We have a laundry chute

Elliot seems incapable of throwing his clothes down the laundry chute without sticking his ENTIRE HEAD into the chute to watch it slide down. One of these days he is going to get stuck and we are going to have a problem.


I love our laundry chute. We didn’t have one at the last house and now that we have one I realize how much easier it makes cleanup; when your kids LOVE to pick up their clothes because of the reward at the end (getting to put it in the laundry chute!!! what else?) you have a much cleaner bedroom floor. It makes me a little sad that they don’t seem to be putting them into very many new houses. It is a source of much joy in our house.

Do you have one?

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  1. There was a laundry chute in the house my parents live in when they moved into it. I remember my cousin running up to me as things were getting moved into the house shouting, “You have a secret passage in your house!” It didn’t stay though, it was actually the first thing my dad took out when he started renovations. Oh well :). Enjoy yours!

  2. We had one in the floor (in a closet) of our house growing up from the 1st floor to the basement, where the laundry was. I went down it a couple time as a kid and talked my little sister into doing it once, only she got stuck. It’s pretty funny now – my parents had to have one push up while the the other pulled to get her out. Ah, the memories!

  3. No, and I wish we did! Our house isn’t new either; it was build in 1961. And unfortunately, because of how our floorplan is, I don’t think it would be possible to have one put in either. Poo.

  4. They are sooooooo awesome. I wish we did have one. My grandma had one. I can remember throwing many a toy down and racing to the basement amazed that it had safely made it into the basket. My brother bought a house that had one that someone had tossed a bowling ball down. oops. πŸ™‚

  5. My parents have one in their mid-century ranch. It goes from the bathroom on the first floor to the basement (a room across from where laundry room is). It was great amusement as a child – heck, I *still* get a kick out of it.

    My in-laws have one that goes from the hallway on the second floor (where all the bedrooms are) to the cupboards above the washing machine on the first floor. The fact that it leads to the cupboards, and not just the floor is amusing to me. I think their house was built in the 80s.

    I live in an apartment so we don’t have one ourselves, but it is something I’d look for in a home.

      • I suppose you could always place your washer right under the hole….you might have a water hose running across the floor, though…and you might end up with a bowling ball, action figures, or even a child in the machine.

  6. we have one but it’s tiny and I’m afraid things will get stuck. And it drops down into the game cupboard in the basement…which is weird…

  7. Our house in MN had one, but it was built in the 60s. Seems like newer houses have more laundry rooms on the main floor. Our house is that way, built in late 90s. It’s so nice to have quick access to the washer and dryer, but man….our bathroom where the machines are is ALWAYS a disaster of laundry baskets and stuff. I wish we had a separate laundry room, even if it was small.

  8. I have one in my new house, but it’s in my guest room instead of my master. That part is odd, but it is nice. Now if it only magically brought the clean clothes back UPSTAIRS. πŸ˜‰

    • haha YES. I totally agree with that, Carrie. Only bummer of the laundry chute: what goes down must come up!

  9. We have 3. The original goes from the second floor master bedroom to the basement, one from the 1st floor mudroom to the laundry area and the 3rd is outside the kids’ bathroom. The last one does NOT get used- I guess the novelty has worn off.

  10. We HAD a laundry chute – and it was the most amazing thing ever. Especially in our 2 story huge old farmhouse. I was always wishing for a dumb-waiter to get the clothes back UPSTAIRS though.
    It is in the top 5 list of things I miss from that old house…. even though I now live in a ranch style and have no need of a laundry chute.
    Maybe an elevator that goes any and all ways like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

  11. We don’t have a chute (and I never have had one, how novel!) but I recently bought my boys (5 & 7) basketball themed laundry baskets (the pop-up types) that have a “backboard” on them (Target). They *love* putting their laundry away, now! It’s unbelievable how simple and successful this has been. My oldest, who’s really into basketball, also got a personalized laundry basketball net for Christmas (Personal Creations) that hangs on a door, over the laundry hamper, and makes clothes disappear off the floor. It’s magical!

  12. My grandparents had a laundry chute, and we LOVED it as kids. I definitely wish we had one now, though, as I’ve certainly been known to put off doing laundry just because I don’t want to lug the heavy basket downstairs.

  13. I’ve never had a laundry chute, but if I did, I’d stick my head in there and watch the clothes go down, too! And then I’d have to go downstairs and bring the clothes back upstairs to where my washer is. πŸ˜‰

  14. No, we don’t. BUt our plans for our Forever House include a dumbwaiter. A big one. That will hold a laundry basket. And goes from the basement to the 2nd level.

    Snacks to the mancave will be so much easier!

  15. As a child we always had one in our homes because my Father was a home builder and always put them in his houses. The one I remember most went directly into a cabinet in the laundry room and we just opened the door and pulled down the clothes.

    My current house circa 1910 has one also – it goes through the chimney from the original and now unused coal furnace fireplace. Pretty handy, and this one collects in the basement and I open the old iron fire door at the base of the chimney to collect the clothes.

  16. Brilliant!

    I only knew one family that had one when I was a kid and it was pretty much the most amazing thing I had ever seen. It was a sad, sad day when they renovated and did not keep the chute.

  17. I had one in my room growing up! I think everything BUT laundry went down it πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the knit series. I’m going to attempt my first knitting attempt using the Oliver + S Sailboat top.

    Happy New Year!

