and one majorly disastrous family shopping trip (resulting in zero presents purchased) resulted in me purchasing nearly everything online. But I feel a bit better after reading this, so thanks!

  29. Oh, you speak the truth! I have a HUGE problem with underestimating the actual time something will take me. Completely unrealistic. And I never start early enough because I’m usually finishing up some summer project in early October! But, I do believe all my flailing around nets me more than if I didn’t try at all so i keep driving myself crazy. πŸ™‚

  30. I am the exact same way! In fact, I am such a procrastinator, I just now (nine days before Christmas!) posted about my Advent calendar. The kids pajamas probably won’t be finished at the rate I’m going.

  31. I think my favorite part is where you say, “I have to feel a sense of urgency to truly motivate myself to buckle down.” I knew we were long-lost sisters. Case in point: the book I have been working on for a year? Due 12/20. Still sewing, and not even halfway done. It’s not like I didn’t have time, dude, but stuff came up.

    Also: my mother used to put the fabric, neatly folded, along with the pattern, in a box and wrap it to put under the tree. You unwrapped it Christmas morning and she’d say, “Isn’t it going to be great?!” I have adopted this habit and think it rocks.

    • haha, LOVE that!!! will remember that distraction technique for future, for sure!!

      And dang girl, did NOT realize that your book deadline was so soon. Hang in there! You’ll get it done!

  32. Have fun with your kids and husband. Just wanted to share with you that my coworker knew someone who had a “business” called IFFY for Ill finish it for you! yes she would tackle those unfinished projects. Funny!
    It just shows you that there is a market out there!
    Nothing handmade here but big ideas for January in the cold.

  33. Ok between you and Deborahs comment I actually laughed. I keep telling myself this time of year is suppose to be fun. But it is SOOO stressfulI. Handmade or not. I imposed a limited on handmade too. I did four scarves and two capes and they are done because I kept it reasonable. Now if I get it all wrapped and mailed by Monday I will be a happy camper and go back to drinking hot chocolate every night and sewing for fun instead of a deadline.

    Merry Christmas

  34. Awww thanks for the quote and link luv Rae! You’re the sweetest! Much appreciated and I’m glad you found it helpful. Last year was extremely stressful for me when it came to handmade gifts and I vowed not to do it to myself this year. And now not being able to sew was the kick in the pants I needed to get myself in check and have a big reality call. Just not gonna sweat it this year. Half the peeps didn’t even appreciate the gifts that I slaved over last year anyhoo. Just not worth it.

    That’s why we started “Christmas Knitting 911 – Your Holiday Crafting Support Group”. http://www.luvinthemommyhood.com/search/label/mommyhood%20KAL
    So fun and it’s been super helpful with maintaining a sense of calm and commaderie(sp?) during these final weeks leading up to the big day.

    Love the unfinished project shots. Looks like my house πŸ˜‰ Much luv to ya and you know who to call/email when you are getting stressed. Always here for ya πŸ™‚

  35. Ha, wow. You just described my craft room and craft life. I’ve decided not to make any handmade gifts this year, but I do have my husband in the garage as I write this making our daughter a little step stool for the bathroom and fixing a little trike that we rescued out of the neighbours skip bin.

    I’m also in the process of setting up my blog and I was hoping that my blog will help me with my procrastination madness, but possibly not? Oh well, I’m sure I’ll have fun with it anyway.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family πŸ™‚

  36. THANK YOU for this post. This is EXACTLY how I feel, and I was just thinking I might write about it — now I don’t have to because you hit it on the nose!!! I am so behind of making handmade gifts, and some of them still have to be shipped. How’s abou a New Year’s gift?!? The adults may not mind, but I can be sure the kids do. Eek!

  37. THANK YOU! Feeling much better about myself now that someone else is experiencing the same crunch (and feelings of inadequacy). Of course, I have a plan for about 10 gifts that will never get finished in time, so what did I do last night? Start a new ginormous Christmas quilt. Cuz’ you need a beautiful quilt to cover the floor while you open the gifts that didn’t get made:) Do you think they’d be happy with boxes full of fabric???

