A little update

So some of you have noticed that the free patterns that are usually available on this site haven’t been working for about the last week. I noticed only because of the onslaught of (mostly very polite) emails asking what happened to them, which was good because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have noticed. So if you must know, it’s the campiest explanation: the server they were on got unplugged or accidentally turned off, and Mr Rae has been out of town for work (San Francisco…JEALOUS!!!), meaning my normal tech support is temporarily unavailable.


I’ve now managed to fix the Buttercup Bag, Chevron Wristlet and Baby Tights patterns on my own. I’m currently (like right now) working on the Storytime Squares Quilt and the Newborn Pant Pattern. But the Itty Bitty Baby Dress may have to wait a little longer for various reasons.

My handsome tech support guy is flying back tonight and I trust he’ll be able to fix the dress in the next couple days. I hate even admitting to you that I’m a pathetic damsel in distress when it comes to technology, but there you have it: I’m lost without my man. Gloria Steinem will just have to deal with it.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience; I’m sure everything will be working again soon, and I’ll put a note up on Facebook and Twitter when they’re back up (or you can sign up for my “Rae’s News and Updates” email list right here or on the sidebar of my blog and I’ll be sure to send out a little note when everything is working again. Actually, I’d love it if you’d sign up if you want *any* updates or news from me).

In the meantime, my inbox would appreciate a little break. I’d also appreciate it if you wouldn’t distribute the patterns on your own — that’s actually really not cool. Thanks and have a great weekend!!!

4 thoughts on “A little update

  1. 🙂 My husband is my tech support too and I know what you mean about not wanting to admit it. It’s nice to hear it’s the same for others. I am trying to learn but he can get it done so much quicker. Have a great weekend.

  2. I have to rely on my man for tech, math, and gross plumbing jobs. But without me he would slowly starve to death. Give and take, baby.

  3. wow, you shouldn’t have to apologise!!! Firstly, It wasn’t done deliberately! Secondly, you’re kind enough to share your work with us, so we should be happy with that!! Jeez, some people can be so rude!! x

  4. 🙂 You are so sweet. Thanks for making and sharing awesome patterns for us to enjoy. I’ve made a few (very amateur) patterns, and I know it’s hard work. I appreciate you sharing with us. I think the baby pants I made from your free pattern are the cutest and best fitting I’ve made.

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