KNIT project: Little Yellow Fleece Jacket

Have you noticed I’ve been sneaking alot of random posts (ie not-related-to-knits) in lately? Yeah, I didn’t think anyone would really care. But also, it’s really hard for me to only post about just one topic. I also cannot help it if I am suddenly addicted to knitting and crochet. BUT!!! I do want to say that we still have MORE awesome KNITerviews coming up this week and next week. I also have some knit technique posts up my sleeve. In summary: KNIT’s not over yet!


[Also, can I just say that I think it is hilarious that there were more comments on the laundry chute post than on all of the KNIT-erview posts combined so far? This is not completely unprecedented (guest and tutorial posts don’t usually get as many comments) but I sincerely hope that means that people are clicking over to our guests’ blogs to check them out. Possibly the KNIT-erviews just don’t leave you with much to say? Or you just really want to talk about your laundry chute!!!]


Although I’ve produced little evidence to show for it, I really have been sewing lots of knit stuff lately and can’t wait to show you it all and talk about some of my knit tricks, etc, etc. The pictures in this post (if not the words) are of one of my recent knit project, a fleece jacket for Miss C, which as you can see coordinates swimmingly with her new crochet hat.


Fleece IS technically a knit fabric (woven fleece also exists but the poly-stuff you buy at Joann is knit), although it almost belongs in its own category. Still, some of the same rules apply to fleece as to knits: a walking foot on your machine helps keep the layers from sliding past each other and a stretch needle is also important. I think it’s a nice place to start if you’re a beginner and you want to break into knits gently.



The pattern is from Sewing for Boys by Karen and Shelly, the former Patterns by Figgys gals. I’ve talked about this book already here and here and here, but this is my first “girl project” from the book. This particular pattern is called the “2-in-1 jacket” (here’s a picture of the boy version) because it’s supposed to be reversible, but I still haven’t hand-sewn the hole on the inside of the lining that I used to turn it right-side-out shut yet, so let’s just say the solid side will probably never see the light of day. Hee. Anyway, it’s a great pattern, simple to sew, and super cute!


One last thing. I would like to casually mention that our Christmas Tree is still up. I mentioned on Facebook last week that I was going to OUTLAST ALL OF YOU and I just needed to remind everyone, just in case anyone thought I had given in. That is all.

Stop by tomorrow for another fantastic KNITerview!

26 thoughts on “KNIT project: Little Yellow Fleece Jacket

  1. Ha! You’re hilarious about the tree! My aunt throws hers out a few hours after presents are open ON Christmas day…yeah. Not sure how much she likes Christmas!

    Thanks so much for the Kniterviews! I got a Serger in October, and was ready, but terrified, of starting up with knits. I find so much freedom in them, though! Anyway, I sincerely appreciate your gathering up so many creators to share tips and advice. It’s helped and inspired me so much!

  2. I’m also really enjoying the Kniterviews and being exposed to new bloggers. I’ve definitely been clicking over to their blogs to see their awesome projects. Thanks for putting together this series.

  3. I’m in the process of buying that book right now. If I start on that jacket I might just have it done in time for winter! Thanks!

  4. I am loving reading about knits, just reading along and I don’t really have any comments but do know that I am really enjoying it and clicking over to the featured bloggers. Kept me up late last night that’s for sure!

  5. Down here in Cajun country, a lot of people leave out their Christmas tree, take off the ornaments and cover it with Mardi Gras beads, and enjoy a Mardi Gras tree! A lot of people move that tree outside and junk up their yards with it! LOL But if you are going to do it, you have to stick with gold, green and purple, which would look awesome on that white tree!

  6. I had to giggle when you called fleece a fabric with which one could “break into knits gently.” My first time sewing with fleece, I used enough curse words to make a sailor blush. Now that I’ve upgraded a few key pieces of equipment, I can sew fleece without foul language πŸ™‚

    The jacket is super cute! Speaking of boy patterns, any word on some more boy-themed fun in February?