  38. This is exactly me. I had grand plans to give handmade gifts this year. I’ve got 2 completed projects and 7 part done or not done at all. I think I’m going to be running to the store to get gift cards. Maybe I can get those 7 done by next Christmas?

  39. Hahaha! In the world of “perfectly blogged lives”, THANK YOU. So many bloggers make it look so easy. Appreciate someone who admits reality. : ) I too am a procrastinator. Need that sense of urgency for sure. I only picked 2 sewn gifts this year and I haven’t started on either. But they’re simple. I was going to do pj’s for all of us, then found an awesome sale at Tar-jhay+coupon and decided to make good use of it!

    (Also – no hide and seek in our tree. They’re real. But I remember the joy of dragging out the faux tree as a kid!)

  40. I’m feeling the same way. I haven’t even started my newborn granddaughter’s Christmas blanket yet and I wanted to have it done at least a couple of weeks before Christmas. Hopefully I’ll get it done before Christmas. Plus I have several more projects that I’ve started and haven’t finished.

  41. Every year, I start mid-November to make a handmade Christmas. But this year, I’ve been plagued by illness and I have not-one-present! I’m tired, I’ve come down with another illness, and I have yet to even make the girls’ Christmas dresses! So I’m going to make some quick fleece scarves and pin IOUs for hats and mittens to the scarves. Basically, it’s a quick three-four cuts on my rotary cutter, two seams, and then I hand it over to my Mom for fringing. Cheating, I know, but what’s a girl to do? I also have a confession–instead of making toys for the kids like I usually do, I *gasp* bought them! They’ll get their planned toys… for their birthdays in May. (Yes. All four were born in May. I have about one birthday a week in that month!)

  42. oh yep, i hear ya. i tried to limit my planned handmade gifts to just a couple this year, though i’d love to make more. welllll…then i keep trying to add to the list even though i know i don’t have time (pajama pants are the worst offender – they keep trying to sneak in there!). but you’re so right – as soon as I “forgive myself” for just BUYING something instead of making, it frees up that mental space to make what i really want to make (or need to, in the case of PR&P for me). πŸ™‚

  43. Thanks for sharing this. I had been looking at all these gorgeous crafty blogs from the US thinking how on earth are all these women able to get this done whilst being a mother? My little bub is one yet I still find that I’m looking at all the blogs and creating lists of things I want to complete rather than actually spending the time sewing/crafting. Don’t other people have nights when all they want to do is watch tv rather than creating?? Have a great and relaxing christmas. (A week away from christmas I still have two aprons to sew and I’m a beginner sewer!)

  44. I have several UFO’s from when my 33 year old was five. PJ’s, leggings and tops. When she was 11 I adopted a baby girl. I’m thinking this is great! I have plenty of time to finish these UFO’s. No such happy ending! By that time I was so busy with foster children and work my sewing room got little use–mostly repairs I am sorry to say! New opportunity arises with the onset of grandkids. Well, I now have two and you probably guessed it–they are boys.. Finally, after 28 years the pj’s are being worn by my 3 year old, and the tops have been refashioned into sweatshirts for him and buntings for the newborn, just one week old. As for the leggings, well, they will probably find themselves in the pile of fabric used to make the purses I sell. As for Christmas..no gifts, just IOU’s because I had to condense my sewing room into a much smaller room to make space for these babies, one of my foster daughters and her husband. They came out November 06, 2011 and I had to lose the really big workspace I had for my workroom. ARGH!! Please someone tell me it is going to get better! I love them but losing my room is dreadful to the creative process. Merry Christmas and thank goodness that it only took 28 years to finish some pj’s.

  45. You’re right, I do feel better πŸ™‚
    I work the same way, and it can be so frustrating at times. The upside though is when I decide to focus and finish UFO’s, I finish so much in no time. Thank you for sharing!

  46. This post makes me so happy! Just because I know that I’m not the ONLY one…with all of the UFO’s and Christmas projects that never happen…haha! Merry Christmas and here’s to less stress and more fun!!

