Haircut day!



I cut Elliot’s hair about 50% of the time…I feel l can manage cutting the layers every few months, but then it really needs a professional’s guidance to give it a good shape again.


Clementine has only ever had her bangs cut, with the exception of a few little snips here and there for stragglers. Her bangs (as you can see from these pictures of the last haircut I gave her) generally look like a broom after I’m finished.


Today we’re going to go get REAL haircuts, woot!!! It’s Clementine’s first trip to the salon. I think I am going to cut off those long locks with what remains of her baby curls, because they’re getting harder to comb through without tears every day. It makes me a little sad, of course. But I’m imagining a cute little chin-length bob to go along with her blunt cut bangs. If she can sit still long enough!


15 thoughts on “Haircut day!

  1. i’ve found a lollipop in the mouth helps a little one to sit still – just have her keep it in her mouth….. otherwise, yuck.

  2. Hooray for haircut day! It’s right up there with clean sheet day. I cut my girls hair and Ryan’s, but now that I have a boy, I’m not so sure I can handle doing little boy hair cut.

  3. I just realized I’m a total liar…We did cut C’s hair last spring…just kept most of the baby curls. I probably even blogged about it, haha. MAMA BRAIN!

    Beth: hairy lollipop = ewwww! πŸ™‚

  4. Try adding a bit of conditioner to her hair after shampooing – my daughter had the worst tangles no matter what I did – even tried spray-in conditioner, nothing worked. So we started using conditioner after shampooing and no more tangles!!

  5. We just did that for Evie. Hers was more a matter of evening it out, though. The back grew in long before the front, so we had some long scraggly-ish locks in back and a whole different length in front…

  6. Oh my gosh, I tried cutting Lala’s hair for the first time a few weeks back. I was a nervous wreck and it was just the bangs. Lily Moon (my middle child) and Sophie (the eldest) both had tangle issues when they were little. MANY tears shed. A great haircut and definitely conditioner did the trick.

    It’s funny… Lala doesn’t even bat an eyelash when I comb her tangles. Tough kid, I guess!

    OH… at first I thought the comb thing was to hide her identity! LOL

  7. I also cut my daughters hair between professional cuts and i’ve found I get a nice curved trim on her bangs by gathering all togethet and making one clean snip right at eyebrow level. Then the outer pieces are just a bit longer and bonus it’s easier to cut that way!

  8. Oh I have so been putting off the first haircut for Vinny and since he is almost the east same age as C you can imagine how long his hair is! My husband cuts Rocco’s hair so I think well have him cut Vinny’s too. I am sad to see all those curls go though. One thing I won’t miss is having to use conditioner on my two year old.

    • haha poor little guy — he’s too young for product!!! πŸ™‚

      You would not believe how much I love this new haircut. Will need to post (non-face…hm that will be tricky) photos soon!!

  9. Blunt bangs with a chin length bob (like 1940’s WWII child) is my all time favorite haircut for little girls! Can’t wait until my 2 and half year old little girl actually has enough hair to achieve this! Look forward to seeing photos of Miss Clementine’s new do later!

  10. Reading your story made me get a warm feeling all over as I remembered the days of my two children’s, now 38 and 34, first haircuts and the then struggles to get them to sit still. But now when I look back at the time it’s really funny. You’ve brought back a happy memory to this, now happy grandma of 7. I know you can cut his hair and do a great job too!

  11. On a totally different note– I wear that apron at my mom’s house every time we cook/bake together there!! Awesome! Can’t wait to see the haircut! We have always gone to a salon because there is NO WAY I should touch anyone’s hair with scissors!! πŸ™‚

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