Someone call the Fashion Police


{fleece hat \ polka-dot top \ green pants \ yellow jacket \ backpack }

Wearing handmade isn’t always fashionable. Especially when your mother never bothered to “Gymboree-it-all-up” so everything matches.




And this is what happens when she picks her own outfits (which is pretty much every day now):


Bonus points to the first person who can correctly identify that thing tied around her neck.

I’m sure many of you have even better pictures of your self-dressed children hanging around!

37 thoughts on “Someone call the Fashion Police

  1. is that elliot’s bathrobe sash tied around her neck? awwww, my little fashioNIECEta.

    (hahahahahaha. see what i did there? eh? eh?)

  2. My kids dress like that all the time and they don’t even have the excuse of hand-made clothing. It’s just what they like. Also, is that a bathrobe tie around her neck? Awesome.

  3. Is that a bathrobe tie around her neck? Too cute. My 3 boys have never cared much for fashion, so I am patiently waiting for the day when my 6 month old daughter is able to let her own style show. You are such a good mom for letting her make these choices herself!!

  4. Yes, I’m thankful that we don’t have to actually walk into my daughter’s school to pick her up, because my 4 year old son has wanted to either wear his handmade PJs or handmade Superman costume every day this week!

  5. Yeah, mine is like this too…her favorite outfit for a while was a pink striped shirt and leggings with candy colored-pink, yellow, green, purple–stripes. (yes, also 2 yrs old).

  6. I like how serious she is about her chosen dress..and she maybe thinks – OK, call the police if you like- whatever! πŸ˜‰

  7. The kneepads are my favorite. You never know when a new dance move will require a drop to the knees. πŸ˜‰

  8. My friend and I were thinking of starting a blog of our preschoolers ridiculous outfits. I am LOVING the kniterviews. They have really inspired me. I made some matching pajamas for my husband and son. I have had the fabric for a while now. One additional question I would love to hear different opinions on is if anyone is using the wooly nylon thread.

  9. No way I’m calling the police. These children of ours are the pinnacle of self-expression! I hope everyone starts dressing with this much enthusiasm and diregard for convention!

    Love you , Clementine!

  10. No way I’m calling the police. These children of ours are the pinnacle of self-expression! I hope everyone starts dressing with this much enthusiasm and disregard for convention!

    Love you , Clementine!

  11. I remember my daughter visiting me in hospital to see her new baby brother wearing some hideous ensemble, nowhere near as cute as that get up! She told her uncle nonchalantly that I always let her dress like that so he didn’t think to question her! I love that a 4 year old could outsmart a grown up like that!

  12. My daughter insists on dressing herself, as well (age 4). She comes up with some pretty wild ensembles. Here in FL, she wears a couple less layers, so that limits her combinations a bit. Adorable!

  13. My 3-yr-old daughter dresses the same way. On Sunday she came into the family room wearing a lavendar long sleeve top, red tank top that I made her, rainbow colored skirt, scarf from a dress, ski hat & one of those travel pillows that go around your neck. Her reasoning for the eclectic outfit was she didn’t want to be cold. Funny it was about 29* outside don’t think the skirt would have kept her warm. Most times I let her choose what she id going to wear even if it doesn’t match. It kills my mom because she grew up in a house where her mother was very fashion conscience and believes everything should be coordinated.

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