My KNIT faves on Pinterest

In conjunction with the KNITerview series, I’ve been spending a ton of time online lately looking at knits and posts on knits. In an effort to keep all of the great links I’ve stumbled across in one place, I’ve created a board on Pinterest called Sewing with KNITS:

There are so many great tutorials, posts about knits and places to shop for knits online! At first I thought I might be able to put together a series of round-up posts (Best Knit Tutorials, Best Places to Buy Knits, Best Knit Projects, Favorite Knit Fabrics…that sort of thing), but I’ve run into the same problem I always do: just not enough time in the day to do everything. So when I can use something like Pinterest to do the work for me, why not use it?


I’ll keep putting as many things on the Sewing with KNITS board as possible, it’s already full of great knit resources, tutorials, and some of my favorite knits. And I put a few of my own tutorials on there too, because you know I’m never afraid to toot my own horn, HEE!


So go ahead and peruse to your heart’s content (you don’t have to have a Pinterest account to see the board or click on the links). I hope you’ll find something useful!

{Click on the image above to see all of the posts in this series}

And: have you posted a KNITerview yet? Send me the link and I’ll put them up on my KNITerview board!

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