    • Beth:
      Yes, it really is a matter of equipment, isn’t it! I had similar experiences with fleece with my old machine, but it’s amazing the difference having a decent machine makes.

      BOY month – not this February! Dana’s baby is due then so we’re putting it off…maybe a late Spring BOY month or Summer again? That was fun last time. We haven’t given it up, just not planning anything yet until we know how it goes for her with the new baby!

  7. I’ve resisted buying this book (I have so many!), but that jacket is super-cute. Might need it. Somewhat random, but do you like your snap press? I’m assuming that’s what you used for the cute snaps on her coat. I’ve been wanting to get one, but reviews are bad for the ones I can find online. One more thing — I love the focus on knits! I use knit fabrics way more than I use wovens. No ironing. That is all.

    • Hi Morgan!
      So the snap press actually belongs to Karen LePage, the author of the book. I bring stuff I make to the Crafty Meetups and she puts the snaps on for me. πŸ™‚ So maybe she’ll comment on this thread with the brand — I do know that it’s a very heavy metal snap press; it seems pretty industrial, so I know it wasn’t cheap!

      • Thanks for the info! I’d been thinking that an industrial one might be the only type that’s worth it … and I have a birthday coming up πŸ™‚

  8. You haven’t outlasted me yet. πŸ˜‰ Although, I do have plans to take it all down tomorrow. Staryi Novyi God (Old New Year) is over, after all.

  9. that jacket is probably the comfiest EVER. it looks so warm and cozy! good idea to use that “sewing for boys” pattern on it, too, i love it. excited for tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  10. Cutest jacket! Concerning your Christmas tree – according to Catholic tradition, Christmas lasts until Maria Lichtmess (well, if only I knew the English term…something to do with Maria and light…ah, here we go, apparently it’s called Candlemas.). Anyway, that’s 2nd of February. So you still have plenty of time! BTW, I adore your blog!

  11. My xmas tree is still up too. The boy is starting to suggest that we could keep it up all year. It is rather pretty…

  12. I’m definitely following the Kniterviews. . . I am a fan of knits and interested in learning more about sewing them. Keep them coming!

  13. darling jacket and hat ( I a newly addicted to crochet, so satisfying and stress relieving) and btw I took our tree down yesterday πŸ™‚

  14. My tree is still up, too. No worries. I think it may be permanent fixture in the dining room.

    Adorable coat! I like the kniterviews because it’s introduced me to some knew blogs.

  15. Hi Rae! I don’t know if I’ve ever commented on your blog, but I’m a follower and I’m SOOOOOO loving your knit series. I am definitely one of those people who have a fear of knits (after one tragic fail), and your series gave me the courage to take the leap. I still have a lot of experimenting and learning to do, but my first 2 pieces came out pretty well and I’m psyched!!! (I even won the Project Run & Play Sew-along with those 2 knit pieces) so THANK YOU!! And this yellow fleece jacket is adorable. πŸ™‚

  16. Rae,
    You noted that folks were not commenting as often on your Knit postings….I am loving them!! Your readers are likely off exploring the bloggers you have highlighted Have already bookmarked Zaaberry’s site, and several others, and am excited to keep on sewing. . Next step is to DUST OFF the serger…. and get going on grandbaby clothes. Made a 12-month fleece jacket, not as cute as yours, but at least I am sewing again. I subscribe to your new posts, and am a Made by Rae FAN!! Thanks for the encouragement and your always-fun blog!

  17. I’m also just commenting because of you commenting that your kniterview and other knit posts weren’t getting a lot of comments. I am LOVING the series! Really looking forward to them and very inspired! Thanks again!

  18. My mom still has her tree up too…. she’s lasted into March before. Only instead of a wonderful white tree hers is always real. I swear she is going to catch the house on fire one of these first years! Her needles are brown and crispy from the heat of the lights by the time I can get her out of the house long enough to take it down without her permission. Ha!

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