  47. I had some lofty ideas to make my daughter, who is 21, but put them aside because of my Etsy shop. Which brings me to the laziness of that as well! I had a million ideas for a whole fall winter collection and I fell short with it. I make children’s clothing, and sure wanted to have more pieces for the holidays, but it never happened. I have forgiven myself, and I’m now with the mentality to just do what I can do, and not stress out.
    Right now I have the most beautiful black velveteen dress cut out that will have vintage ribbon on it. Hopefully it will be in there soon, but who knows!
    There are many of out there!

  48. Wow! I feel Much better! Though I will never get my pile of UFOs done I am glad to see others have the same issues and I wish you much success at completing you whole pile of goodies!!! πŸ™‚

  49. Oh my goodness, I could have written this post!! I am sitting here LOOKING at my list and going.. okay plan B… what am I going to buy because THAT ain’t getting done! I am the queen of procrastination! And when you talked about your Mom… mine is always after me MONTHS before an event. She started in October nagging me about the Christmas menu! I will finish the two pillow cases and leave the two Ruby Lou dolls til after Christmas… I just don’t see it coming together.. and I’ve the makings of a cold and laryngitis brewing in my body…
    πŸ™‚ Enjoy your week before Christmas, don’t stress it, and if all else fails, some nice IOU cards will work just fine!

  50. Ha. I like to start Christmas crafts/gift projects in January. I’m still in the holiday frame of mind, its cold outside so I have lots of time to work, and when I pick up the nearly finished projects the next December, most of the work is done. My newest nephew will receive the Christmas stocking I started knitting last year, tomorrow.

  51. I am still stuck just looking at ideas! Thankfully I only look at blogs not even going to venture into Pinning.

  52. So I totally did something creepy today just to thwart this laziness/procrastination thing of mine. I cut out some little ghost plushies for a Halloween garland I plan on blogging next year. Take that to the bank. Well, maybe not, the check will surely bounce πŸ˜‰

  53. Thank you for being real! I am all 3 of those things too. Don’t you just “love” how the unfinished pile usually consists of things that would take like 20 minutes to finish?

  54. This totally made my day… although this year I actually managed to make homemade ornaments for all of my sister’s family. Who knows what I’ll accomplish next year!

  55. i feel you on this one. I also liked what Shannon said about only making gifts for people your are SURE will appreciate them. That has been one of my issues for years and I am finally over it. “oh yes, you would prefer a stupid scarf from JCPenny? Fine! No problem!” Looks like your pile is totally do able. Merry Christmas Miss Rae! I enjoy your blog πŸ™‚

  56. Oh, wow. Thank you for this post! I feel like what I didn’t sew or make defined my Christmas this year. I had some really great (but overzealous) projects lined up and had to abandon them after a particularly rough couple of months at work, a sick family, and all the other time stealers.

  57. You could be describing me! I especially love your 1) 2) 2) list. Totally make me laugh πŸ™‚
    I need to finish one knitted item, start sewing a pile of napkins, and probably sew skirts for neice and 2-3 daughters. I can’t start yet, though, cuz it’s only the 20th!

  58. Usually back in July I have the fleeting thought “I should get started on some Christmas stuff – maybe even do a fully handmade Christmas this year.” Bwwwaaahhahahaha! I’m so grateful for your honesty on this one. And you aren’t alone. Growing up, my mother wrapped at least one unfinished piece of clothing/toy every year and I seem to be on the same track. It’s a standard joke in our family. Everyone was totally impressed last year when I ‘finished’ matching pjs for my sister and son. Except his are still sitting, cut out and unsewed next to my machine. This year I decided not to stress about it and it’s been Awesome!

  59. Hi Rae! Long time no visit… shame on me. So busy… but I digress. So glad you posted this! I made a few gifts this year for family, but the last one did not get completed until two days after Christmas (as in last night) and only got finished because my sister (the receiver of the gift) kept texting me about how she was pining for her new bag. What’s a sister to do? I love that you are inspired at at least get the fabric cut out! I just have a stack of fabric and patterns that I need to start, at the very least. oh well.

    Hope you are well! I hope you had a great Christmas… Happy New Year in advance! πŸ™‚

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