Flashback Tee testing

One of the most best, most fun times for me in the whole pattern-making process is watching the tester versions come in. I’m always super-nervous, sending out the pattern and then the waiting…and then, in my inbox, pictures like this:


(from the Boy Trifecta)


(from EmmmyLizzy, who miraculously found time to test even though she JUST had a baby — check out that lucky baby’s awesome nursery pics if you have a chance)


(from Kelly)


(from Nicole)


(from The Red Kitchen)

And more:

1. Lightning bolt skinny shirt (4T), 2. Upcycle Skinny Tee (3T), 3. flashback skinny tee, 4. Yellow Stripey Tee

One of the testers, Emily over at the Boy Trifecta started pumping them out like a champ immediately:

Here are some of her posts about the tee: The Flashback Tee, I want my MTV and The Stefon Tee. The “Keep on Truckin'” one totally cracks me up, and I love this houndstooth version she made:


And I just love Katie’s cloud and raindrop version, you can see this Rain Cloud Tee version (which features a FREE applique/tutorial, pic shown below) and her short-sleeved yellow version (shown above) on her blog The Red Kitchen


Thanks to all of my fabulous testers!!!


Click here to see the NEW Flashback Skinny Tee Sewing Pattern

8 thoughts on “Flashback Tee testing

  1. Oh Rae they’re so cute. I’m so tempted to buy it even though I have the perfect pattern that Vincent so well. Who knew a post about t-shirts could be SO inspiring and CUTE!

    Well done Rae ❤

  2. Those shirts (and the dress) are all so cute! But I just have to say this because it’s been bugging me for too long…. I think it’s crazy (or just plain lazy) to not hem those raw edges! They look so unfinished, or like they were too long and somebody just hacked them off. I guess I’m just too old-fashioned, but I feel better for finally having said it. 😉 Carry on, girls…..

  3. I am so excited to see you created this pattern, it is exactly what I am looking for. I love your big butt baby pants so I know this will be a hit. Just a suggestion, I would love love love if you could do this style of t-shirt but with a raglan sleeve.

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