  18. We have one! Love it. Ours is in the hall outside the bedrooms upstairs, so everyone can use it easily. And the opening narrows part way down so that no children can fall down the chute. We do have to remind everyone periodically that ONLY clothes go in the laundry chute. Our house also has a utility sink. Heaven.

  19. We don’t, but my grandma does in her house. It goes through two floors into a sink in her laundry room. As kids, my cousins and I LOVED it and would throw things down it all the time. I will also admit that we would climb up into it during games of hide and seek. Just thinking of that now makes me feel woozy.

    If we ever build, I’m definitely putting one in. Although I also love the idea of a dumbwaiter to get the basket of clean clothes back up…

  20. My parents installed a laundry “door” rather than a “chute” in our downstairs bathroom. We would pull open a little door and drop our stuff into the basement right beside the washer and dryer. It was quite handy. Now you’ve got me wondering if I could have one installed in my house!

  21. Do you know I’ve never even seen one? We live in the UK so houses never have them here … sounds like a fab idea! Oh, most houses dont have basements either!

    • We could just stand at the top of the stairs and throw the washing down for a similar effect?

      Actually, looking at these comments it sounds like a better solution would be to install a helter skelter. You could throw laundry down it and ride down it too!

  22. My hubby built one into our addition’s master bath. Its not 100% perfect– clothes sometimes fall onto the floor or occasionally get pinched and stuck– but it is, I have to admit, 99% awesome. Hides so much laundry and deposits it at the washer. They are pretty great inventions!

  23. I had a laundry chute in my house growing up. I watched all of my clothes go down every single time, and don’t worry, I never got stuck or gave in to my urges to slide down it into the pile of dirty laundry below.

  24. we do! I <3 it! Our bedrooms are on the 2nd floor and the laundry is in the basement, I'm not sure I'd do laundry if I had to haul it all down 2 flights. There IS a window on the 2nd floor above the basement door… I'd probably just chuck my dirty skivys out the window. LOL

    PS you're winning if Elliot isn't throwing anything valuable down the chute. That's my 2 year olds favorite game… well, that or entire drawer fulls of clean laundry. YAY!

  25. We have one in our 1928 house but you don’t see it much in new construction because it was ruled a fire hazard. bummer because we totally love ours and can’t live without it!

  26. Ugh, I wish I had a laundry chute!! But alas, I have a 1 story home, and live in Florida so of course no basement…If I had one I would probably be like Elliot and stick my head in everytime to watch it…hehe. I just hope Elliot never gets the idea to try to ride down it himself! πŸ˜‰

  27. We put a laundry shoot in our house! And we LOVED it, until we sold our house. My boys did climb down ours. Over and over and over. But the reason they don’t put them in… They are against code. We had a slight issue with it with the building inspector when we were selling our home! Ridiculous huh?

  28. Growing up we lived in a 1976 ranch with a daylight basement – and we had a laundry….chute er…closet? The chute was under the hall bathroom sink. A door that opened like a hatch. The clothes dropped into their own small closet with a full size door, which was next to the laundry room.

    This house had a laundry room that is bigger than most people’s bedrooms. My mother did not do laundry often. There were 6 of us, and we all played sports. Do you know how bad 5 feet of dirty clothes smell when you open the closet door? and how far they spread?

    Oh, and my brothers would monkey climb up the closet walls to skivvy out of the bathroom cabinet to scare my sister to death while she was in the bathroom with the radio on. πŸ™‚

  29. We had a laundry chute in our house growing up. When my husband and I built our house we wanted one too, but somehow it never made it into the plan!! πŸ™ I would love it if we could figure out how to add one….makes doing laundry so much easier. I have to make several trips to get all the laundry downstairs, which is not fun!!

  30. I loved having a laundry chute in my house growing up. When we were about to close on this house and I realized there was a chute hiding behind the bathroom door I was super excited. 4 years later we’re in the middle of remodeling our basement and it looks like we’ll be closing up the chute to make way for a much-needed coat closet underneath it. I’m sad to lose the chute but we haven’t been using it for a year or so because I tend to leave the clothes there over-long and if we left wet ones there they got gross (it’s sort of squished behind the water heater and easy to forget). I’ll miss it though.

  31. Yes! We have one. That was HIGH on my priority list when we built this house. We have an opening upstairs by the bedrooms and one on the main floor by the mudroom – laundry is in the basement. Kids LOVE it. Sometimes I find very interesting objects in the laundry pile… If we ever build another house – it will be a must have again.

  32. We have one! But, it leads into the center of the basement, way far from the laundry (or anything, for that matter). So, USELESS.

    Also, watch out . . . when we were kids, we’d climb around in the laundry shoots by pressing our hands and feet against the sides and shimmying up and down. I don’t know what we were thinking!

  33. My grandparents had a laundry chute! My brother and I would always race our laundry to the basement (the laundry always won)!

  34. I have never seen one in any of the countries I have lived in in Europe. I guess it’s not common to have a basement with a laundry room in many houses. I now have one and I am getting used to the novelty!

  35. Oh, little boys are so cute! That chair in front of him is upholstered in the same fabric as my purse is made out of. I made it from an Ikea curtain.

  36. Yes! We do! When we built out house way back in 1991 (4th baby on the way) I insisted on a clothes chute. It was/is the best thing we ever did. They make moving and storing laundry a dream! I’m glad you have one too.

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