Dear Knitting, I’ve been cheating on you.

I know we’ve been spending alot of time together lately. We even made big plans. But I need to be honest: there’s a new love in my life:

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I’m hooked.


I still think you’re really swell. Can we just be friends???


xoxo, Rae.

PS. If you need sometone to blame, blame this book, Meg for tempting me with all her crochet posts, or my Crochet Board. I feel strongly that all are equally culpible.



(someone really needed to do a little chalk drawing himself after he saw me drawing those hearts)

36 thoughts on “Dear Knitting, I’ve been cheating on you.

    • Hi Chole:

      So the pattern I used is in the book, it’s the one pictured in the bottom right corner on the book cover; the instructions also included earflaps, and then I added poms on top.

      Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Bulky for the two natural colors, and the (discontinued) Dolcetto line from JoAnn for the pale yellow and Deborah Norville’s Serenity Chunky for the yellow/blue multicolor yarn…although I will say that I purchased both a few years ago and the current version of the Serenity doesn’t seem quite as nice to me…

  1. I have that book! I tried to learn how but I learn better if I see someone do it. Maybe I’ll give it another try. Your hats are so cute! Love the second picture with the hearts and the writting on the chalk board. In that last picture Elliott looks like he is saying “Uh-oh Mom’s at it again with the picture taking thing.” πŸ™‚ He is so handsome!

  2. Cute hats! I was the opposite – I started out as a crocheter and became a knitter, and now I rarely crochet any more.

    Just wait ’til you try spinning your own yarn … it’s a slippery slope, LOL!

    • yes! you know, it wasn’t until after I bought the book that i realized that the projects are supposed to be for the KIDS to do…but you know, that’s about my skill level, so it works out just fine… hee πŸ™‚

  3. I just loove to crochet – I guess sewing is still my biggest “like”, but then being tired when the girls are finally asleep, there’s nothing like sitting in front of the tv – crocheting!!!!

    • yes, exactly. I still prefer sewing, but knitting and crochet have been good for the winter-vegetative-state

  4. Yessss, welcome to the dark side, you’ll like being a hooker. πŸ˜€ hahaha. It’s great for in front of tv, because a) it’s often a bit simpler and b) if you pay too little attention and mess up, you just pull out back to your oopsie. I have NEVER successfully pulled out to my messup on knitting, no matter how careful I try to be. ANGST.
    You should get a sharp crochet hook, you’ll be bff forever and i’m thinking little cotton edgings on your tunic? Perrrrfection!

  5. those hats are ADORBS. i don’t have anyone around to teach me to knit, but my mom crochets…might need to bribe her with a sewing project or something so she’ll teach me! πŸ˜‰

  6. This is only the beginning. Just wait until you start making the little amigurumi critters! My husband got me one of the Ana Paula Rimoli books, and the next thing you know my daughter had an entire play kitchen full of crochet food!

  7. My mom once told me that there are machines that can knit, but there are no machines that can crochet. So when you see something made with crochet, you know it was done by hand. …. something to keep in the back of your mind…

  8. I’m so glad you are doing crochet now, too! Sewing is still my favourite, but for a portable project or something to do while watching TV, crochet is the best. I have tried really hard to knit and can’t master it, but I have enjoyed seeing all the lovely things you make. Have fun! πŸ™‚

  9. I feel the same way! I love to crochet! At first I felt a bit like an old lady, but now I see that a lot of younger people are doing it. It is fun!

    • Hi Nickie!
      So the reason it looks like it rolls up is because it’s been outside so much it started to warp (and now it curves up a little at the edges)…it’s actually just a piece of plywood that I spraypainted with chalkboard paint. So easy to make!

  10. I love your hats! I recently started knitting again…and I forgot how sllooowww it can be (or, at least, how slow I am at doing it!). I would love to learn to crochet – do you (or anyone else) have any recommendations for a good book that teaches the basics? I have some crochet hooks, but other than that, I know nothing about it!

    • Caroline: honestly I think the best way to learn is to watch crochet videos on You Tube! I’ll see if I can find some of the ones I watched and link them up here.

  11. Apart from those hats looking pretty cool, can I just say that that last picture is amazing? What a clear shot, and the light reminds of of Vermeer paintings! Beautiful!

  12. Ha! I’ve been knitting for a while but my mum taught me to crochet more recently. It seems to grow much more quickly but it also devours yarn at a far greater rate, don’t you find?

  13. Hi Rae! I just want to thank you for your knit posts. The interviews were great and very informative πŸ™‚ and very inspiring. I am now working on my first knit project for my little princess.
    Thank you again

  14. Rae, you sew inspired me (“sew” get it, get it – don’t mind me got a bit of insomnia brain going on!). I remember crocheting as a kid but have completely forgotten how to do it. I borrowed the book you used from our local library (sa-weet!) and also a “Learn to cochet” book. It is doing my head in. I am just useless. I even got an in-person lesson from a friend at work who does the most amazing crochet – she made it look so easy and I am just not getting it. Your hats look great – tell me, have you been crocheting for long or are you just awesomely talented? What size needle and yarn type did you use? I think I’ll go back to sewing… sigh…

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