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I’m a guest judge on Project Run and Play this week, and this week the theme is “Outerwear.” As part of our judge-ly duties, the guest judges are asked to do a post relating to the theme, and so at first I was like what tha heck do I know about Outerwear? but then as I started to look around I realized that no, it’s totally cool, I’ve made two coats for my kids this year and one of my free tutorials is a fleece hat. So I put together a little roundup of some of the outerwear-ey projects I have put together over the last couple of years over at Project Run and Play so go over and take a look!



Being the over-acheiver slash procrastinator that I am, I also whipped up this little fleece poncho for Clementine thinking I would put it up as a tutorial or pattern or something for the post. But of course when you start something like this two days before it’s due, and you’re also working overtime trying to get a skinny tee pattern completed by the end of the month, that’s unlikely to happen. So I’m letting that go for now, with the thought that maybe it can happen soon, we’ll see.



I’m not completely happy with the Minnie Mouse bow: it was supposed to be more huge and over-the-top but instead it ended up just looking super-girly. The overall effect is still ridiculously cute though. After my kids were in bed the other night, I kept staring at these pictures trying to figure out how this little person can look so fetching and sweet and still spend what seems like an entire day whining and crying at me until I want to pull my hair out. That’s what being two is all about I guess. And being a mom, too, really. I still love her so much it hurts.


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  1. I love this poncho and Clementine looks really cute in it. I can’t quite decide if it would work on a boy, I think it’d be worth a try – without the bow though.

  2. That is the most ridiculously cute thing I’ve ever seen! And my 4yo would LOVE the bow!
    And I think if you added a Superman SO on the back, this would totally work for some little infant/toddler boys I know….

  3. Love your poncho! Just made one up for my 5 year old’s birthday with a hood! Now my 6 year old girls are saying they think they’d like new ones for their birthday this spring! Love your idea with the pockets, maybe i’ll give that a try for the next ones!

    The Clementineiness of it all is just overwhelming!

    That purple looks fabulous on her. She’s such a doll. Love your pockets, too. Can’t wait to see/make one of these, myself!

    What do I love most of all? The ~wink~ in the last picture.

  5. this is adorable (and so is clementine!)… i have a serious stash of fleece that needs to be sewn up! this would be perfect for my girl…(hint hint)

  6. she is such a cutie! i am so hit-and-miss with my old blog roll. she has gotten so big. love that pretty hair!

  7. this poncho is such a great thing. would be perfect for my 3 year old who refuses to wear a coat! 3 year olds are fun too πŸ™‚
    would LOVE a tutorial for a poncho like this.

  8. Very adorable, love it! Oh, and yes, 2 is terrible. God makes 2 year olds cute so we won’t kill them ;o)

  9. Hi Rae, I would love a tutorial, even though it’s summer here in Australia, our winters get pretty cold and my granddaughters would love this poncho:)

  10. Dear Rae,
    Love your insight and honesty , just remember they used to call this stage “The Terrible Twos”. Now you know why. It comes to pass.

  11. The bow is fabulous, the one age in life when I big bow is totally appropriate!
    I can’t get over how much older she looks, and makes me look to mine and think the same thing. ..who would look fabulous in the poncho – so would I a mini me and larger version would be well really nice dontchathink!

  12. how many ways do I love that wink? I also have a two year old who is just deciding that not getting her way within seconds of trying to communicate it deserves whining and crying…so I know exactly what you mean! Then the moments of incredible sweetness… walking out the door yesterday evening on my way to yoga class and having my little girl run up and say “one more kiss”. Just makes your heart melt!

    Oh yeah, and I love that poncho and bow, super cute purple!

  13. First- I think this get up on your girl is the cutest (and comfy too) and truly admire your mad sewing skills. I also suffer from procrastination/ perfectionism, though mostly the former anymore. I’d love to try to sew this poncho!

    Second- You hit the nail in the head in describing 2 yr old girls!!! She’s a doll.

  14. This is so incredibly cute! I would love an tutorial on how to make one for my daughter and my niece. I love the cowl neck, and that it has pockets! And the bow is perfection!

  15. This is absolutely amazing. So pretty. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE release a pattern or a tutorial. I need it : )

    • I have a friend that is requesting me to sew one of your adorable poncho’s for her daughters can you sell your pattern for the
      PONCHO …..because It is Soooo darn cute!

  16. I would like to make one for myself! I also like the idea of one of the other commenters – to make it like a Superman cape…. my son Spencer thinks that S stands for his name instead of Superman!

  17. My eldest daughter has just done with being a “terrible two” and is now a “threenager”. We’ve moved on from whining to defiance but she still manages to be utterly amazing and adorable!

  18. I feel your pain on the whining/crying/moaning aspect of a 2 year old – well, mine is almost 3 and we get a mix of whining and out and out defiance. However, her and her brother are the centre of my life and I love them in a way that I could never have imagined.

    Your DD is amazingly cute in those photos. I would love a tutorial for the poncho. It looks so cosy and stylish πŸ™‚

  19. The poncho is so cute, and your daughter IS ADORABLE! I completely hear you about the cute+love+can’t stand the whine mixture. I’m dealing with that recently….

  20. I just saw this post with the pictures of your daughter in the adorable poncho and headband! Any chance you’ll be posting a tutorial? I love it!

  21. Please tell me there’s a tutorial for this now? I love it, and the children could really use one of these! πŸ™‚

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