KNITerview with Katy of No Big Dill

Please welcome today’s KNITerviewee, Katy of No Big Dill!


I find Katy to be an incredibly fascinating individual. First of all, she wears hats. And then, somehow, amidst the responsibilities of being a mother of SIX (five girls, and a very new and adorable baby boy) she finds the time not only create the most adorable outfits for them, but to bedeck, photograph, and blog. Katy is a talented seamstress and has a great eye for photography. Her love of color and quirky sense of humor put me right at home. If you don’t read No Big Dill yet, be sure to check it out!

Here’s our interview:

RAE: Did you ever FEAR knits?
KATY: Terrified!  I think anyone who learns to sew on woven fabric has trepidation about dipping a toe in the pool of knits, but once you do, it opens up a whole new world of playing, er, I mean sewing.

RAE: Do you remember a specific turning point?
KATY: It only was a couple of years ago I decided to take the plunge and repurposed a t-shirt.

RAE: What types of projects do you usually sew with knit fabric?
KATY: I don’t have a particular type of project I sew, but the last couple of summers I’ve really enjoyed making my girls swimming suits.  It’s a lot easier than people think.

RAE: Do you prefer sewing with knits or sewing with wovens?
KATY: As much fun as knits are, I still prefer woven, but both have place in my repertoire (and stash :).

RAE: What brand/model machine do you use primarily when you sew with knits? Do you recommend it?
KATY: I have a Bernina 440.  I think it handles knits beautifully.  I have pretty strong feelings about my sewing machine.  You can read them here if you want.

RAE: Do you use a serger? Do you use it more/less/same as your machine when it comes to sewing knits?
KATY: This might give hope to those who don’t have a serger.  Ryan’s mom gave mer her old one, but I’m more afraid of it than knits, so I always sew knits on my sewing machine.

RAE: Walking foot? Yay or nay?
KATY: You’d think as extensive as my foot collection is, I’d have one of these, but I don’t.  Don’t let it stop you from sewing with knits!

RAE: Double needle: your thoughts.
KATY: The most wonderful little trick to keeping stretch while you sew and making it look professional is the double needle.  I have a tutorial here.

RAE: Thanks so much Katy!!!

Here’s a list of all of Katy’s tutorials relating to knits, nice and neat:
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And Katy’s got an all-new knit tutorial today for you over at No Big Dill, head over to see what she’s got up her sleeve!!!

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4 thoughts on “KNITerview with Katy of No Big Dill

  1. I have a question…in this post you said you have a Bernina 440, but in the link it says Activa 135…are they equivalent? I have a bottom of the line Bernina (Bernette 150 or something), and it’s done well for me, but some of the attachments that I’d like aren’t made for it, and it’s loud. At some point I’m going to upgrade and save this one for my kids to use and am always on the lookout for the machines others use! Thanks for the interesting post, I’m definitely going to try the twin needle!

  2. Katy-that is a link to my previous sewing machine, so no, they are not equivalent, but both are excellent. Bernettes and Berninas are not the same, don’t let them fool you! 🙂 Even a base model of a Bernina you would be pleased with. I’m pretty sure Bernina’s feet are now exchangeable on their current models, so when I upgraded I didn’t have to buy all new feet.

  3. I bought a twin needle a while back, but haven’t used it yet. Your stuff looks so good with the twin needle … all nice and neat! I’m excited to find something to try mine out on now! 🙂

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